Process Planning & Control Department

Process planning and control

The Process Planning & Control Department at Ronix is responsible for collecting data, data management, and analytical processes to predict and constructively influence the time and cost results of a project by submitting information in the formats and frameworks that aid ineffective management decision-making.

This unit at Ronix covers all stages of a project life cycle from start to finish.

In short, Project Control at Ronix involves a set of means, processes, skills, and experiences of individuals that, when integrated, provide the correct information at the right time to make the right decision.

The Importance of Process Planning & Control at Ronix

The successful performance of a project depends on its proper planning.

Timely implementation of a project can only be achieved with one effective scheduling control method. Establishing a proper control system at Ronix has been an essential part of project management. It was recognized that lack of planning, monitoring, and control plays an important role in project failure.

The Role of Ronix’s Process Planning & Control Unit in Successfully Managing the Project

The Process Planning & Control unit at Ronix provides accurate and timely information to the project management team, enabling them to make informed decisions and correct any possible adverse conditions and trends.

Project performance has been shown to improve performance in control systems. Many companies still follow traditional methods of control, though.

However, applying modern techniques and methods of project control management, Ronix has met an effective control system’s evident need with the precise evolution of project management.

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