Board Of Management

In order to grow and develop, a business needs a sophisticated and professional team of management involving elite people who are determined to achieve the ambitious dreams they have developed in their minds and have planned for. Thanks to the innovative and high-quality of Ronix products, the managers of Ronix company have been able to expand the popularity of this brand and have tried to make their dreams come true and prove that Ronix creates the best products.

R. Ramkho

The CEO & Founder of Ronix
For all the managers and the staff of Ronix, he is the person they have always idealized, admired and seen as their role model.

H. Ramkho

Supply Chain Manager

Due to his excellent teamwork skills, he collaborates with other departments to create effective business plans.

M. Ramkho

The Deputy CEO

Ramkho believes that Ronix brand has gradually developed in the tools market, so maintaining Ronix products‘ quality is a vital factor.

R. Ramtin

Director of International Sales 

Ramtin considers himself as one of Ronix company‘s chainrings, each of which must collaborate so the family can achieve big dreams.  

H. Niko

Head of Communication & Branding

H. Niko has devoted his utmost to develop branding strategies as it is critical to inform the world of what Ronix offers them. 

J. Mao

Managing Director of China Office 

J. Mao’s role is significant in delivering bright ideas for strengthening the cornerstone of Ronix when building trust among the tool users.

Ronix Statistics

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Ronix Departments

Each department and section at Ronix act as a ring of a chain to accelerate Ronix brand’s progress and they have been applying their utmost to firmly and precisely take the path and reach such a sustainable reputation as well as informing the world of Ronix equipment and tools and what products Ronix offers to the international tools market. 


The Information & Communications Technology mission at Ronix company is to build high-quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure, develop and sustain an efficient operational environment, and provide quality, prompt, cost-effective, and credible technology services.


Our prominent role at Communication & Branding Department is to extend the brand, optimize it, and do the branding, in general. We must develop Ronix company‘s exposure to our clients and use proper market analysis in all these efforts to satisfy all our clients with different needs and expectations.

Supply Chain

Establishing an efficient and effective supply chain at Ronix company has led the company to reduce current or additional costs in Ronix products and produce marketable products and increase competitiveness.


Digital Marketing

Ronix Company has applied modern ways with digital technology and up-to-date marketing to introduce the Ronix brand and create innovative ideas to push the boundaries of time and space and connect needs to goods.

International Sales

The link between Ronix products and its customers is the sales department. A well-trained sales department does more than selling. Ronix sales department is divided into domestic and international sectors.


The warehouse management process at Ronix tools company involves controlling the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, such as shipping the products Ronix offers to the tool buyers, as well as receiving, putting away and arranging the tools and accessories.

Process Planning and Control

Process Planning and Control at Ronix company involve a set of means, processes, skills, and experiences of individuals that, when integrated, provide the correct information at the right time to make the right decision.

About Ronix

Ronix is a leading international brand in technical tools and machines. Ronix company was founded in 2004 with a revolutionary outlook for producing hand and power tools; ever since, Ronix has made a lot of efforts to find its rightful place among all the famous brands that manufacture tools around the world. Today, Ronix brand with more than 2000 various items that Ronix offers to the users of tools, and the most diverse tools and technical equipment is remarkable in the international markets. Since a large group of users, including manual workers, carpenters, technicians, mechanics, electricians, etc. ; even all homeowners who may need a simple tool, can enjoy the impressive functionality of Ronix products, Large diversity is only one of the factors that have strengthened the cornerstone of Ronix .  

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Core Value



In July 2000, Ronix Tools Company was officially founded by Ramkho brothers, while they had already started their small privately-owned business a few years ago. Along with all the big dreams and goals they had developed in their minds, they tried to define long-term plans to prove the rightful place of their products globally. Nobody ever believed that Ronix could reach such an international position in the tools industry.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction and support has constantly been one of the major priorities of Ronix team. They believe that trust in business is achieved gradually and bit by bit, thus, even a tiny mistake concerning your priorities could destroy all the achievements you have gained through a lot of efforts. Any small drop in quality of product, packaging, and presentation, could cause losing your customers. So, if you expect to have your customers’ sustainable loyalty and companionship, you must prove that you respect their satisfaction.

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