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Drills: Fast and Popular

Drills are some of the fastest-selling items in any tool shop. Whether it’s hanging a painting on the wall or driving a bolt into concrete, every construction worker, carpenter and DIYer needs them to get the job done. Therefore, they are a must-have for the collection of your store. Invented in 1889, these practical tools revolutionized the tool industry as they were faster and more convenient than their mechanical counterparts. As a more efficient and precise option, such machines are in high demand today.

A Variety of Drills for All Needs

Drills can be categorized based on different factors such as the type of motor, applications, source of power, and chuck.

When it comes to the source of power, drills are either corded (electric) or cordless, both of which Ronix manufactures with the highest quality.



Ideal for carpenters, contractors and professional users

Ideal for DIYers

Best for operations that require more power

Best for working where there is no electrical outlet available

Suitable for schemes that are long and consistent

Suitable for short projects

Ronix electric drills are the best in their class. With their powerful 350/400W motor, they are a beast in the wood and metal industries. These tools are remarkably compact and deliver maximum power at minimum weight. These outstanding corded machines are also equipped with a special switch to reduce dust penetration and let the user enjoy working with customized speeds.

Ronix company provides five-star cordless drills for sale. These tools use 1.5 Ah, 12V lithium-ion batteries to produce significant power and high torque. They are also equipped with a 22+1 clutch setting for an accurate screwing and drilling. Moreover, these machines enjoy a fast-charging system to compensate for their runtime limitations. The last but not the least, they also have a resistant and anti-shock body that ensures their safety in the face of severe blows.

The motor of drills is either brushed or brushless. Ronix corded drills work with brushed motors and their cordless counterparts are mainly powered by brushless ones.

Ronix corded and cordless drills come in 5 different categories:

Electric Drills:

Powered by an electric motor, electric drills make holes into wood or metal by rotating bits in different sizes.

Impact drills:

Equipped with percussion drilling ability, this model is perfect for tackling heavy-duty jobs and making holes in tough materials such as concrete, since it can start hammering when they encounter resistance.

Cordless Drill Driver

With their powerful, high-performance motor, Ronix cordless drill drivers can easily handle all of your drilling, hammer drilling and screwing projects.

Drill Press:

A drill machine (press) is a power tool for cutting round holes into metal, wood and other materials.

Drill Set

A complete kit including different kinds of hand tools plus different sizes of drill bits, inside Ronix-design BMC case to satisfy all your needs.

Ronix drills are supplied in BMC hard cases and includes a complete range of accessories including an auxiliary exclusively-designed handle, depth gauge, chuck key, battery, fast charger.

Application is another factor that you should take into account before placing an order for wholesale drills. These practical tools are either for industrial use or are better suited to be used at home or workshops.

Choose the Right Brand to buy Wholesale Drills

Among various drill manufacturers and suppliers, it might be a bit challenging to choose the best brand that fits your budget, offers good quality, and covers different needs. Although famous brands have high standards in production, they often miss out on affordability, which is an important factor for both end users and tool distributors. Tool brands with a focus on fair prices, on the other hand, best match modest budgets but fail to meet consumer expectations because of their poor quality. So, it appears that you must always prioritize your needs and give up one aspect to benefit from the other, right? No! The good news is that there are always some drill manufacturers who can fill the gap between excellence and affordability.

Ronix is a reputable tool manufacturer that offers finest instruments at a reasonable price. From corded impact drills to their cordless rotary hammer counterparts, we provide our clients with quality power tools to help them get the job done. Meanwhile, drill importers and distributors can also find five-star wholesale drills within our collection of products and satisfy the needs of their customers.