Supply Chain Department

Ronix Tools is an international company with over 180 subsidiaries all over the world.  The company produces over 2000 kinds of tools in 12 different categories. With the world constantly introduced to the new technologies and innovations and rapid pace of globalization, Ronix needs to perform in a way to meet with customers wishes while maintaining the highest quality.  This task is carried out by none other than Ronix Tools supply chain department.

Establishing efficient Supply chain management is only the beginning, as in today’s world of constant changes, enhancement and improvement are crucial to maintain customer satisfaction.

The supply chain team monitors the product from the very beginning of the creation to the point it’s delivered.

As a department, subfield of logistics and purchasing, one of their job requirements is to deal with the inventory and to handle it masterfully. Encompassing of the goods flow and services, between businesses and locations, acquisition of raw materials through to the finished products is the job done by the department of supply chain.  Product Flow consists of internal and external goods movement from supplier to consumer.  It may also mean dealing with customer service needs.  At Ronix the supply chain, the products and services flow downstream generally, the supplying is from the original point of the source to consumers or the consumption point.  There is a chance for backward flow in some cases which is mainly unrelated to the product return. Moreover, the supply chain department is in charge of managing and monitoring the financial and value flows and also information flow. There also are risks in the supply chain, which are caused by different undetermined factors.  These factors are mainly enfolded under lead time, price, stock, demand, etc. 

Keeping track of the market allows them to simply realize which tools are the most popular and which one has a higher demand on, this in correlation with monitoring of the inventory becomes extremely helpful to the company to make sure that customers are able to receive what they need when they need it.  Studying the market closely is key to forecasting what will be the future demand of the tools industry.  This would help the company to plan ahead and become fully prepared to meet the demands as soon as they rise, as what we aim for is to produce the tools consumers need with the world standards.

To keep the proportion of customers ordered, the production is managed by the supply chain department.  The team also controls the quality of products in production state.

Managing produced tools, the product classification and the most on demand tools are the other parts of their job.

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