Mega Air Gun, 500 L/Min, 16 Bar

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Air guns are tools that use compressed air to produce a powerful burst of air, which can be used to clean, dry, or cool various surfaces and equipment. They are commonly used in automotive and industrial settings, as well as in workshops and garages. The Ronix RH-6701 Mega Air Gun is a top-of-the-line air gun designed for commercial and industrial use. With its impressive flow rate of up to 500 liters per minute and maximum pressure rating of 16 bar, this air gun can easily handle even the most demanding applications.
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Detailed Description

The Ronix RH-6701 Mega Air Gun is a powerful and reliable tool that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether working on an industrial project or tackling a DIY project at home. With its 100 mm fixed nozzle, you can access ordinary working places and get the job done efficiently.

Ronix RH-6701, 500 L/Min Mega Air Gun:

The RH-6701 is an easy-to-operate gun. Simply connect and adapt it to an air compressor to blow dust or water with power, then use it for all applications. The gun's body is made of POM, allowing easy handling and reducing fatigue during extended use. The gun's ergonomic design also includes a comfortable grip, making it easy to hold and control. It is a tool that provides a high volume of compressed air at a maximum pressure of 16 Bar. Continue reading for further details.


Ronix RH-6701 with an overall length of 252mm has a water and oil-resistant body which is made of POM. The RH-6701 has a non-slip handle designed with excellent grip for an ergonomic feel and less fatigue, especially when faced with extended periods of work and the need to hold down the trigger continuously.


A large trigger facilitates effortless control over the airflow and volume.


The nozzle of the RH-6701 Mega Air Gun is a critical component for controlling the air stream that the gun produces. It's designed to be highly efficient, allowing for maximum airflow while minimizing pressure drop and energy loss. The 100mm fixed nozzle length and angle of its ergonomic design allow you to reach and work in typical spaces easily.


Ronix RH-6701 mega air gun is delivered in a color box designed by Ronix Tools.


-Easy to operate gun, just connect with an air compressor; adapt to air compressor accessories tool to blow dust or water powerfully and use for all applications
-Water and oil resistant body which is made of POM
-Big trigger for easy control of the air flow and volume
-A powerful tool with max working pressure 16 bar can blast away stubborn dust, water, dirt and other objects on the car or other working places
-Stronger construction for high volume powerful blow off and more durability
-Non-slip handle is designed with excellent grip for an ergonomic feel and less fatigue
-With 100 mm fixed nozzle length and the angle you can access to the normal working places


Overal Length
Max Working Pressure
16 Bar
Flow Capacity
500 L/Min
Fixed Nozzle Length
100 mm
Supplied In
Ronix Color box

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