Industrial Vaccum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners are the tools that are used to clean a place and dust off a location. These products can collect different materials from dust and debris up to scrap metal and metal chips. The Electric Vacuum Cleaners could collect water as well as any other solid material. Electric Vacuum Cleaners are tools that could collect wet objects with different dense to heavier liquids. But if you want to choose the best Electric Vacuum Cleaner for your project, you need to pay attention to the following points and use them to buy the best option for your job.

Choosing the Best Industrial Vaccum CleanersAccording to the Type and the Points to Pay Attention to:

Industrial Vaccum Cleaners have a variety of types and kinds. We are going to mention some of the most common ones in the list below:

  • Upright Vacuums: this kind of Industrial Vaccum Cleaners are for general purposes, like cleaning hotel rooms or offices. With this style there would be no need for wrangling a spare hose. They could be simply transported to other sites in a hotel or office.
  • Cannister Vacuum: this type of Industrial Vaccum Cleaners is lighter than the other kinds and it is more transportable cleaner as there is no need of changing the cannister every other time. It seems to be quieter than the other types. These Vacuum Cleaners are better for cleaning under the furniture and they are easier to be carried on the stairs.
  • Backpack Vacuum: they are the lightest type of vacuum cleaners that could be carried with no difficulties and for long periods of time. Because the user wears it on his/her back, so the hands of the user are free, which helps the user to manage it easily. This type of vacuum cleaners could work like a blower in case of necessity.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuums: This model could clean up wet or dry debris or trashes and as they have eliminated the mop from the tool, they can wipe the floor or any surface with no problems and in a very fast and quick way.

These are some of the features that you have to consider about when you want to buy an Electric Vacuum Cleaner. But what about how to choose the best Electric Vacuum Cleaner for your desired project. There are some main features that you have to care about:

  • Roller Brush Type: The final end of the hose that is directly related to the cleaning is called roller brush. Knowing the type of this part will absolutely guide you towards selecting the best model of vacuum cleaners for your job.
  • Hose Diameter: You have to think of the diameter that is the best size for your job. If you want to collect small debris or you have a light-duty project, it’s better to choose the hose that are narrower; but, on the other hand, you need to select thicker hoses for heavy-duty jobs or for industrial missions, there is the need of thicker hose.
  • Cord: If you’re working in a big room or old buildings, where the electricity outlets are few or the space between them is wide, you need to consider about the length of your cord. The length varies from 35 m to 50 m, but according to the job you have, pre-thinking about the length would help you to select the best Electric Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Canister Capacity: If you don’t want to empty your canister very often, you need to choose the canisters with a bigger capacity, but if the room you have and the space you want to cover is not that much big, you need to choose the bags or canisters that are not that much big as you want the Industrial Vaccum Cleaners to be light and portable.
  • Noise Level: In places, where a lot of people work, you need to choose the ones that are quieter than the other types, which are loud and sound a lot. Depending on the place you work in the noise level differs. Working in a place that is overcrowded or with lots of sounds, there would be no consideration in this category as the other noises overcome the Electric Vacuum Cleaners noise.
  • Maintenance: As any technical option, maintenance cost has to be zoomed in on. After a while the tools might need repairing; the cost of the maintenance comes to the eyes of the users a lot.

Why Ronix?

Ronix tools have tried to fulfill the need of any customer, with any kind of different need. In this category again Ronix has did best to satisfy the consumers. In this category there exists different types of Industrial Vaccum Cleaners with different sizes and different powers. The industrial vacuum cleaners that Ronix suggests are in high power level, but surprisingly the sound and noise they make is on the lowest level possible. The body of the products is made of stainless steel and the motor has anti-electric shock technology that protects the motor from any possible shock, preventing the motor to burn and stop working. The products could collect any kind of wet or dry trash off the surfaces indoors and outdoors. Ronix offers the customers products that contain HEPA filters (the filter that omits 0.03-micron molecules) that makes the life and durability of the motor of the products in this category to increase and work with no problem for a longer period of time. And the final option that Ronix offers the customers with is the place of the hose and equipment to save space and make the storage’s space much larger and bigger. Ronix products include a technology that is use to empty the canister much easier than the previous versions of industrial Electric Vacuum Cleaners, that distinct Ronix from the other companies. 

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