Corded Screwdrivers

As the name of these products suggest, they are wired kind of screwdrivers. These kinds of screwdrivers could be used as drills for some soft conditions. They might be used for different surfaces, as they have an automatic clutch which lets you adjust the speed of the tool. These screwdrivers have a full-metal motor in themselves. And almost all Corded Screwdrivers contain an anti-dust button allowing them to be used in dusty environments. The design is more likely to reduce the exhaustion and has made it easy for the user to get the full benefit from the tool. Most of the Corded Screwdrivers are water-resistant, making it possible for the consumers to use them in conditions, where water might be poured on the product; So that makes it possible for the user to operate the product in watery conditions with no worries.

All Types of Corded Screwdrivers:

Mentioning the models that are under this category is a bit complex, as some drills could be used as screwdrivers. The only thing that has to be done is replacing the drill bits with screw bits. One factor that could make the difference between these products is the power they have. All the motors of any type are made out of metal or iron, which makes the screwdrivers to work much better than the screwdrivers that are made of other materials rather than these two.

Other factor that is included in some products is the two-speed model. It means that while using the screwdriver, you might adjust the speed of the tool in two ways, if you want it to work very slowly and without any speed, you can simply press the key a bit to start the 1st speed level. While pressing the key again and a bit stronger will result in the tools high speed that could be used when you want to install the screw in its place completely or vice versa.

How to choose the best type of Corded Screwdrivers

As choosing any product, the tool you select has to follow some of the features below, and you have to consider them, if you want the best performance for the job you do:

  • The Angle: the angle you want the tool to have has to be considered. Some tools are adjustable; the tools have to be balanced and they need to be flexible to any position.
  • Battery Life: the power supply has to be thought of. Almost all of the products throughout the industry try to get use of batteries that could provide the users with the best materials and qualities.
  • LED Lighting: LED lighting is the most beneficial option you need to focus on.
  • The Handle: handles are one of the most important factors you have to consider about. The handles have to be as comfortable as possible; most companies try to use rubber rather than any other material, because they are light-weighted, there might not be any sweats on your hands, and the electric shock is reduced.
  • Motor Power: Screwdrivers are tools that are used by most of the people to fixate the screws. Different screws need different powers to be fixed. Choosing the desired motor power could help you select the best option for your job.

Ronix’s suggestions:

Ronix products generally follow the rule that was mentioned, which makes this company one of the first options to search for and have an insight on. All the products in this company are made out of rubber, which makes it easy to transport or when doing its duty, it functions easily, with no difficulties. The motors of the screwdrivers are waterproof, so they are conveniently used in any condition, no matter if it is dry or wet. The other advantage that Ronix products contain is the Samsung Li-on batteries. With this high-quality battery, the durability and battery-life has extended that give the opportunity to the tools to work in higher time.

Ronix products in this category vary a lot, but the following list could be the general view over the products which are provided by Ronix:

  • Corded Screwdriver 2-speed power selection
  • Corded Screwdriver

All of the products above vary in motor power and in the size of the bits and force they could bring to work. Ronix brings all of the above-mentioned products in its product list and this can differentiate our company with other industrial companies.

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