International Sales Department


Ronix international sales department is a team of well-trained sales professionals performing as the key link between company’s products and their customers as they ensure that company produces what they need or is in demand.

Handling all the orders placed by either new or old customers is done through the international sales department.  It also is this team’s job to communicate with Ronix Tools’ international customers, doing whatever it takes to provide for customers’ contentment is what the international sales department is known for and takes pride in.

Revenue is not the only focus of Ronix’s international sales department, although the team puts its best effort when it comes to sales, they also follow other rules and plans to accomplish what Ronix is heading to and that’s becoming an undetachable part of the global market as a tool manufacturing top brand.  This requires great growth in production and proper classification of markets by their needs and potentials.  Customer satisfaction is another necessity when it comes to growing a business, as loyal customers are great assets to every company.  Not only would they continue their relation with the company, but they would also introduce the company to other potential clients and this would for sure create an ever-growing web of customers.

As our team of international sales is accountable in extending the geography of our customers and for this to be achieved, they always plan a step ahead by keeping track of what items and products are mostly on demand in each terrestrial region.  Each individual market has its precisely unique requeries and needs.  What might be highly in demand in one place could be completely irrelevant to another market. Marking needs and demands of a market, helps the business to put its focus on it and develop sales plans on that basis. 

Analyzing collected data, helps the team to fulfill their responsibility of classifying the whole world market into efficient lists to help them with their plans and strategies.  Working in the international market means dealing with different rules and regularities and these differences can act as barriers in each stage of the sales process. To avoid these difficulties and reduce the risks in sales, what the international sales department does is to study each different country and region’s laws and customs, from the very beginning to the very last step of clearance.

By use of this information, Ronix becomes an influential part of the world market and ready to compete with top tool brands.

In overall, Ronix tools international sale department have some clear objectives:

-to develop network of customers geographically.

-to classify world markets and to carry out strategies accordingly.

-to handle customers’ orders-new or old.

-to communicate with international customers.



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