25 Ideas to Store and Organize Your Garden Tools

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Are you a Monica who needs everything in place and labelled? Or are you a Joey who keeps his food on the floor so he can find it later? Or are you just a Ross with a normal amount of need to be tidy? Either way, you need to be a garden tool junkie to appreciate this piece of entry; cause we’re going to be introducing the best garden tool organizers and give you ideas on how to store and organize your tool shed.

If you’re a Monica, then we don’t need to say more to convince you to continue reading: this article is basically a roadmap to Disneyland for you.

If you’re a Ross, you probably have the wish for a clean and tidy garden tool rack but don’t have the time to make that happen as you desire. The good news is, we have shortcuts for you.

Lastly, if you’re a Joey and just don’t care, let us first tell you how much more beautiful your life will get if you organize your garden tools and unless you’re convinced, don’t continue reading.

Why Should You Organize Your Garden Tools

Even if you like to have things a certain way, surely you never want to have your tools damaged. So, organize your garden tools to:

  • Prevent Damage: Remember the pile from which you could easily find what you need? Well, even though having them that way makes it easier for you to grab whatever you want, it will probably make the lives of your tools a living hell! Your tools will not appreciate interacting with other sharp tools and having their blades dulled or chipped. You basically organize to save lives.
  • Save Money: As you protect your garden tools from damage, you will give them a longer life, hence omitting the need to replace them every so often. So, organizing will
  • Be Safe: What guarantees you won’t trip over your favorite pile or just scattered pieces of garden tools on the floor? That’s right, nothing. To be honest, neither will organizing your tools but the odds will be more on your side if you just don’t leave your garden tools lying around in your shed or garage.
  • Less Frustration: We’re sure you love to spend 15 minutes finding your cultivator and detangling the tines from your pruning shears. But if by any chance, any part of you thinks this is a waste of time and energy, you can try organizing your tools.
  • Be More Inspired: Well, this might just be a long shot because you might be more inspired in a messy environment but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? Your inspiration might be double the size that you already experience.

Hope we’ve convinced you that storing your garden tools can benefit you in many ways. Now it’s time to tell you how to actually do it.

Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Let’s explore some ideas that are going to help your inner Monica be euphoric, your inner Ross be contented, and your inner Joey be inspired.

Extraordinary Usages: Mailbox As a Storage

You can specifically install a mailbox in your garden to act as storage. You can put your most frequently used garden tools in this box so it’s always at your nearest reach.

 Mailbox As a Storage

If you want to be extra fancy, you can paint and decorate the mailbox.

Plant Your Garden Tools!

It might seem weird but you can pick your clay pot and even fill it with sand then stick your tools in there. The handles of your hand tools will be facing up and you can pick whichever you need like a surgeon!

 using a bucket as a garden tools organizer

Scrappy Designs: Use Spigot-Handle to Make a Garden Tool Wall Rack

This might be a bit further from the tidy and clean finish you’re looking for but it still works. The idea is especially for you if you have the habit of hoarding everything. This is the time to use them! You can collect all your unused handles and spigots, and nail them to a rack and/ or a shelf so you can hang your ‘hangable’ tools on them.

Using Spigot-Handle to Make a Garden Tool Wall Rack

S-hooks and a Kitchen Rod: Your Savior

By nailing/ screwing a kitchen rod to the wall and hanging s-hooks to them, you can tidily hang your spray bottles, and even your gardening gloves. Remember to hang your gloves in pairs. You’ll thank your past self later.

using S-hooks and a Kitchen Rod to store garden tools

Wire Them Up so They Don’t Fall

You probably remember the scenes from cartoons where the character, while running so fast, accidentally steps on a rake and the handle hits them in the face. Well, we’re trying to avoid that. Therefore, you can use a wire shelf as a garden tool holder rack. You can cut some of the wires so your rakes and shovels fit perfectly.

using wire shaft to store garden tools

Falling Tools? PVC to the Rescue!

If you’re not a fan of wire shelves, you can use PVC pipes instead. Projects using these pipes usually have leftovers. Being a hoarder here pays off. You can line them up, nail them to pieces of wood, and place your long-handled tools (like mops, rakes, shovels, …) in the pipes.

using pvc to organize graden tools

A Place for Your T-Shaped Buddies

The easy process of installing 2*4’s on the wall to hold your t-shaped garden tools on the wall is going to save you space and ensure security. This is for your garden tools that don’t fit in the wire rack and have the ability to be hung between two 2*4’s.

t-shaped tools organizer

Line Them Up Against the Wall

You can turn your yard wall or the wall of your shed into a garden tool wall rack. That is if you’re okay with having some holes in your walls. You can nail your garden tools to the wall and reach for them whenever you need them.

 lining garden tools against the wall

A Shelf Is Always a Good Idea

Putting shelves on the wall of your shed and arranging your stuff on them makes a pretty cute sight to look at. You can place your pots or anything else that needs a place to stay and isn’t cabinet material. This will be your own little garden tool rack for your shed.

shelving the shed for garden tools

Best Garden tool organizer

There are both premade and DIY organizers you can use for organizing your garden tools. First, let’s explore the premade ones and then we’ll give you some garden tool stand ideas that will help you build your own organizers.

