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An electric planer is a tool that can be useful in many home improvement projects. When making a piece of furniture, a shelf, or any other homemade wooden accessory, the planer is an indispensable machine. Indeed, to plane and obtain the flattest possible surface of a raw wood board, it is the ideal tool. The Ronix 9216 electric planer is one of the types of electric planers produced by the Ronix brand, which has found its place in the tool market. This power tool can be used for jobs such as carpentry, repairing damaged and broken doors, etc. Ronix 9216 is equipped with a 580W motor that runs at a speed of 16500 RPM. The high speed of this handy device makes it easy to separate the trunk and branches of trimmed trees and straighten their bodies.
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Detailed Description

The electric planer works at a constant speed. The higher the speed, the cleaner the cut promises to be. But to work efficiently, especially with hardwoods, the tool must have sufficient endurance. Its strength depends on the power of the motor. Ronix 9216 with 580W and 16500 RPM is designed to perform wood cutting and finishing with steel blades.

Ronix 9216, 580W Electric Planer:

The Ronix 9216 is an electric planer with a 580W motor, 82mm width, and an operating speed of up to 16500 RPM. Regarding its technical capabilities, its cutting depth is adjustable up to 2mm thanks to the wheel placed at the front of the device, and its rabbeting capacity is 10mm. Discover our complete guide on Ronix 9216 electric planer.

Motor and mechanism:

One of the best-selling models at the moment is the Ronix 9216. This compact machine has a power of 680W, running at up to 16500 revolutions per minute, and can plane up to 2 mm thick. In addition, the user can take advantage of a blowing system that allows the chips to be evacuated, which eliminates any risk of blockages. This model is equipped with an efficient louvered air inlet to prevent wood chips from entering. The rabbeting depth of the 9216 electric planer is up to 10 mm. Finally, this handheld tool offers a nice working width with its 82 mm planning width.


The Ronix 9216 is an electric planer designed to make renovation work more accessible for individuals and people not used to DIY. Everything in its design is simple. To facilitate planing work, Ronix 9216 electric planer features a simple blade system for quick blade installation. The device with an ergonomic design handle and soft grip is easy to handle and mobile, even though it is always connected to the power supply.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix 9216 electric planer is supplied in a Ronix-designed color box and includes a ruler guide, 2 blades, a hex key to change the blade when necessary, and a pair of carbon brushes.


-High performance durable 580W motor provides 16500 RPM speed for fast stock removal and smooth finish in woods
-Ergonomic design handle with soft grip for user's convenient 
-efficient louvered air inlet to prevent wood chips from entering


No-Load Speed
Planning Width
Max Planning Depth
Rabbeting Depth

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