The Best Corded Hammer Drill Choice for 2024

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Are you planning to install a cabinet in a concrete wall, hang decorations on a brick wall, or mount countertops and set up kitchen/bathroom fixtures? If you’re putting all your eggs in a regular drill’s basket for these tasks, here’s a spoiler alert: you won’t succeed! When dealing with tough surfaces like concrete, stone, and masonry, your drill would be helpless without a hammering action. To tackle such heavy-duty tasks, it’s essential to level up your tool arsenal with the best corded hammer drill available on the market. But how can you spot the best choice among the multitude of brands and models lining the shelves of tool stores? Keep reading to discover the key factors you need to consider and explore a curated list of top picks.

Corded Hammer Drills: What Is All the Fuss About?

Using one of Ronix’s best corded hammer drills on concrete

As a heavy-duty switch-hitter, the best corded hammer drill can effortlessly drill a hole into concrete or penetrate wood. It functions similarly to ordinary drills but comes with a hammering that pushes the bit into the material as it rotates.

This impact allows the bit to drill through tough materials like concrete, brick, and block with far less effort – both on the bit and on the user.

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Hammer drills are available in corded and cordless versions. Top corded hammer drills offer more power and a faster drilling speed (measured in revolutions per minute, or RPM), and they maintain a consistent performance level compared to their cordless counterparts, which may slow down as the batteries run out.

Buying guide for the best corded hammer drill

Choosing the best corded hammer drill like any power tool, involves finding a well-balanced model that feels comfortable in your hands. so, test out a few different types before making your decision. Look for a few important criteria when evaluating features to discover the ideal match for the tasks you frequently perform. Some of the most important features that should be looked into include choosing between the corded and cordless options, the Dual Drilling Modes, the Variable Speed and the power.

Corded or Cordless?

Corded hammer drills are more powerful and are designed for more intensive use. For drilling multiple holes in masonry, a corded tool is a better choice.

Cordless drills are more compact and portable, making them a better match for all-purpose drilling, even applications that require the hammer function on occasion but they have limited runtime which depends on the battery’s capacity so you cannot expect consistent power from them.

cordless vs. corded hammer drill

Variable Speed, Yes or No?

For drilling in masonry (and many other hammer-drill operations), speed control is less crucial, but having variable speed is essential when drilling wood and metal.

An infographic that shows speed control switch on a corded hammer drill
Hammer drill used to drill concrete block

Power Matters

lastly, drills that are larger, heavier, quicker, and more powerful are far more effective at tackling demanding projects compared to smaller, slower, and less powerful equipment. Smaller tools, on the other hand, are more portable and adaptable.

To summarize, if you require the power and heft of a heavy-duty hammer drill, look for one with a lot of amps, a high RPM, and a fast-pounding speed. If you prefer a multipurpose tool, avoid choosing one that is more powerful than necessary because it will be excessively heavy and perhaps difficult to handle for finer work.
Let’s put theory into practice and explore the best set of features for specific applications:

A construction worker using Ronix best corded hammer drill for heavy-duty drilling in concrete

Best heavy-Duty Corded Hammer Drill

Corded hammer drills are the preferred choice for tackling heavy-duty drilling tasks in tough surfaces. However, if you have specific plans for using a top corded hammer drill in industrial and professional settings across diverse sectors such as construction, plumbing, and mining, there are crucial features that demand your attention.

The best heavy-duty corded hammer drills come with a motor power of between 800 to 1000W or higher, a variable speed control switch, a durable metal housing, and a large and high-quality chuck compatible with larger drill bits. For added convenience and reduced hand fatigue during long and demanding tasks, it is highly recommended to select a tool with an ergonomic design and anti-vibration technology.

A DIYer using a Ronix corded hammer drill on the wall

Best Corded Hammer Drill for Home Use

For DIY enthusiasts searching for the best corded hammer drill for everyday home tasks, the sweet spot for motor power is within the 600-800W range.

These drills feature keyless chucks, allowing for easy and hassle-free bit changes, and have a compact design to minimize hand fatigue and ensure easy storage.

As a DIYer, always go for a hammer drill equipped with a depth gauge for enhanced precision in your operations. Look for additional features like a 360⁰ rotating side handle and a rubberized soft grip, providing utmost comfort during extended use.

