Jewellery Tool Manufacturers Worldwide: From America to Asia

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Jewellery Tool Manufacturers

We can all agree that jewellery is a stunning branch of art. The artists’ ability to turn simple gemstones into these beautiful pieces of elegance is something to wonder at, and it’s all been made possible with the help of their tools. These tools help artists turn their vision into reality, so we’ve decided to talk about them and their makers. The companies that make these tools are the famous, legendary toolmakers that have been known for decades (some for more than a century!) and the newcomers who are making a name for themselves because of their innovation and quality. Let’s get to know them!

Jewellery tools on a desk

Top 5 Jewellery Tool Manufacturers: The Stars Behind the Shine

The companies we are going to talk about have been a part of the foundation on which jewellery-making was built upon. They’ve provided tools to help the artists create, and they’ve offered free resources to the beginners to help them get started. These companies have been a part of a lot of creative journeys, and that’s why they deserve a shoutout.

Here are five of the leading names in the game:

  • Foredom Manufacturing Company (USA): Foredom has been around since 1902, and since then they’ve built a reputation because of their quality tools. They are especially known for their flex shafts and bench lathes because of their durability.
  • Otto Frei Company (USA): Established in 1934, Otto Frei started as a supplier of Swiss watch parts (and they are still a big source of watch parts to this day) and then gradually transitioned into a massive selection of jewellery tools. They’ve got everything you may need, so check them out!
    Otto Frei jewellery tools
    • Cooksongold (UK): A well-rounded European company, since they have both a selection of tools from leading brands and their own line of high-quality tools.
    Cooksongold jewelry tools
    • Maschinenfabrik Bergeon GmbH (Germany): As a supplier first that turned into a manufacturer, Bergeon has a long history of engineering. They’ve been here for more than 2 centuries and they’re famous for their calipers, tweezers, and other tools.
    Maschinenfabrik Bergeon jewellery tools
    • The Beadsmith (USA): For 40 years, The Beadsmith has worked with experienced manufacturers in over 100 countries. And to think it all began with one man in a garage in New Jersey.
    a set of long-nose pliers

    This is just the tip of the iceberg for jewellery tool manufacturers. From known European manufacturers with their precision to the new companies with their fresh ideas, each company has its own strengths and specialties.

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    List of Jewellery Tool Manufacturers: Beyond the Big Names

    We’ve already talked about some of the big names, but there’s even more talent in the industry! There are a lot of options to choose from, and that’s why we’ve created a list of brands that you may not have met, and some new ones that are shaking things up.

    Making a gold ring

    Established Powerhouses:

    These companies are pillars of the industry, well-known for their quality and expertise:

    • GRS Tools (USA): GRS is an American company specializing in engraving tools, which are famous for their durability. They made their first tool in the 1960s!
    • Busch Burs (Germany): Busch makes rotary cutting tools that are generally used for shaping and engraving jewellery. Their tools are made of carbide to guarantee durability and a lasting life.  They also have diamond-tipped tools to help you with those precious gemstones.
    • Rio Grande (USA): one of the leading suppliers of precious materials, tools, and equipment for jewelry making.

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    Jewellery Tool Manufacturers in Germany: Jewellery Toolmakers with Precision Engineering

    Everyone knows Germany for their accurate engineering (and their love of beer of course!), and their love for precision is also constantly visible in their jewellery tools. Today, we’re talking about some of the top German manufacturers known for their quality:

    • Hauser GMBH & Co. KG: These folks are a pillar of German toolmaking, and they also make parts that can be used in jewellery-making machines or equipment. They are not specifically in the jewellery industry, but still help make it possible!
    • Gebrüder Buehler GmbH: Similar to Hauser GMBH, they’re not solely focused on jewellery but still offer great rotary tools and polishing machines.
    Gebrüder Buehler jewellery tool
    • Progold GmbH: Progold generally focuses on surface finishing technology. They have electroplating and coating devices, those finishing touches are what make the final shine appear and make the jewellery pieces durable.

    Jewellery Tool Manufacturers in China: A Blend of Tradition and Tech

    China has become a major player in the jewellery tool industry. They have everything for every budget and need. But purchasing tools from China comes with its own challenges, like finding the companies online (especially if you do not understand Chinese). Websites like Alibaba, a huge B2B platform, can help you with finding Chinese suppliers. You may need a translation tool though!

