Digital Marketing Department (DM)

The modern world has the potential for significant changes that occur at the moment and organize the market, industry, and technology in a context that meets individuals’ needs. Meanwhile, companies and technology firms that can create innovative ideas push time and space boundaries and connect needs to goods. In a world that has become an industrial workshop, selling the product in traditional ways is declining. The up-to-date companies are aware of this point and innovate with the help of risk-taking and modern people. This has recently happened at Ronix, a tool company that has pushed new frontiers using digital technologies and up-to-date marketing.

According to Haddad Pajum, the Director of Digital Marketing, “The importance of content monitoring to discover the effectiveness of the policies adopted by Ronix has been very high because the way to enter international markets, which is the focal point of Ronix International’s target, is the attention to the important link created in the content production unit, including production, dissemination, and effectiveness measurement”. 


After Joining Ronix, Haddad set up a business intelligence team. Ronix’s authority welcomed this innovation because it allowed them to apply valuable data related to sales and after-sales service.

This was one of the Ronix International IT team’s top priorities and led to the idea of establishing the digital content production unit. The plan was achieved by hiring and attracting a skilled workforce experienced in industrial photography, graphics, content strategy, and design to produce content in eight different languages.

Then, Ronix decided to start and expand its activities in the international arena. It was the time when the digital marketing unit was formed. They needed a software unit to provide services to the digital marketing unit.

Content production has helped Ronix to achieve the set goals in the field of tools. Today becoming a Google trend is not possible through name and financial costs, but content production will make it possible. This issue has been included in the Ronix International DM team’s leading programs and has become the idea of a digital content production unit. The program, which has achieved its goal by hiring and attracting a skilled workforce qualified in industrial photography, graphics, content strategy, and design, has produced the required content in eight different languages. This is one of the main axes of Ronix program to create an effective brand in the tools market throughout the world.

Competing with the world’s famous brands is possible only through high technical and content capabilities. Digital marketing through the production of accurate content leads to a level of impact that is indescribable.

More than 50% of Ronix’s success in connecting audiences and buyers in 40 countries is due to the adoption of programs in digital marketing. Ronix’s DM Department has always tried to consider a balance between domestic and foreign buyers’ needs so that it covers both sectors well and brings this company closer to an actual model for production and sales with the optimal use of technology cyberspace in an entirely competitive environment.

Because an important part of any job is based on a platform of digital and technology-driven framework, thanks to his team’s effort, the pursuit of this task in this context with the development of technical infrastructure in the past few years has been done by Ronix International.

Following its teams’ completion, Ronix always seeks to attract specialized and efficient staff and welcomes the presence of active and dynamic youth.

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