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We Are Ronix

Every business requires a professional, talented and ambitious management team in order to grow and develop. Let’s meet ours.

R. Ramkhou R. Ramkhou

R. Ramkhou

Founder and CEO

R. Ramkho founded Ronix Tool company in 2004. His story began in the late 90’s when he noticed the lack of high-quality tools that are affordable and accessible to customers and made his mind up to fill this gap by introducing Ronix tools to the market.

M. Ramkho

Vice President

With more than 20 years of experience in the tool industry, M. Ramkhoo started his job as Ronix vice president in 2005. He is the channel through which the CEO and executive managers communicate effectively, and he is the one that briefs each manager on the tasks assigned to them.  

M. Ramkho
M. Ramkho
H. Ramkhou H. Ramkhou

H. Ramkhou

Supply Chain Manager

H. Ramkhou is in charge of managing R&D and technological strategy. He directly supervises all stages of customer needs analysis, quality standard setting, and quality control.

R. Ramtin

Sales Manager

R. Ramtin is Sales Manager at Ronix Company since 2015. He joined Ronix in 2009, ever since he has optimized international business strategies and played a significant role in expanding Ronix's international presence.

R. Ramtin R. Ramtin
H. Niko H. Niko

H. Niko

Brand Communications Manager

Passionate and ambitious, since joining Ronix in 2009 H. Niko has significantly contributed to raising brand recognition globally by creating all types of advertising materials and leading a team of graphists, 3D generalists, photographers, etc.