Granite Cutting Disk-230mm



    -Manufactured by advanced technology with full automatic machines which ensures faster cut and longer lifetime
    -High quality raw material formulation of diamond tips minimizes the friction and delivers a faster and cooler cut
    -10mm height of cutting rim guarantees an optimum lifetime
    -Manufactured from high quality steel with bending resistance that secures durabilty and enables efficient cutting during high-pressure jobs
    -High-performance diamond can extend the longlife and minimize the feeding rate
    -Ideal for clean cutting in different kinds of ceramic tiles

Cut till the Last Bit

In a redecoration project for a house, changing the tiles of the kitchen and the bathroom is probably the first things that people tend to do. In addition, changing the tiles of the floor is another usual action that people want to do to renovate their homes. To have a perfect ceramic floor in your living room or a flawless tile wall in your kitchen, you need precise cutting discs in order to cut tiles with maximum precision. Ronix Ceramic Cutting Discs are great accessories for your ceramic cutting saws. With their high-quality and diamond tips, they ensure fast and clean cuts. These cutting wheels are ideal for having great cuts in ceramics, tiles and porcelains. To get more information about these ceramic cutting discs, read the detailed description.

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Detailed Description

Granite Cutting Disk-230mm

Angle grinders are one of the most versatile power tools, that each toolbox has to contain. No tool can replace this compact powerful unit in sanding, grinding, smoothing edges, and even cutting metal, ceramic, and masonry. So, they’re the staple of each workshop because of their vast applications. To let you roam freely in your workshop, Ronix company has produced a lightweight and ergonomically designed cordless mini angle grinder. Ronix 8901 115mm mini angle grinder with its high-performance brushless motor and 20V/4 Ah lithium-ion battery power source is a member of the Ronix long-lasting series. The brushless motor delivers up to 8500 rpm no-load speed, and thanks to the direct airflow system for motor cooling, it has a high overload capacity. To read more about this easy-to-use power tool, read through the detailed description.

Max Speed
6650 RPM
Arbor Size
Angle grinder, Tile cutters
Wheel Diameter
Plate Material
Segment Height

Granite Cutting Disk-230mm

With its state-of-the-art technology and advanced knowledge in production process, Ronix manufactures these Ceramic Cutting Discs with fully automated machinery. This technology makes cuts faster and ensures longer life time of the blades. The diamond tips of these circular tile cutting wheels have a unique and special formulation. This formulation consists of high-quality raw materials that minimize friction between the workpiece and the cutting disc. At last, this reduction of friction delivers a faster and cooler cut. This unique formulation allows our customers to use this disc for high-speed cutting applications. The diamond tips of the Ronix Ceramic Cutting Discs provide the users with chip-free and fine cuts.

The body of the Ronix Ceramic Cutting Discs is produced with high-quality steel which has a bending resistance. This feature ensures the durability of the blade and delivers efficient cutting during high-pressure jobs. Our ceramic cutting wheels are equipped with a continuous solid rim. The cutting rim is 10mm in height which guarantees an optimum life-time of the blade. The high-performance diamonds on this tile cutting disc reduce the feeding rate and provide a more accurate and chip-free cut. There are no rough cuts when you use Ronix Ceramic Cutting Discs!

To provide practical solutions for all of our users’ needs, we at Ronix manufacture ceramic cutting discs in 2 sizes. Our 3507 Ceramic Cutting Disc has a diameter of 115mm which is mostly suitable for mini angle grinders. This product has a maximum speed of 13000 RPM. The Ronix 3508 Ceramic Cutting Disc is 230mm in diameter which can be installed on a tile cutter saw and a 230mm angle grinder. The maximum speed of this cutting wheel is 6650 RPM.

In conclusion, Ronix Ceramic Cutting Discs are suitable for cutting various workpieces, from ceramics to tiles. The 10mm height of the cutting rims of these wheels ensures longer life time of the blade and make this blade perfect for continuous applications.

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