Socket Wrench, 26mm, 3-layer Cr-V Coated

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In order to provide high torque output and excellent hardness, the Ronix RH-2660RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets are made from a high-resistant chrome vanadium steel. From 8mm to 32mm in diameter, hand tools may be utilized for a wide range of tasks. The Ronix RH-2660RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets have a three-layer chrome coating that protects the tools from corrosion and enhances their longevity.

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets can be used WHEREVER screws and nuts need to be loosened or tightened - whether at home, in industry or in craft businesses. With these high-quality socket wrench sets, you can easily carry out repairs on household or garden tools, or even on your car and motorcycle by yourself. Different sizes of the sockets in these wrench sets give the users incredible freedom to choose the right one according to their needs and professions. Any set of Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets come in two types including 6-Points (6PT) and 12-Points (12PT). Everyone has their own choice of equipment depending on their needs. It is not important that you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast; you can find your desired size in Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets. All of these sockets have been fabricated with high-resistant chrome vanadium steel to provide longer service life as well as the maximum possible torque for greater turning power.
Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets can be used by professionals in mechanical workshops, locksmiths, and car workshops, thanks to the 3-layer chrome coating of the wrenches which brings more durability with their anti-corrosion protection. What makes Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets unique, is the internal thread design of them which provides an excellent torque system; the more you turn, the tighter the socket grips. This spectacular feature makes them ideal for industries, where socket wrenches are used in the assembly of machines and vehicles.
Socket Wrenches of Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets differ essentially in their drive. The smallest drive is a 6PT/12PT with an 8mm edge length. These socket wrenches are mainly used for smaller screws and nuts as well as wood and metal sheet screws. The middle-range socket wrenches are used when a little more force and torque is required for larger screws such as lawnmowers, cars, or motorcycles. Also, Ronix RH-2660~RH-2683 Socket Wrench Sets contain socket wrenches with big sizes up to 32mm. Loosening and tightening of large screws and nuts, for example, wheel nuts, spark plugs, or the central fastening screw of the lawnmower blade, is usually possible with these Taiwan-made Ronix socket wrenches.


-Different sizes of sockets in two types includes 6-Points(6PT) and 12-Points(12PT), designed with superior materials for increased torque and unique hardness
-High strength chrome vanadium steel sockets provide high torque for greater turning power 
-3-layer chrome coating for anti-corrosion protection and more durability
-Tight grips and won’t let go, the internal thread design provides excellent torque, the more you turn, the tighter the socket grips
-Precisely machined to ensure accurate sizing 
-A wide range of sizes to meet all your requirements
-Made in Taiwan




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