Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Department

Ronix ICT Department Manager - Haddad Pajum

Ronix ICT Department

Most businesses, especially those in the digital realm, depend on their ICT department to ensure that their computer network operates properly. Management of the company’s technological systems, infrastructure, and general system functionality are three critical areas of concern for the Ronix ICT department.

Ronix ICT Department Mission and Goal

The Ronix Information and Communications Technology Department’s mission is to build high-quality, comprehensive technology infrastructure, develop and sustain an efficient operational environment, and provide quality, prompt, cost-effective, and credible technology services. In general, this department focuses on the company’s functional use of information and technology.

Ronix ICT Department Roles and Responsibilities

Within a company, the ICT department monitors the installation and maintenance of computer network systems. This can only require one ICT employee or a team in the case of larger companies. ICT’s primary goal is to keep the system running smoothly.

To keep the Ronix network running properly, the ICT department must assess and install the required hardware and software. The ICT department must ensure that the equipment which ICT acquires will meet the company’s expectations while still staying within the budget.

Biography and Activities

 Haddad Pajum is in charge of directing Ronix’s Information Technology Department. He is the head of the ICT team in Ronix international company as well.

He studied software engineering at university. While studying at university, he worked in networking and ICT, and he has been working in this field for 13 years in general.

He spends his free time watching movies, going mountain climbing, and reading books on psychology, management, and novels.

When he joined Ronix about seven years ago, he had six years of experience behind him. At that time, the ICT team was formed in Ronix, and he expanded his team by gradually hiring other expert members.

With his team members’ help, he set up a business intelligence team, which the company welcomed because ICT allowed them to apply valuable data related to sales and after-sales service.

Then, Ronix decided to start and expand ICT’s activities in the international arena.They needed a software unit to provide services to the digital marketing unit.

At that time, Haddad Pajum and his team divided into three units, including Network Infrastructure, Software, and Digital Marketing. Following this progress, they could have a codified site transferred to their website and then to the customers’ website.

Since an important part of his job is based on a platform of digital and technology-driven frameworks, the pursuit of this task in this context with the development of technical infrastructure in the past few years has been done by Ronix International and is now in the final stage.

One of the top priorities of Haddad Pajum and his ICT team is planning and leading the idea of establishing the digital content production department. The program achieved ICT’s goal by hiring and attracting a skilled workforce in industrial photography, graphics, content strategy, and design and has produced content in eight different languages. This is one of his program’s main axes to create an effective brand in Iran and the world’s tools market.


  • Maintaining the organization’s efficiency by defining and providing strategic plans for implementing information technologies.
  • Ensuring the information management policies are followed.
  • Researching and introducing strategic technical solutions.
  • Planning, tracking, and evaluating work outcomes.
  • Examining the organization’s priorities, plans, practices, and consumer programs to guide technical research.
  • Coaching and counseling employees.
  • Initiating, coordinating, and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Recruiting and training staff to keep them on the job.
  • Coordinating services and timetables for user teams and the data center to complete tasks.

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