The warehouse management process at Ronix involves controlling the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, such as the shipping, receiving, putting-away, and picking goods.

To implement operational policies and procedures appropriately, Ronix’s warehouse manager handles the receipt, storage, inventory, and dispatch of the tools and accessories. He is also responsible for managing the warehouse staff. Ronix’s warehouse manager owns a robust working knowledge of proper safety procedures, equipment maintenance, and warehouse best practices. Ronix’s warehouse manager has keen attention to detail and is highly organized.

Warehouse at Ronix

Basics of Warehouse at Ronix

Inbound processes:

  •  Items at Ronix’s warehouse are checked and logged as they are received and put away in the correct bins or packed for sending off without further storage (this is known as cross-docking).

Warehouse layout and slotting:

  •  Fast-moving tools at Ronix’s warehouse need to be near the front, items that are often bought together need to be close to each other, the items that are easily mistaken for each other should be separated.


  •  At Ronix’s warehouse, it must be easy for your pickers to find items, and minimizing their journey between the items and the orders should be considered.


  •  Orders at Ronix must be packed in the right packaging, complete with an accurate content slip, and added to a delivery manifest for dispatch.


  •  The correct orders must be on the right vehicle at the right time, with the proper delivery manifest.

Managing returns:

  • Returned goods at Ronix need to be unloaded before the vehicle is available for loading again. These goods then need to be checked off against the original order and the information logged against your customer’s account.



Warehouse Management System (WMS) at Ronix

Applying a proper management system, Ronix has been able to analyze current procedures and performance and implement improvement so that the company can achieve the following:

To reduce picking errors

  •  Ronix is extremely careful to avoid any picking errors because if they are spotted before dispatch, there are the labor costs of re-picking. Besides, if wrong items are shipped to the customer, it is expensive to accept the return and process the replacement, but there is the hidden cost of damage to the customer relationship.

To optimize stock control

  •  Ronix tries to balance between the available items for customers and tying up too much capital.

To maximize the use of space

  •  This matter is essential at Ronix’s warehouse as the right proportion of the floor storage, vertical storage, racks, and pallets for their warehouse will depend on the types of tools stored and the patterns of distribution.

To improve worker productivity

  •  As your workforce is likely to be your most significant cost, one of the strategies of Ronix’s warehouse is to improve productivity so that the overall production result is increased. 

To ensure compliance with Health and Safety

Regulations: the WMS at Ronix attempts to guide workers through risk assessments and flag up warehouse safety requirements so that both the company, the workers, and the customers are equally protected.


In conclusion 

Warehouse management at Ronix involves some responsibilities such as overseeing receiving, warehousing, and distribution operation, implementing and overseeing security operations, ensuring the effective and safe use of warehouse equipment, ensuring the safety of staff, maintaining documentation and keeping accurate records of warehouse activities, maintaining awareness and knowledge of condition and location of fleet vehicles, assisting with deliveries where required. 

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