We Are Ronix

Every business requires a team of ambitious and professional leaders to grow and develop. Effective business leadership can promote teamwork, cultivate an excellent mood, motivate employees, and provide superlative goals for the whole organization. Let’s get to know Ronix leaders, who played a unique role in our company’s present-day achievements and success.

R. Ramkho

Founder and CEO
R. Ramkho founded Ronix Tool company in 2004. His story began in the late 90s when he noticed the lack of high-quality tools that are affordable and accessible to customers. Driven by this realization, he resolved to bridge this gap by introducing Ronix tools to the market, initiating a transformation in the tool industry.

M. Ramkho

Vice President
With more than 20 years of experience in the tool industry, M.Ramkho started his job as Ronix vice president in 2005. He is the channel through which the CEO and executive managers communicate effectively, and takes on the responsibility of briefing each manager on their assigned tasks, ensuring a seamless flow of information and coordination within the organization.

HR. Ramkhoo

Supply Chain Manager
With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the development of various tool categories, HR. Ramkhoo is in charge of overseeing R&D and technological strategies. He is directly responsible for supervising all phases of quality control, standard-setting, and customer needs analysis.

R. Ramtin

Sales Manager
Ramtin is the Ronix Company's Sales Manager, leading international sales strategies since 2015. Joining Ronix in 2009, he optimized global business strategies, expanding Ronix's international presence significantly. Connect with him for international sales expertise and innovative tooling solutions that elevate your work.

H. Niko

Brand Communications Manager
Passionate and ambitious, H. Niko joined Ronix in 2009, and since then has made significant contributions to elevating Ronix’s global brand recognition. His role has encompassed the creation of various advertising materials and the management of a skilled and dynamic team of graphic artists, video editors, 3D specialists, photographers, and more.

James Mao

 Ronix China Director
​​​​​​James holds the esteemed position of Company Leader at Ronix Group China. His key responsibilities encompass overseeing tools production through a sophisticated monitoring system and collaborating closely with skilled experts and engineers. Leading a dedicated team in China, James plays a pivotal role in not only supervising personnel but also contributing innovative ideas to diversify Ronix's product range. His focus on enhancing product diversity and ensuring seamless coordination is significant to Ronix's growth.