    Let’s get to know some of them:

    • Hajet Industry: Coming straight from Shenzhen, Hajet industry is a famous jewellery tool manufacturer, especially casting, melting, and polishing equipment. You should check their website to get a look at all their products.
    • FUZHOU LIWANG ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY: They’re not a jewellery tool manufacturer specifically, but they still have a huge collection of tools that can be used for jewellery, and they’re particularly famous for pliers.
    Jewellery Tools

    China has a world of options to choose from. It’s a blend of well-known brands you can trust and newer suppliers that bring innovation onto the scene.

    Jewellery Tool Manufacturers in the USA: The American Expertise

    The USA has always carried a high standard for innovation and quality of their products and this is very much evident with their jewellery tools! Whether you’re a professional jeweller working on a particular design or an amateur who dreams of opening a jewellery studio, you can use this guide to choose the materials and tools that will help you make your jewellery dreams come true.

    Legendary Brands: Trusted Tools for Years to Come

    Foredom Manufacturing Company: We’ve been maintaining its reputation for providing professional and amateur jewelers with high-quality tools. Head over to their website and check out their great variety!

    Foredom jewelry Tools
    • Otto Frei Company: Where do you remember them from? Well, it’s simple: you remember them as your one-stop jewellery-making source (and being mentioned previously in this article too). For over 80 years, it has been in operation with a goal to become a one-stop shop where you can easily access all tools from different manufacturers. Moreover, they also offer lots of valuable information on their site, which can inspire you if you plan on creating jewellery.
    • Gesswein Company, Inc.: Another giant of the industry, Gesswein is a true industry pillar. Right from the beginning, they’ve kept creating great, American-made jewellery tools and supplies. Their dedication to quality and innovation shines through on their website, so be sure to visit!
    the Gessweinsiam logo

    Jewellery Tool Manufacturers in India: The Gems of India

    India’s jewellery-making tradition is as rich and vibrant as its gemstones! This part of the article goes into some amazing Indian toolmakers, from familiar favourites to hidden treasures:

    Shining Stars: Renowned Toolmakers for Every Crafter

    • SRINATHJI JEWELLERY MACHINERY & TOOLS (Rajkot, Gujarat): A household name for Indian generations, Srinathji offers a comprehensive selection of jewellery-making machinery and tools. Although they do not have their own website, you can look for their products on IndiaMART.
    Srinathji jewellery tools

    Sunrise Tools (Jalandhar, Punjab): Sunrise Tools has been a beacon of light in the Indian industry for years. They offer an amazing collection of tools, from watch tools and beading tools to diamond tools and everything in between! If you are looking for a shop in India to get yourself whatever is needed then it’s best if you take a look at them.

    the Sunrise tools logo

    Remember: Don’t be discouraged if some companies have a simpler online presence. Their expertise and the quality of their tools might be great!

    Whether you are a professional jeweller with many years on your belt, or you are interested in this art for the first time, be sure that the right tool is out there for you. Manufacturing companies all over the world have been analyzed in this guide, their strengths and innovations are diverse. With the perfect tools at your disposal and inspiration leading the way, your jewellery creations will be amazing, and we are looking forward to them.


    What types of jewellery tools do manufacturers typically produce?

    Jewellery tool manufacturers offer everything you may need to create jewellery, but some common types are:

    • Hand tools: Pliers, hammers, saws, files, tweezers, and screwdrivers specifically for jewellery-making tasks.
    • Machinery: Rolling mills, polishing machines, drill presses, and lathes for shaping and finishing metals.
    • Setting tools: Burners, anvils, burrs, and gravers for setting gemstones securely.
    • Wax carving tools: Wax pens, carving knives, and heating tools for creating detailed wax models.
    • Casting and moulding tools: Flasks, sprues, crucibles, and casting equipment for replicating designs in metal.

    Do jewellery tool manufacturers offer custom tool designs?

    If you are designing tools on an industrial level, manufacturers may design custom tools for your operation. However, it’s less common for smaller manufacturers that produce tools for hobbyists or individual jewellers. It’s always best to connect with the manufacturer directly to ask about their custom design abilities.

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