Granite Cutting Disk-115 mm



    -Manufactured by cold press production process with fully automatic machines which ensures faster cut and longer lifetime
    -High quality raw material formulation of diamond tips minimizes the friction and delivers a faster and cooler cut
    -10mm height of cutting rim guarantees an optimum life time
    -Manufactured by high quality material which optimizes cutting performance and ensures durability
    -Ideal for all types of granite and marble
    -Different sizes that will cover all your fabrication cutting needs
    -Suitable for both wet and dry cutting
    -Meets TUV and CE standards

Granites Cannot Resist It!

For many contractors who work on construction and redecoration projects, cutting granite or marble sheets is a real challenge. Even if you do own a great and powerful angle grinder or a tile cutter, without a sharp cutting wheel, all of its power will be useless. This is why we at Ronix produce high-quality granite cutting discs. The Ronix RH-3510 & RH-3511 Granite Cutting Discs are manufactured from superior-quality materials and their diamond tips minimize friction to deliver a better and faster performance. To get more information about this amazing granite cutting wheel, take a look at detailed description.

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Detailed Description

Granite Cutting Disk-115 mm

Angle grinders are one of the most versatile power tools, that each toolbox has to contain. No tool can replace this compact powerful unit in sanding, grinding, smoothing edges, and even cutting metal, ceramic, and masonry. So, they’re the staple of each workshop because of their vast applications. To let you roam freely in your workshop, Ronix company has produced a lightweight and ergonomically designed cordless mini angle grinder. Ronix 8901 115mm mini angle grinder with its high-performance brushless motor and 20V/4 Ah lithium-ion battery power source is a member of the Ronix long-lasting series. The brushless motor delivers up to 8500 rpm no-load speed, and thanks to the direct airflow system for motor cooling, it has a high overload capacity. To read more about this easy-to-use power tool, read through the detailed description.

115x22.2x10 mm
Arbor Size
Angle grinder, Tile cutters
Granite & Marble
Wheel Diameter
Segment Height

Granite Cutting Disk-115 mm

Ronix RH-3510 & RH-3511 Granite Cutting Discs are manufactured by cold press production process with fully automated machines. These wheels are produces in a way to ensure faster cuts and longer lifetime of the cutting disc itself. To provide the users with a great granite and marble cutting experience, the highest quality materials are used in the production of these Ronix cutting discs. The unique formulation of materials in the diamond tips of these discs, minimizes friction between the workpiece and the blade which results in a faster and cooler cut.

Since granite is a highly durable and resistant material, the process of cutting it causes a lot of friction. This is why many people prefer to add water and other liquids to the cutting process to cool down the disc in order to protect it. For this reason, we at Ronix manufacture our granite and marble cutting discs so be suitable for both wet and dry cutting to suit a wide range of consumers’ needs.

To provide enough sharpness and cutting force, the Ronix RH-3510 & RH-3511 Granite Cutting Discs are equipped with a 10mm cutting rim. The height of these cutting rims allows the users to shape granite and marble skillfully. Additionally, since the cutting process is done by these cutting rims, this 10mm height guarantees an optimum life time. With their one-of-a-kind design and their exclusive material formulation, the Ronix Granite Cutting Wheels are ideal for all types of granite and marble. You can cut a wide range of granites from Carrara marble for your kitchen counter top to Venetian Gold granite for covering your offices walls.

The segmented design of this cutting wheel allows the users to cut faster and more efficiently, especially in tougher workpieces. The deep gullets remove bigger pieces of granite which again results in reducing the time of the cutting process.

These Segmented Ronix Granite Cutting Wheels are produces in 2 different sizes. The Ronix RH-3510 has a diameter of 230 in millimeter. You can use this cutting disc on your tile cutter or full-size angle grinder. On the other hand, the Ronix 3511 is 115mm in diameter which is great for a mini angle grinder.

All in all, the Ronix RH-3510 & RH-3511 Granite Cutting Discs are great accessories for your tile cutting saw and angle grinder. With their 10mm segmented cutting rim, they will cover all your fabrication cutting needs.

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