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Everything About Woodcarving, What Is Woodcarving?

Everyone has definitely seen beautiful and eye-catching designs on wood and has been impressed by its beauty; This prominent art, which is called woodcarving, is one of the branches of handicrafts and has a long history around the world. Woodcarving combined with art and creativity has created prominent designs on wood that multiplies the beauty of wood.



The History of Woodcarving

Woodcarving is one of the oldest handicrafts in the world. It is not possible to give an exact date for the beginning of woodcarving because wood is more vulnerable than stone and metal and is destroyed by moisture or fire, or insect damage over time. Due to These reasons the history is still mysterious.

Since man began to carve and engrave on cave walls, stone and wood to make connections, this beautiful, attractive and entertaining art has been formed. The time of ups and downs and changes has passed until today and now many artists around the world are engaged in wood carving. In the past, people used this art to make tools, weapons, decorative items and other tools. In ancient Egypt, religious figures were inlaid with wood placed in cemeteries to protect the dead. Sculptures and woodcarvings in early Christian churches described the life of Christ to worshipers.


Many sculptures and carvings from China, Japan, Africa and Oceania were made on wood, and the reason was that the wood was light and could be engraved in precise detail. For the reasons mentioned above, there are few traces of wood carving and sculptures in the world. Today, due to the advancement of modern science and wood protection technologies the sculptors and woodcarvers have turned to attractive, sensual and entertaining masterpieces.

Required Tools for Woodcarving

Woodcarving tools are important parts of the work. Tools for woodcarving have not changed much in shape and size since ancient times. These tools are caves in a variety of diagonal, flat, semi-open (curved, crooked, flat), plow and gills and knives with a variety of blades, saws, wood chisels as well as soft and smoothing tools such as razors and grate are the main tools of wood inlay.  These tools are carving Knives, bench Knives, gouge, chisel, veiner, V-tool, riffler, carver’s mallet, coping saw, long bent tool and sloyd knives.



The work desk is another important part of your woodcarving workshop. To prepare a desk, consider its dimensions in accordance with your space and work environment, and make sure that it has a suitable height so as not to damage your body parts while working; Determining the proper height of an inlaid workbench is very simple and it is enough to place your fisted hand under your chin while standing and consider the end of your forearm as the height of the workbench.



Inlaid Design

To do woodcarving, you must find the design and pattern you want in advance and apply the pattern to the wood with the help of paper. The pattern paper is sold at a reasonable price in all stationery and is the best way to transfer the design to the wood. You can use magazines and books available in the market to prepare inlaid designs, or you can prepare various inlaid designs with a simple internet search. I hope this article was useful for you. Ronix will be happy to read your comments

Mert Levent

I’m Mert Levent, a woodworking passionate. Building wooden handicrafts is the most amazing hobby that I’ve ever had. Here you’ll find a collection of my projects along with tutorials, suggestions, reviews, and also step by step guides.

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