Crucially, the best corded hammer drills for home use strike the perfect balance between premium construction and affordability, making them the ideal companions for your DIY projects.

The best corded hammer drill from Ronix collection

Best Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete

The best corded hammer drills for concrete have powerful motors of 800W or more. They feature automated bit locking and SDS max chucks of more than 1/2 inch diameter.

These ideal tools come with a rotary hammer function that is a great help when it comes to heavy-duty drilling into concrete. A durable construction and an efficient heat dissipation system is also other features you should be looking for.

These elements contribute to the longevity and performance of the tool, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of intense concrete drilling applications.

If you’re in the market for the best corded hammer drills, here’s a handy list to consult:

Corded Hammer Drills Worth Considering: Ronix’s Leading Position

Bosch 1191 VSR Hammer Drill

Bosch 1191VSR as one of the best corded hammer drills

The Bosch 1191 VSR is a light and efficient drill, great for smaller jobs. With a strong 7-amp motor, it reaches speeds up to 3,000 RPM. Its ability to rotate 360 degrees makes it versatile. It works well with wood but is a bit slower on concrete.

Milwaukee 5376-20 8.0-amp Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 5376-20 as one of the best corded hammer drills

The Milwaukee 5376-20 is a sturdy drill built to last. Its tough metal housing is perfect for tougher materials like concrete. The removable handle helps set drill depth easily. Plus, its design reduces hand vibrations, making it comfortable to use.

Makita HP1641 Hammer Drill

Makita HP1641 as one of the best corded hammer drills

Makita’s HP1641 is a light yet powerful tool with a 6-amp motor. It offers both regular and hammer modes. Its unique chuck design is convenient, but users should ensure bits are tightly secured. The larger chuck size can handle bigger bits, but its power might be a limitation for some tasks.

DeWalt DW511 Hammer Drill

DeWalt DW511 as one of the best corded hammer drills

The DeWalt DW511 is a powerful drill with a 7.8-amp motor. It works fast on both wood and concrete. Its adjustable speed and two drill modes make it versatile. The side handle adds control, letting users work comfortably from various angles.

Ronix 2702 Rotary Hammer Drill

Ronix 2702 as one of the best corded hammer drills

In the best corded hammer drills list, the Ronix 2702 takes the center stage. It is a powerful power tool featuring an automated bit locking mechanism and an SDS Plus tool-free bit system. Drilling, hammer drilling, chiseling, and the unique chisel rotation mechanism for changing hammering locations are all possible thanks to this hammer drill’s strong 1100W motor. Its die-cast aluminum housing ensures low weight and excellent heat dissipation.

This tool’s double anti-vibration technology lowers operator fatigue and increases efficiency while its high-capacity cylinder delivers an impressive 5J impact energy.

With a 360° anti-shock auxiliary, the Ronix design handle offers a wide range of movements for utmost user comfort. Additionally, the Lock button switch and ergonomic grip design allow for a more comfortable working experience.

The high-torque safety clutch mechanism on this ideal corded Hammer Drill protects the armature and ensures the tool’s safety. These outstanding features position Ronix as the top corded hammer drill in its category.


Hammer drills are the tools of choice for a variety of tasks, ranging from lighter tasks like hanging shelving on an interior brick wall or installing new house numbers on a stone-veneered exterior wall—to drilling holes through brick or block walls for the installation of electric conduit or water pipes.

Cordless models are excellent for many applications, but when it comes to drilling large holes in concrete, only corded ones will suffice; They are heavy-duty switch-hitters that switch from hammer to non-hammer mode with the flick of a lever, letting you to effortlessly make a hole into concrete or bore through wood.

Choosing the best corded hammer drills depends on your needs and preferences but everyone would love a model with powerful motor, durable construction, variable speed switch, strong SDS max chuck and ergonomic design.

FAQ of 2023 Best Corded Hammer Drills

What parameters should we care about to choose the best corded hammer drill?

When hunting for the best corded hammer drill you should consider the motor power, durability, ergonomics, chuck size and type, adjustability in the case of speed and clutch settings, price and brand reputation.

What are the best hammer drills to buy?

Choosing the best corded hammer drills depends on your needs and preferences but everyone would love a model with powerful motor, durable construction, variable speed switch, strong SDS max chuck and ergonomic design.

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