IT Department


Maintenance and installation of the computer network within the company at Ronix is overseen by the IT Department. They handle all the technological difficulties that arise within the company. Unlike the common belief, it’s not all they do, but they play a much more vital role, especially in an international company such as Ronix which is highly dependent on technology. They have to provide for the automation infrastructure. The system size of the company defines the equipment necessary so an IT system can function accordingly.

The IT team governs the network use and operating systems. Companies do invest in IT solutions to improve cyber security. Planning practical strategies concerning cyber security is always with regards to three elements: organization size, security need and organizational priority.

There is no fixed responsibility in information governance as the time passes by, they are created, removed or justified in accordance with the regulations, technologies and organization.  Their most important job in cyber security is to protect and ensure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability is preserved.

They perform as assistance to the operating units providing them the functionality they are in need of.  Although the IT department is not setting the policies regarding while they implement and facilitate the flow of information, the head of department and team leaders are always ensuring the information management policies are followed.

Creating and maintaining the company’s website that serves its core business needs, if done properly, helps the business to become more innovative and efficient to its audience all over the world and this definitely helps the company in the competitions for improving its image.

A crisis plan must be in place by the IT team in case of system going down. It must be designed in a way so that the network could be put back up quickly or allow it to switch over to an alternate system. This should last just until the necessary repairs are completed and the system is back to the way it was before going down. The team forges a professional relationship with outside vendors and industry experts while maintaining and planning a network system that might become beneficial to both team members and the company itself.

It might be common knowledge that this department is the one conducting the success of computer operations and other information technologies within a business but fewer may notice that as many more contemporary forms of electronic communication have become principal of the modern office, IT departments have been taking on a greater role in the technical side of company communication. This includes conference calls, video or web conferences, as well as less direct ways of electronic communication such as network drives, email systems, and secure servers. Enabling each and every one of company bureaus, branches and representors to communicate in a digital way is possible thanks to the hard work of the IT team. 

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