The history of gardening hand tool

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history of gardening hand tool

like history of gardening hand tool ,You might have seen different lists of the most revolutionary inventions of history, which changed the life of human beings to a considerable extent such as history of hand tools. But in my opinion, what triggered all these changes was the invention of hand tools. 

How have gardening hand tools begun?

A tool is a mean to change raw materials in a production process. Human ability to use tools has made it one of the most powerful creatures among all the species. Man can change the world around it by using tools. In some cases, it has been observed that animals also use objects to advance their goals, which is very basic.

Making tools, using and upgrading them to make the desired objects is a human-specific ability. By understanding this capability, man has been able to achieve everything from the most basic type of life to traveling to other planets and moving at high speed. Living with upgraded machines and tools is a very valuable achievement.

gardening hand tools

The role of tools in our lives

This variety and improvement of tools has made us able to create extensive jobs in the industry, faster and more efficient jobs than traditional jobs. Solving the problems around and population growth has also affected the need for better tools.

Humans were able to overcome natural disasters with tools, and there was no need for frequent relocations. By studying the tools that have been discovered from human life thousands of years ago, we can see the role of tools, even though they are very primitive. Their promotion turned the farmer into an industrialist.

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gardening hand tools

The earliest gardening hand tools

by the history of gardening hand tools ,In the earliest times when people showed interest in gardening tools, all tools were handmade. These tools were important for our primitives because the availability of food was so much dependent on good gardening skills and proper tools. As a result of this demand, a lot of various ancient gardening hand tool were found by archeologists that can be compared with modern gardening hand tools which are being used these days.

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in history of gardening hand tools, since the first gardening hand tool came into use (like thousands of years ago) these gardening hand tools haven’t changed a lot. Ancient weeding hoes, rakes, spades, sickles and scythes and more are tools that have been found in various parts of the world. Only by looking at these old hand tools and their modern versions, we will understand that these tools are basically similar in shapes and may differ in materials used for construction based on the available resources available of time.


Rakes are said to be originated in China because farming and gardening have a long history in China when the main job of the country was farming harvest to keep life going.

Rakes gardening hand tools

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Wheelbarrows are also originated in China probably in 3rd Century. Archeologist have found many paintings from the time that clearly mentions the early wooden wheelbarrows. The material might be different from modern metal and heavy-duty plastic but the shape was pretty much the same and has not changed much throughout the time.

Watering tools

various samples of watering pots and cans have been found in the ruins that show the existence of watering tools in the past decades. They may vary in design, but they were all meant to bring efficiency and convenience in delivering water to plants, trees and flowers.

Pruning Devices

Nowadays, a wide range of garden knives, shears and scythes are used for various purposes of pruning, trimming or cutting and that is not exclusive to the modern eras. These gardening hand tools have been in use from a very long time ago with the same shapes and the same purposes.

pruning tools

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Weeding Tools

Daisy grubber, a fork-shaped hand tool, and the corkscrew weeder are 2 kinds of weeding tools that are common among gardeners. They have not changed much throughout the history of gardening hand tools. The gardeners used daisy grubber to cut thick weed stems and the corkscrew weeder to screw into the ground so that it can cut through the roots.


Mowers which were invented in the early 1800s meant to be able to be used instead of hand scythe. As a result of this invention, cutting hay and grass has turned to a simple gardening task. It is worth to note that mower was invented by Edward Budding.

To sum up, many tools which were common in ancient times and years remained popular and useful, even as gardening methods have improved and evolved.

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4 November 2020

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