Bi-Metal Hole Saw 92mm

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For many craftsmen, choosing the right type of bimetal hole saw can be a challenging task. These cylindrical cups with serrated edges are used to cut holes of various sizes in various materials. Therefore, Ronix has manufactured bimetal hole saws ranging from 20 to 127 mm to meet all different types of needs. 
The 92mm bimetal hole saw is not only suitable for metal cutting, but also for wood processing. Bimetal hole saws are available in HSS and HSSE-Co 8 (8% cobalt) tool steel. The 92mm Ronix Bi Metal Hole Saw is HSS8% Cobalt, with fine teeth to ensure the tool is not caught in the material and runs smoothly. This bi-metal hole saw has more cutting edges and can make clean cuts. 
 Adding cobalt to tools will give them extremely high hardness, allowing them to cut different types of steel. Many people find stainless steel difficult to cut, but using a 92mm HSS8% cobalt bi-metal hole saw is no longer a dream.

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The bi-metal hole saws are suitable not only for metal cutting but also for wood processing. The bi-metal hole saws are available in the two tool steels HSS and HSSE-Co 8 (8% cobalt). The Ronix RH-5220~RH-5242 Bi-Metal Hole Saws are HSS-8% cobalt with fine toothing that ensures the tool does not get caught in the material and will run smoothly. This series have a larger number of cutting edges, which allow a clean cut. It is included 22 pieces saw blades of different sizes, varied from 20mm to 127mm. The higher the last two digits, the bigger the size.
Added cobalt to the tools will get them an extremely high hardness which enables them to cut in different type of steel. Many find stainless steel hard to cut, but with RH-5220~RH-52242 HSS-8% cobalt hole saws, that is no longer a dream.
The sharp teeth has made it perfect for hole cutting on various types of metal and alloy materials; with varying degree of hardness. This bold the factor that each one of the series of hole saws has a cutting depth in the workpiece for up to 38mm. Since you cut so little of the total amount of material being removed, you consequently will use less energy and power. This factor puts hole saws at a higher level than normal drill bits.
This series is varied from 20mm to 127mm, which enables a variety of drilling applications. They are mostly compatible with most drills of other manufactures and can be installed on all kinds of drills; electric drill, impact drill, bench drill, and etc.
The Ronix RH-5220~RH-5242 is designed to give many years of service for all your hole cutting operations. With a reasonable price, this series delivers a high-quality performance whether at your workshop or by a DIY project.

-Strong and durable body and teeth
-edges made under the highest quality and technology to increase durability and improve performance
- cutting depth in the workpiece is equal to 38 mm
-Smooth and precise cut
-Made with 8% cobalt for durable cutting Process 
-Multifunction for use in various metal and alloy materials with varying degrees of hardness
-variety of sizes from 20 to 127 mm
-Can be installed on all types of drills


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