One Time Selling, Lifetime Responsibility

Ronix is a leading manufacturer of tools and relevant equipment on a worldwide level. Our wealth of experience, professional background, and view help us produce premium quality and innovative products; in 15 countries around the world, 500 suppliers are at the service to manufacture Ronix branded products. From 2005 up to now, Ronix has turned to be a pioneer tool manufacturer in the Middle East and Europe. In the previous 15 years, Ronix has produced beyond 2000 various tools and 24000 types of spare parts all in agreement with excellent and first-class standards.

Now, Ronix’s core values help it to enjoy advancing success, our core values are all derived from our long-term existence in the center of this industry. Manufacturing a broad diversity of economic, lasting, top quality tools and devices all profoundly packed to greatly impact customers. Ronix has always tried to produce modern products with outstanding quality; our mission and responsibility are to manufacture professional, satisfying tools, and being committed to this mindset leads us to success.

We believe that after-sales service is as crucial as selling itself; it can show our organizational goodwill and retain customers. After-sales service is defined as providing any service after the customer purchases a product. This aftercare process is fundamental to Ronix because it values customers and their satisfaction, on the other hand, we believe that customers appreciate good customer service above all other factors when they are making a purchase. Our good customer service helps our business to stand out; receiving feedback on the product helps us gain and ensure customer satisfaction even after the deal.

Customers are recognized as our assets and their satisfaction is our ultimate target. To fulfill our short-term and long-term goals, we support our customers before and after the purchase.  We are fully committed to the promises we make for after-sales services.

Ronix provides good customer service with knowledgeable and helpful staff, we believe that companies need to ensure that their personnel has the good product knowledge, staff should be trained so that they can assist the customers better, this will increase the added value of a product or service; we meet all consumer laws, deliver the products quickly and offer efficient service and support to the customers to gain new customers and retain our current customers; This aids us to build up a good reputation.

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Why Is After-sales Service Important to Ronix?

  1. Satisfying after-sales service improves our brand image; we need to have long-term customers and high brand loyalty.
  2. Good after-sales service makes Ronix different; today, poor after-sales service damages the firm reputation and we try to prevent this.
  3. Customer retention and satisfaction are valued in Ronix, so we need to satisfy our customers even after selling the product.
  4. Any after-sales service strengthens the bond between customers and the organization.
  5. We believe that good after-sales service is part of the right product; so, our ultimate goal is to encourage the customer to repeat his purchase.
  6. Customers are satisfied and willing to pay more for a product if the company suggests good customer service.
  7. Ronix believes that providing customers with after-sales support is a good way to differentiate between our products and other competitive brands.
one time selling

How to Provide Good After Sales Service?

  1. We stay in touch with the customer after the deal; we never ignore customers’ calls and messages; customer engagement is considered to be important in our business.
  2. We give the necessary support the customer might need in every step of working with the product, from the very beginning steps to the final step.
  3. The Ronix manufacturing team prepares a collection of high-quality spare parts to meet customer’s possible needs when working with different tools.
  4. We are open to any probable complaint; all customers can call and discuss their queries and immediately resolve the problem, our trained staff are fully prepared to describe product characteristics and solve the problems.
  5. We seek feedback on our products because they can help us know our customers’ and end-users’ needs better and work in their favor.

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