Put Them on the Wall: Use a Pegboard

This is the first and one of the most useful garden tool holder racks you can get. You can hang hooks and holders on this board and have a garden tool wall rack that shows your options like a menu you can choose from.

using a pegboard to organize garden tools

Tool Organizer Caddy: Handy for Daddy

Probably one of the most common things you’ve seen on your dad’s garage or shed table; that is, if he is a craftsman. It’s a great way to keep your tools in one place but some types can leave a messy appearance. So that’s your choice.

using a garden tool organizer caddy

Your Little Tool Station: Standing Garden Tool Organizer

This garden tool storage stand has the job of most girls’ hands because they don’t have big enough pockets: it holds multiple things and has them in hand so you can easily reach and grab what you need. This universal garden tool stand can handle different types of tools.

standing garden tool organizer

The Shier Version

A corner tool holder is a relative of the garden tool storage stand. It’s just shier and stands in the corner to take up less space.

Corner standing tool organizer

Wheel It!

There are also garden tool storage rack options that have wheels and can be moved to where you want them. If mobility while working with a lot of tools is your issue, opt for these options.

wheeled standing garden tool organizer

Bag It!

Still on the subject of portable garden tool storage racks, a garden tool bag can be a great idea. Of course, it can only be used for storing hand tools but with its multiple compartments, it works like Hermione’s bag.

Put It Over a Bucket

A gallon bucket bag is kind of a caddy that fits over a standard bucket. It consists of pockets and compartments in which you can put your tools. It’s a good choice for you if you already have a bucket and you’re looking for something that’s affordable and portable.

gallon bucket bag

Now let’s see what you can make on your own if you prefer DIY projects.

Color Your Wood Pallet and Make the Most

It’s not a DIY article if we don’t make use of wood pallets. If you have one or two of them, you can paint them over with some cute colors or just leave them plain. They can be your best garden tool rack that displays your tools and keeps them within your reach. If you’re feeling cute, you can put some flower pots on the top and use the semi-shelf space it provides you.

wood pallet as a garden tool rack

Make Your Own Rack in the Garage

This is a bit more tricky and requires some woodworking skills. But don’t you worry! There are also options for you to buy from and they’re actually quite cheap. You can hang the garden tool stand on the wall and place your long tools on them horizontally. This is considered a universal garden tool stand that accommodates a variety of tools.

Turn Your Rake into a Rack

If you have an old, unused, and even broken rake just lying around, first of all, pick it up cause it’s a hazard. Second of all, you can remove the handle and use it as a hanger.

using a rake as a garden tool organizer

Take It to the Next Level: Make a Potting Bench

This might be a little out there, but you can actually make the real deal and build the whole space you need collectively. It can have features like:

  • A sink and a faucet
  • A pegboard
  • Shelves and storage
  • Potting soil bin
  • Wheels (Optional)
  • A bench
  • Electrical outlet
  • Drying rack
a potting bench

Now that we’ve familiarized you with some of the best garden tool organizers let’s get to know some of the best heavy-duty garden tool racks.

Best heavy-duty garden tool rack

Many of the items we mentioned can be used as a heavy-duty garden tool rack. But to be more specific about heavy-duty tools, take these options into consideration:

From Office-duty to Heavy-duty: A File Cabinet into Storage

Because why not?! If you have an old file cabinet you can make some minor changes and turn it into the best heavy-duty garden tool rack.

You can even install a pegboard on the side if you want to be a little extra and make the most use of this old file cabinet.

 a file cabinet as a tool storage

Stand Freely: A Freestanding Tool Cabinet

This one is like your mini workshop. It has drawers, shelves, and compartments in which you can put tools. There are some freestanding cabinets that also have a workbench top.

Decorate Your Garage Walls with Shelves

Not only are they beautiful, but they can also handle very heavy-duty stuff and tools if built correctly. Choosing the right material is also important if you’re looking to have a heavy-duty garden tool rack.

Heavy but Movable: Tool Chest on Wheels

As the wheels are supposed to do, they enable this universal garden tool stand to move around even though it has the ability to withstand heavy-duty tools.

tool chest on wheels

Don’t Miss a Spot: Ceiling-Mounted Storage

You might be surprised that there still are spaces for you to jam your garden tools in. This type of storage is best if you want to store large items that you might not use on a daily basis.

ceiling-mounted storage

We suppose we’ve talked about every possible kind of garden tool stand idea you might need. Even if not, you surely can get inspired by at least some of the ideas. Hope you can successfully find enough space, energy, time, and budget to implement any of these ideas that you desire. May your inner Monica, Ross, and Joey be happy and blessed.


What is the best way to store garden tools?

Organizing, categorizing, and cleaning them regularly is the best way to store garden tools.

What are the types of garden tool racks?

Pegboards, Caddies, Standing Garden Tool Organizers, Corner Tool Holders, Garden Tool Bags, Gallon Bucket Bags, Wall-Mounted Tool Racks, Tool Chests, Ceiling-Mounted Storage Systems, Custom DIY Tool Racks, Garden Sheds, Tool Hangers

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8 November 2023

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