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You've undoubtedly heard of electric trimmers if you work in the cabinetry industry and make kitchen cabinets for a living. A trimmer can assist you in aligning edging and lipping shelves. The Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer is a lightweight, compact power tool that can be quite useful when working with wood. Its high-capacity, professional 550W motor can spin at 30000 RPM in no-load state. The 6mm bit holder on this trimmer is suited for all types of router bits and can securely retain bits up to 6mm in diameter. Visit the detailed description if you want to learn more about this professional trimmer.

Detailed Description


Electricity powers the Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer, 550W, 220-240V. It converts 220-240V electricity to 550W of power at a 50-60Hz frequency. With a no-load speed of 30000 RPM, this professional motor is suitable for all sorts of cutting and edging operations. The powerful engine of the Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer allows users to work efficiently in wood processing activities. With a 550W engine, this woodworking power tool is perfect for cabinet finishing, surface finishing, curve cutting, wood edge planning, and pattern processing.


Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer, 550W, 220-240V Collet is machined to fit exactly with the tapered depression in the shaft's end and to retain a router bit with just enough room to slip it in and out when loose. To maximize its versatility, the Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer has a 6mm collet. This bit holder can hold a variety of router bits that have a shank diameter of 6mm. A router bit should be fully put into the collet and then backed out approximately 1/16′′ (leaving between 3/4′′ and 1′′ of the shaft in the collet) for the greatest grip when Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer, 550W, 220-240V is used. As the nut is tightened, the space permits the collet and bit to be pushed down. The bit will have nowhere to travel if it has bottomed out in the shaft before tightening, and the collet will not tighten properly.


The Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer, 550W, 220-240V has a compact body design. This feature is really practical when you want to work in unreachable corners and edges that other bulky and space-consuming power tools like regular routers cannot reach. We at Ronix pay a lot of attention to the comfort of our users. This is why besides being extremely compact, this practical tool is designed to be slim and ergonomic weighing only 1.8Kg, to provide a highly comfortable working experience for the users. This ergonomic design also brings more control over the workpiece and operation.

To provide maximum precision, this woodworking tool has a base. In order to make working with this trimmer as simple as possible for users and deliver great accuracy, the base is designed to be transparent. The easiness of using this transparent plate is recognizable in processing. In 7103, it is also possible to adjust the bit’s height. You can do that quickly by using the precision depth adjustment mechanism. Safety is also an issue in all types of woodworking power tools. This is why the Ronix 7103 Electric Trimmer, 550W, 220-240V is equipped with a dust guard for controlling the ejection of wood chips and dust.

The Ronix 7103 Trimmer comes in a color box including2 spanners, 1 guide brush, 1 fixing bracket, 1 guide base and 1 parallel guide. Additionally, to have more durability and longer service life, this trimmer is made from high-quality materials.

If you frequently work with wooden workpieces, the Ronix 7103 Trimmer, with all of its capabilities, may be a valuable addition to your workshop or construction site. The 550W motor is capable of a wide range of operations, including surface finishing and pattern processing. Consider this excellent woodworking power tool if you want a small and convenient equipment for light workload and sensitive tasks.

-Professional, high-power 550W motor enables efficient wood processing operations
-Transparent base design enables easy usage and great accuracy which is easily recognizable in processing
-Precision depth adjustment mechanism ensures quick and accurate bit height adjustments
-Slim and ergonomic body design for increased comfort and control
-6mm bit holder which is suitable for all kinds of router bits with 6mm shank diameter
-Dust guard for controlling chips and dust wood ejection
-Made from high-quality material for more durability and longer service life 
-Can be widely used in wood processing, cabinet processing, surface finishing, curve cutting, planning wood edge and pattern processing operations activities


No load speed
Collet Capacity
2 Spanners, Guide bush, ,Fixing bracket, Guide base, Parallel guide




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Before buying anything, especially tools, I'm one of those people that conducts a lot of research. This one really surprised me, a better tool than what I expected.

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I was impressed with the Bosch fixed router when I borrowed a friend's for a recent project.

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This much exceeds my requirements as a hobbyist carpenter. On both bases, adjustments are simple and quick, making my stay in the store more pleasurable.

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