As an international tool production company and world supplier, Ronix Tools depends highly on its warehouse and its compatibility to rise of demands all over the whole world.

Storing products in sufficient ways so that they can be easily delivered to all the destinations globally calls up for close management and control.  In this way we can make sure that our customers will receive their orders in the shortest time possible and exactly as they had ordered. Packaging quality is controlled and monitored before storing and delivery.  It allows Ronix to stay the best when coming to even the smallest of the details.


Managing, controlling and recording the inventory of supplies is also in the warehouse management domain. By keeping a proper and exact record of the items in store, the team working at Ronix warehouse helps to modify the shipping process.

Each load of products delivered or on its way for shipping was handled and controlled under supervision of this team. They are the one in charge to make sure that every piece of products delivered is in perfect shape and is functioning accurately and the tools sent to the customers are of the best of quality and function. Warehouse team does manage the product loads transmission procedure as well


When stating the valued role of warehouse management on optimization of product delivery process, it also must be pointed out that keeping the products in stock in best form and shape in accordance to their fabrication is also very important indeed. How to organize a warehouse and how to place the product so they won’t be endangered requires great attention to be paid.  The security of the warehouse and the products in it are one of the important tasks of the warehouse team as any neglects may result in irrecoverable damage for either corporation or customer.


A well-functioning warehouse will ease the access to the goods stored; efficient routing and speedy access are crucial factors in management of a warehouse and so that’s what our team does.

Optimal circulation of products and transparency are the other two beneficial elements in our company’s warehouse.


Warehouse management team, for sure, must juggle a lot; however, the technology and digitalization came to their help.  At Ronix we operate with radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID is an Auto-ID technology, helping the warehouse team by reduction in the time and labor in keeping the inventory and enhancing real time data accuracy.


Thanks to RFID’s unique features, locating the products is now done at a much faster pace. It also helps with improvement of cargo flow by easing up the data collection. Even all the in-house movements are additionally registered in the system. Accessibility to the order data is by instance via the use of RFID.

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