Quality is Our Signature

Ronix Value Quality is Our Signature

Ronix is a global manufacturing company, engaged in the tools and devices industry. Ronix takes advantage of its professional view, considerable experience, and extensive background to manufacture premium quality products all according to the newest technology. Ronix makes attempts to broaden its sales market; today, we distribute our innovative products in 15 countries through 500 suppliers around the world. Ronix has turned to be one of the market leaders in the professional tools industry in the Middle East and Europe since 2005. Ronix has manufactured more than 24000 categories of spare parts at a world-class level and 2000 various tools. All Ronix products are manufactured under globally accepted standards to value the customer with distinguished quality.

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Applying our core values leads us through continuous success in this industry; manufacturing durable and highquality tools, wide variety, logical pricing system, compact and impressive packaging are all crucial in our corporation. These innovative and top-quality products are all branded by Ronix; Ronix is fully committed to the customer because we believe in the quality of our products. Ronix respects its users and we believe that success is our professional path.  

Today, everyone agrees that quality is of great importance; quality is defined differently by various customers; Some customers consider a luxurious product a highquality one. On the other hand, some customers take a durable product as a highquality product. We are ready to define the meaning of quality by providing quality hand products in the market due to the use of premium quality materials with highly innovative design in our products. We are in charge of the quality of the fabrics we use and our most serious attempt is to manufacture satisfying tools because quality impacts the customer and builds trust.

We consider three criteria while manufacturing a product with excellent quality to meet every possible customers’ standard.

Being Problem-Solver

Does the product solve customers’ problems? If the product can fix the demanded problem, it can be regarded as a tool with satisfying quality. Ronix will not manufacture items if they aren’t problem-solving or if they don’t improve something.

Being Easy to Use

A top-quality product should be easy to use; the customer shouldn’t waste one’s time figuring out how to take advantage of the product.

Being Efficient

The consumer expects to put minimal effort into using a product and receive optimal results; Ronix makes efforts to manufacture efficient, customer-oriented tools and devices.

Ronix Value Quality is Our Signature

Why is it Important to Manufacture Products with High Quality?

High Quality Gains Customer Trust

We believe that customers’ loyalty is necessary for brands’ existence; valuing customers helps you connect with them. People working with faceless corporations trust less to the brand; establish ways to make the customer believe in what you offer and build up consumer appreciation.

HighQuality Fuels Recommendations

When a potential customer is trying to make a purchase decision on the better brand, he listens and respects word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends. Good quality influences their decision; the higher the rate, the better the chance of receiving positive reviews.

HighQuality Products Result in Fewer Customer Complaints

Ronix has been successful at pleasing its customers in their first experience of purchasing goods.

We want the customer to re-purchase Ronix products, so product quality improvement matters to us. The products are tested multiple times before being launched to ensure receiving positive public feedback.

HighQuality Contributes to Your Image

It’s well known that discussing brands and their quality unwantedly contributes to our reputation. Ronix tries to maintain a positive and satisfying impression when shoppers share their experiences with other people.

HighQuality Manages Costs Effectively

Ronix cares about the customers, we know that poor quality increases customers’ cost; we have an effective quality-control system to recognize defective products and replace them to prevent the customer from paying additional costs.

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