A Simple Tutorial to Build Your Table

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Are you interested in making a DIY epoxy table? The instruction given here is about a creative epoxy resin table with a river and waterfall in the middle, one that’s different from all. This project is not as hard as you think with the tools introduced below.

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Tools Needed

  • A Miter Saw
  • A Circular Saw
  • A Table saw
  • A Grinder
  • A Welder

Materials Needed

  • Hardwood Live Edge Slab
  • Square Tube Steel
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Sealant Tape
  • Metallic Pigments

How to Make a DIY Epoxy Resin River Table in 7 Brief Steps

  1. Prepare the Live Edge Slabs
  2. Build up an Epoxy Resin Form
  3. Pour Epoxy Resin in the Built Form
  4. Build a Metal Table Base
  5. Clean the Epoxy Resin Slab
  6. Cut and Join the Waterfall Edge
  7. Assemble and Finish

Prepare the Live Edge Slabs

  • Buy a good quality monolithic wood slab perfect for making a DIY river table.
  • Use a string and place it on the center of each end of the slab to find the best cut line.
  • Then mark each slab ends for the cut.
  • With the help of your circular saw, cut the slab in multiple passes; then, use your jointer to flatten the surfaces of the slabs.
  • Machine the slabs down to get slabs with the right thickness, then cut them to the suitable size on your miter saw.
  • Clean up the live edges to prepare it for pouring epoxy resin.
  • Sand any loose material to make a good surface for the sticking epoxy.

Build up an Epoxy Resin Form

  • Make a form for the pouring epoxy.
  • Cover the pieces in sealant tape to prevent epoxy resin from sticking.
  • Use screws and put the epoxy resin form together; seal the form’s inside corners using more sealant tape.
  • Load the live edge slabs into the form.
  • Clamp the wood down to keep slabs from floating on the epoxy resin, screw the wood to the form.
  • Level the form for pouring the epoxy.

Pour Epoxy Resin in the Built Form

  • Measure the gap between slabs and figure out how much epoxy resin you need, here we pour 1-3/4″ epoxy at a time.
  • We want a two-color epoxy pour, so we mix epoxy containers, add metallic pigments, and mix them for some minutes.
  • Start pouring two epoxy resin bottles from the two ends and let them mix.

Build a Metal Table Base

  • Buy some 1” square tube for the table base.
  • Use your welder to weld the base together.
  • Use your cordless grinder and a flap disc to ground down the welds on the base.
  • Drill mounting holes in the base for the top, then spray some matte black paint and matte clear coat on it.

Clean the Epoxy Resin Slab

  • After completing the 72 hours cure time, it gets hard.
  • Unscrew and remove the sides from the form and remove all screws from the slab bottom.
  • Use your planer to remove any excess from the bottom.
  • Clean up the sides and square up to one edge on the jointer, then trim the other side on your table saw.
  • Go ahead and sand the slab up to 180 grit and take the epoxy up to 400 grit.

Cut and Join the Waterfall Edge

  • To cut the waterfall edge, use your table saw and crosscut sled. Tilt the blade to 45 degrees and make the initial bevel on the larger vertical piece. 
  • Flip the smaller top piece over and back and bevel it with a matching miter. Move the blade 90 degrees and precisely cut the larger piece for the base.
  • With the miters facing down, line up the pieces and put a piece of packing tape across the seam.
  • Fold up the miter and use the top to position and clamp down a pair of angle squares to the slab.
  • Use 5-minute epoxy again, apply it to one side of the joint, fold up the miter, and clamp the top to the angle squares.

Assemble and Finish

  • Let the epoxy set up over 24hours and take it out of the clamps.
  • Do some final sanding before finishing.
  • Apply a two-part oil-based finish to the slab to help the epoxy come to life.
  • Mount the base upside down and shim the wood.
  • Your Epoxy Resin River Table is ready!

Credit to the tutorial and photos goes to fixthisbuildthat

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16 March 2021

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