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Gardening Tips for Beginners

How can I learn gardening?

Do you want to create your own garden? Even with a small yard, you can have your own garden. This is Dolores Brown and I am a technical agricultural engineer. In this article, I’ll give you some gardening advice so you can create your own garden with confidence.

Remember if you want to learn gardening, you need to get dirty!
Last month I held a workshop for beginners who wanted to start their first garden. I can remember that I was gardening since I was a little girl, but it was easier at that time. There were no gardening techniques. But now it is important to be familiar with some gardening techniques.

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Organic gardening: It means growing fresh fruits and vegetables without pesticides. This method prevents water pollution, soil contamination, etc.

Biodynamic gardening: This method is like organic gardening. It concerns to keep the balance of the earth and its ecosystem.

Permaculture: This method like the other methods that were mentioned above, avoid using pesticides. Its purpose is to create a productive environment.

Here are some tips for you to start your garden:

Decide what you want to plant

Do you want to have a flower garden? A vegetable garden? Or a fruit garden? You can choose one of them or all of them in the same garden. But do not forget that each one of them needs different maintenance requirements.

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Pick a location

All vegetables and flowers need full sun for at least 6 hours. Consider a spot that receives full sun in part of a day. But you don’t have to worry; because there are plants that grow in shade. If your garden face south you will have direct sun for the entire day. So, block the sun with some fences, or something else.

Fertilize the soil

All flowers, vegetables, and fruit gardens need fertile soil to produce good vegetables, fruits, etc. Healthy soil will help your plants to fight back against the disease. With the help of some gardening tools such as hoe, shovel, and dirt rake, dig the ground, turn the soil and pull out rocks, and other things out of the soil. Don’t forget to use enough mulch and compost.

Water your garden

Always water your garden at the right time. Here is a question that most of the beginners may ask: how often does the garden need to be watered? Depends on the soil, location, climate, etc. the answer will be different. But in normal situations, you need to water your garden at least three times a week.

Prune the limbs

Prune the limbs in late winter. Limbs can be infected in winter and if you wait for the spring, the disease will be spread. Don’t forget to use an appropriate tool for pruning. If you use a tool that is not sharp enough, you can’t make clean cuts.

Choose the correct fertilizer

Too much fertilizer can burn your plant. Test your soil then add enough organic fertilizer to your soil.

There are more important things that need to be considered while you are making a garden. You need a good investment in some garden tools.

Choose the right tool for your gardening tasks. If you buy a wrong gardening tool for your job, you will waste your time and energy, and your project will be failed.

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There are some gardening tools that every gardener should own one.

Here is a list of them and their uses:

Gardening gloves: Wearing gardening gloves is important for everyone who works in the gardens. It can protect your hands against thorns, keep your hands clean, protect your hands from chemical materials, etc.

Shovel and spade: Shovels and spades are used for digging. With shovels, you can dig holes and spades help you to dig grounds. But choosing the right type of shovels and spades is important; otherwise, you may hurt your hands. Ronix company offers the best type of shovels and spades for all your gardening purposes.

Wheelbarrow: These gardening tools have a lot of uses. You can use them to carry and move everything you want from one place to another. And when it is getting old and useless, you can use them as a pot! Plant flowers in it, and make your garden more beautiful.

Hoe: With the help of hoe, shape the soil; hoeing will cultivate the soil and remove all weeds. You need to keep hoeing until the time is right for planting.

Rake: As you know there are different types of rake such as leaf rake, dirt rake, metal rake, plastic rake, etc. the best rakes in the market is Ronix rakes. They are lightweight and practical for all gardening tasks.

Fork: One of the most important and crucial hand tools in all gardens is the fork. This multifunctional tool can be used for making holes to plant seeds, removing stones out of the ground, etc. They are sharper and stronger than spades. They can easily penetrate hard grounds.

Pruning shear: They are also known as pruners or secateurs. We use pruners to cut damaged limbs, branches of trees, etc. you can use scissors instead of pruners but make sure that the scissor you use is sharp enough to cut strong branches of trees or shrubs.

With these hand tools, you can start your first garden. Choosing the right tool for the right job is important. As you know there is a wide variety of gardening tools that you may need to protect your garden and keep it beautiful. There are so many choices but relax, you don’t have to buy all of them. Only a few gardening tools are always used by gardeners. Using the best brands on the market will keep your garden, yard, etc. in top shape. But what company makes the best quality garden tools? Here is the best brand on the market that can cultivate your garden in the best way; Ronix  offers the best gardening tools and help you to start your first garden.

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