What Is an Impact Drill Used for? 10 Applications

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What an Impact Drill Is Used for

Do you want to choose between an impact drill and a drill driver but are hesitant between the two? Or you just have some requirements and you want to make sure whether an impact drill will give you what you want. Either way, in this article we’re going to discuss the question: what is an impact drill used for? So, stay tuned!

Is an Impact Drill the Right Choice for You?

This is the question we’ll be answering in this article. Given their uses and the materials to which they accommodate, you can see whether it’s the right choice for you. But first, let’s see the difference between this tool and its counterparts.

Impact Drill Vs. Drill Driver

impact drill vs drill driver

This is probably one of the first things that have occupied your mind since you started searching for the impact drill uses.

To make it short, an impact drill uses a combination of rotational force and concussive blows but a drill driver primarily uses a rotational force to drill and drive screws.

Okay. Now that we have that out, it’s time to know what impact drills are used for and whether they fit your specific tasks.

Work on the Tough Ones: Concrete and Masonry Work

 using impact drill for concrete and masonry

Don’t make a mistake. Impact drills are NOT commonly used for drilling into concrete or masonry but you can use them to fasten screws into pre-drilled holes in these materials.

Anchoring Structures

The fact that fastening screws into concrete and masonry is a use of impact drills makes them suitable for tasks like anchoring structures or attaching materials to such surfaces.

Installing Outdoor Fixtures

Outdoor fixtures like light posts or mailboxes can be attached to concrete or masonry through the use of impact drills. A reminder that they are not suitable for gauging holes into concrete.

Cannibalism: Impact Drill for Metalworking

 using impact drill for metalworking

Whether it’s a bolt or a screw, impact drills can give you a hand for driving them into metal surfaces. To deal with a tough material like metal is one of the impact drill uses as it relies on concussive blows to do that.

Automotive Repairs

Automotive are mostly made of metal and this makes it a specialty of an impact drill. In this field, tasks like removing and installing bolts and screws on engines, body panels, and other components can be done using this tool.

Metal Framing

Buildings and partitions use metal framing and this is where an impact drill can shine. You can use this tool to fasten screws in the metal framing in the construction process.

Fasten the Wood Pieces: Woodworking

using impact drill for woodworking

The high torque makes the impact drill use fall into a wide spectrum of tasks. Projects dealing with wooden fixtures like assembling furniture, building wooden structures, and installing cabinets can be done using this tool. It helps with a quick and secure fastening of screws into different types of wood.

Assembling furniture

Building and furniture consisting of assembling wood pieces can use the help of impact drills. Build a couch in no time.

Building Wooden Structures

Structures such as sheds, pergolas, or playsets can be easily and quickly built with the use of an impact drill.

Carefully Assemble: Plastic Fabrication

Ronix impact drill for different uses

If you perform tasks in which you have to deal with plastic and have to gauge holes in them, you might be concerned by the possibility of your plastic being damaged in the process. However, an impact drill can be used in plastic fabrication and assembly safely while keeping your material safe.

Toy Assembly

Those doll joints don’t join themselves! One of the uses of impact drills is to assemble plastic toys efficiently. And don’t worry. The plastic of the toy will stay intact.

Of Different Substances: Composite Materials

Not all materials are straightforward like wood or metal. Some materials combine different substances like fiberglass or carbon fiber composites.

Aerospace components

Industries that use composite materials like aerospace appreciate using impact drills to fasten components made of fiberglass or carbon fiber composites.

impact drill uses

Secure Your Stuff Where You Want: Drywall

Do you deal with projects in which you need to attach drywall to studs or frames? One of the impact drill uses is allowing you to drive screws quickly and securely into the drywall.

Partition Installation

Alongside drywalls, installing partitions or dividing walls can benefit from a high-quality impact drill. it will allow you to have a sturdy and stable structure.

Delicate Work: Ceramics and Tiles

uses of impact drills

Ceramics are delicate materials. They can easily be shattered and can be a bit hard to work with. But in some cases, you don’t have any choice but to fasten a ceramic or tile using brackets or other fasteners. You can use an impact driver with a diamond-tipped or specialized drill bit for this task but to be honest, a drill driver is a safer choice.

Bathroom Fixture Installation

It’s one of the primary uses of an impact drill with ceramics and tiles. But if you professionally work with this material, you’d better just have a drill driver for the job.

More than One Material: Mixed Materials

Up until now, we’ve been telling you what tasks you can perform with an impact driver while dealing with different materials. But not all things you work with are plain wood or metal. There are also creations with mixed materials that need the help of an impact driver. Here’s a list of these tasks:

  • Furniture with Metal Brackets and Wooden Components
  • Custom Shelving Units
  • Fastening and Lag Bolt Installation
  • DIY Home Projects
  • Renovation and Remodeling
Ronix impact drill for different uses

You see, many tasks can be done through the use of impact drills. But be careful. Even though it is possible to use an impact drill on the materials we’ve mentioned, there’s still the risk of them being damaged. Moreover, you should not even go near some materials with an impact drill. Such as:

  • Glass
  • Metal Sheet
  • Delicate Woods

And as a conclusion, deal with these materials with delicacy and control. If it’s not possible for you, just use a drill driver instead to be safe:

  • Ceramic and Tiles
  • Brick and Masonry
  • Plasterboard/ Drywall
  • Plastics
  • Composite Materials

Overall, now you have a comprehensive overview of impact drill uses and if you find out it’s not the best choice, you can just skip this tool and pivot to another one to aid you. But if an impact drill is your choice, Ronix offers a wide range of them with different powers and characteristics from which you can choose.


What is the primary purpose of an impact drill?

The primary purpose of an impact drill is to drive fasteners like screws, nuts, and bolts into different materials using rotational and concussive force.

Can impact drills be used for woodworking?

Yes, they can be used to drive fasteners into wooden materials.

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26 February 2024

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