Ronix International Sales Department

Ronix International Sales Department

The link between a company’s product and its customers is the sales department. A well-trained sales department does more than selling. Ronix sales department is divided into domestic and international sectors. Ronix sales team helps to create customer relationships. Furthermore, a good salesperson helps to identify domestic and foreign customers’ specific needs and ensures that they are met. The Ronix sales department helps the company grow while retaining its customers.

Ronix International Sales Department

Ronix International Sales Department’s Mission and Goals

Aside from making revenue, our sales department has several other objectives. Business growth, entering new markets, and customer retention are the international sales department’s core values. Most organizations set targets like keeping current customers and building up valuable relationships with them. This is more beneficent for the company and will grow the business by bringing in new customers over time. This team’s biggest goal is to expand Ronix product markets all over the world. The Research and Development Team (R & D) is of great help since this team seeks grossing products and brands in different markets in different countries.

Ronix Research and Development Team’s Missions and Goals

  • Producing new knowledge to develop products and optimize processes.
  • Discovering and understand market opportunities and needs.
  • Responding to the needs of consumers and creating welfare and comfort for customers.
  • Strong participation in knowledge and learning streams.
  • Increasing the competitive force in domestic and foreign arenas and providing an active presence in global markets.
  • Research to reduce production waste and find smart solutions to reduce production costs.
  • Accurate analysis of the status of existing products.
  • Detailed analysis of the current programs’ effectiveness and existing personnel.
  • Research and Development (R & D) team should have a close bond with the sales department.
  • R & D team and sales department have to join hands to win great revenues.

Ronix Sales Department and R & D Team’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Finding and evaluating potential customers.
  • Reaching out and having touch with the leads.
  • Building up relationships with domestic and international customers.
  • Determining the client’s needs and gathering all relevant details for making sales.
  • Retaining customers and satisfying their needs.
  • Running demonstrations, writing proposals, identifying obstacles in the sales process, negotiating with the customers, and finally making sales.
  • The sales department and R & D team have to have a collaborative platform to focus on winning strategies.
  • Examining the import rules of the potential countries and markets, searching and analyzing the international markets is a duty of both teams.

Ronix International Sales Department Manager – Ramtin Kashani


Biography and Activities

Ramtin Kashani is responsible for the international sales department in Ronix Tools Company. He is 32 years old, and he has been working in Ronix for more than 12 years. He is one of the members who started from scratch to get here. He started by working as a simple salesperson and a sales representative in the tools market.

From the time he joined Ronix up to the present time, he has been progressing step by step, and he has worked in various sections and departments of this company. Because in the past Ronix was not so developed and didn’t have as many employees as it has now, he experienced working in different sections even for a few days.

He studied mechanical engineering at university. Because his studies mostly concerned tools and related aspects, he had been practically familiar with this field and started his activities.    

He is thankful for all these experiences since he managed to gradually progress in this business to get the position of Domestic Sales Manager. After Ronix could reach a stable domestic sales level, it decided to improve the quality and quantity of its products. So Ronix could develop its business and expand it to an international level.

Since, at that time, Ronix couldn’t compete with other international markets, it had to start in some fields from the base.

Then he was given the position of International Sales Manager by the CEO of Ronix. Ramtin Kashani keeps observing the other competitor brands, and by researching, monitoring, and benchmarking their new products, gains ideas for the Ronix branded new creations.

“We, in Ronix, have defined all our short-term and long-term plans. We have predicted our future place and level in the international market and which goals we are going to achieve,” said Ramtin Kashani.


  • Developing a marketing strategy that includes revenues, earnings, and cost management to manage organizational sales.
  • Meeting sales targets as expected.
  • Setting individual sales goals for all team members.
  • Keeping track of sales targets and reporting on the results if needed.
  • Supervising the sales team’s activities and results.
  • Continuous sales team training.
  • Motivating, coaching, and product awareness training are duties of an international sales manager.
  • Recognizing potential customers and how they interact with the brand.

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