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Glue Guns, a Handy Tool- Convenient Function

There are different types of sticking different objects to each other, using liquid glues, solid glues and glue guns. If you need to have convenience and comfort, the best choice for you could be glue guns. They are heating guns that could melt glue sticks to make a stronger sticking point. These products are the most relatively used kind of glues. These glue guns are more effective in joining two different objects to each other, in different types of materials. But how to choose the glue guns and what different types of glue gun there are is what you would find out in the following parts of this article.

Different Kinds of Glue Guns:

There four main types of glue guns:

  • High-temperature Glue Gun: This kind of glue gun can heat up to about 380 degrees. They are used to join two pieces of wood or materials like this. This model is the best choice for the customers who are professionals and they mainly work with fabric or plastic, artificial flowers are a good example in this type.
  • Low-temperature Glue Gun: If you need your glue gun to heat fast in a nick of time, and you don’t need any high temperatures, this type may be your best choice. They just heat up to 250 degrees; a temperature to stick two pieces of paper together and this kind is the best choice for the users, who want their children to work with the glue gun.
  • Trigger-feed Glue Gun: In this type you simply press in a glue stick and then you press the trigger of the glue gun to run the glue on the desired point. They are the simplest kinds of glue guns that easily, by using your thumb, you can start the gun and then pour the glue on any material you desire to stick.
  • Manual-feed Gun: In this type of glue guns, you insert glue sticks and the gun starts melting it down and pour it from the nozzle of the gun. If you want to stop the gun to melt the glue stick, you have to take it away from the gun.

According to the job you have, you need to find the best glue gun in any type that is needed. For the jobs that need non-stop glue, it’s better to choose the fourth type of glue guns. But, in other cases, you need to choose the third kind, as you are in control of the glue gun and whenever you need glue, easily press the trigger and that’s it, you have the glue flowing out of the glue gun’s nozzle.

What Features are Better to be Considered, When You Are in Need of a Glue Gun?

There are different options, like stick size, power rating and temperature range. To find out more about these factors, read the following text:

  1. Glue Gun Stick: The size of the glue stick you use for the glue gun differs. Due to the project you want to do, noticing the size of the stick has to be taken into consideration.
  2. Power Rating: As listed above, there are different power ratings for the glue guns: the higher the number of the power, the higher the temperature reaches, and the opposite is correct.
  • Temperature Range: If you need to give the glue gun to your children, you need to be careful of the temperature range it has. Children’s glue gun needs to be lower temperature, but for different jobs, the temperature range comes first, as you need to stick two crucial objects together with a high temperature.

Why to Choose Ronix?

Ronix, the brand that has tried to fulfill any type of interest, suggests the users two different types of glue guns. Ronix attempted to have a lower temperature glue gun for the use of children and a higher one for the professionals to use. Any equipment the glue guns need are provided by Ronix to the customers to give them an open hand of choice and no need of going to other companies for any needed.

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