Variety Is Our Uniqueness

Ronix is an international brand active in the tools industry and its related equipment. With the help of our vast experience, extended background and professional view, we produce various high-quality products, all according to the latest technology, through 500 suppliers in 15 countries worldwide. Since 2005, Ronix has become a leading company in the Middle East and Europe, specializing in manufacturing various professional tools. Over the past 15 years, Ronix has developed more than 2,000 different tools and 24,000 kinds of spare parts, all crafted with Ronix’s undisputed and world-class standards.

Today, we owe our ongoing success to our core values, developed by growing in the tool industry’s heart for years. These values include producing a wide variety of cost-effective, durable, and high-quality tools wrapped in unique and stylish packaging that impress customers and end-users. Although all the credit for this innovation and quality goes to Ronix, our responsibility will not finish there because professionalism is our way of success. 

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Why Do We Need Diversity?

Offering different products based on the market needs is the first step in implementing a product diversification strategy. Product diversification can provide more customers with the tools they need to finish the tasks correctly. Innovation and diversity in producing a tool can itself lead to newer ideas and more useful products. Therefore, diversity both increases customer satisfaction and promotes the manufacturer’s ideas and products.

What Are the Benefits of Variety?

Imagine you are willing to buy tools for your workshop. You will probably need hand tools, power tools or maybe pneumatic tools. For choosing each of these tools, so many efforts have to be made. You have to go online and read the reviews, order it or go personally and check if this was what you expected it to be. Then it would be experiencing time and what if that was not what you expected? Nobody likes to spend this much time on buying tools because there are many tools needed and spending that much time investigating would not be logical. Trusting a brand would be one of the most convenient choices but that can only happen when the brand is strong enough to fulfill all the needs in various fields. Furthermore, it is always good to have many options to choose from. All the people naturally like to be able to select because it gives them freedom and that is another advantage of products for end-users.

 What Does Ronix Offer?

Having diversity in our products is our primary goal. We take this mission very seriously because we feel responsible regarding our customer’s needs and requirements.  From the very beginning, we have realized that serving our customers at its best requires a wide variety of products in many different categories, sizes and various price ranges. After many years of attempts, researches and experience, we are ready to offer one of the widest varieties of tool collection to the market.

Ronix presents different tools like power tools, hand tools, cordless tools, welding tools, gardening tools, pneumatic tools, lighting tools, precision and measuring tools, safety tools, accessories, tool kits and spare parts. This variety is presented to help all kinds of operators, whether working on small projects at home or professional artisans. They can be used in the carpentry industry, gardening, construction workers, electricians, mechanics, miners and safety men. Our customer’s trust and needs are the main reasons we wake up every morning and try to develop new ideas and innovations. We are genuinely thrilled to promote our products, produce new ones, change their looks, manufacture different sizes because variety is one of our core values. We just want to turn this experience into an enjoyable one for our customers because variety is our uniqueness.

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