Combination Pliers-7 inch/Maxi Series



    -Premium quality drop forged and high resistance heated durable steel ensures strength and durability
    -Ergonomic non-slip grips provide extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue
    -Ergonomic body design combines functionality with convenience
    -Excellent levers' power increases performance effectiveness up to 35% more
    -Durable steel construction secures long life using
    -Precision machined jaws improves secure gripping power and ensures maximum control
    -Precision cutting edge ensures lifelong reliable performance

No Replacement Necessary

Ronix Maxi RH-1167 and RH-1168 are categorized among our combination pliers which can be used to complete different functions. The main parts of our Maxi Pliers and especially our combination pliers that we are going to talk about are the gripping jaws, pipe grips, cutting edges, pivot point and the TPR handles. It is made of drop forged, durable and high-resistance heated steel. What can be compressed with a combination plier? You could easily compress, bend and cut any wires and cables or twist small metalwork components in any shape by using them. Just be careful to choose the right size. RH-1167 is our 7″ (180mm) Maxi Combination Plier and it is smaller than RH-1168 which is 8″ (200mm) in height. Line workers, electricians, tradesmen and other operators with similar needs are the ones who require to hold a durable and ergonomic plier to work effectively. They will work with high level of efficiency thanks to Ronix pliers’ design which facilitates the force through excellent leverage. You could find more details in the detailed description section.

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Detailed Description

Combination Pliers-7 inch/Maxi Series

Angle grinders are one of the most versatile power tools, that each toolbox has to contain. No tool can replace this compact powerful unit in sanding, grinding, smoothing edges, and even cutting metal, ceramic, and masonry. So, they’re the staple of each workshop because of their vast applications. To let you roam freely in your workshop, Ronix company has produced a lightweight and ergonomically designed cordless mini angle grinder. Ronix 8901 115mm mini angle grinder with its high-performance brushless motor and 20V/4 Ah lithium-ion battery power source is a member of the Ronix long-lasting series. The brushless motor delivers up to 8500 rpm no-load speed, and thanks to the direct airflow system for motor cooling, it has a high overload capacity. To read more about this easy-to-use power tool, read through the detailed description.

Product Dimensions
7 inch/180mm

Combination Pliers-7 inch/Maxi Series

Let’s start with the type of steel. Premium quality, drop-forged and high-resistance durable steel alloy ensures strength and durability for your Ronix Maxi RH-Series Combination Pliers. This type of chromium-coated steel construction secures long-life using of these handy pliers. Generally, the ergonomic body design of our Maxi pliers combines functionality with convenience. The part you hold (or the handles) provides extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue because of the ergonomic non-slip grip. Also, state-of-the-art TPR-grip handles’ design increases performance and effectiveness up to 35% more.

As the most important parts (because of their direct involvement with workpieces), the precision-machined jaws are designed to improve secure gripping power and ensure maximum control. The jaws consist of gripping parts, pipe grips and cutting edges which all guarantee long-life reliable performance.

Can you mention anyone who “doesn’t” use any types of pliers in their houses or job sites? Their usages are somehow clear for everyone but their different types might be surprising for you. A professional knows what he/she is looking for and chooses the best hand tool. The most important things you should consider when buying a plier are their type, size, material and grip. Just make sure that you are buying the plier that fits your needs and then, always try to follow the rules and be aware of the possible hazards. Ronix Maxi RH-1167 and RH-1168 Combination Pliers are admired by our customers and all Ronix users all around the world, and that is just because of the trust they put on our products. We always appreciate their loyalty to us and we never let them down.  

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