10 Hand Tools that Electrical Work Depends on

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10 Hand Tools that Electrical Work Depends on

From wiring buildings and running safety inspections to installing or troubleshooting electrical systems, any type of electrical work includes a series of basic yet essential tasks such as stripping wires and measuring voltage in which nothing can beat hand tools used by electricians.

picture of a man having hand tools

Hand tools are simple but do wonders for the accuracy, safety, affordability, and efficiency of electrical work. Pliers, screwdrivers, and wire strippers are just some of the most common hand tools used by electricians. Here, you can find a complete list of basic electrician hand tools and how they can be of help.

Best Hand Tools for Electricians and Their Uses

picture of 3 hand tools for electricians

Regardless of the growing advancements in the technological field and all the complex and modern power tools introduced to the market, simple yet practical hand tools have not gone out of style. They are versatile, flexible, and easy to use and at the same time adding them to your toolbox will not cost much.

an infographic and a picture of a man in a dark working with wires
use of hand tools in electrical work

Hand tools for electrical work serve a wide range of purposes such as:

  • Testing circuits
  • Cutting and stripping wires and connecting them to connectors and terminals
  • Removing the insulation from a wire
  • Determining which cables are connected to which circuit in a house
  • Preventing electrical shock
  • Measuring the voltage, current, and resistance
  • Protecting sensitive electrical components against damage

The electricians’ hand tool list goes on and on but here are the ones the technicians cannot do without:


picture of a hand holding a plier

Pliers are one of the most versatile and practical hand tools for electricians. They are mainly used to grip and pull cables, cut, bend, strip, and shape wires, or remove the insulation from their ends.

picture of a plier cutting a blue wire

They are so essential that you could not find a professional technician without a bunch of pliers in their toolbox or truck.

picture of a plier

Precision jaws, comfortable, secure and non-slip grips and a durable and corrosion-resistant body is all it takes for a pair of pliers to be among the best hand tools for electricians.

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Screwdriver Sets

Screwdrivers are another essential tool for electrical work. They come in all different models and sizes and are used for securing wires in place by tightening and loosening screws.

picture of a set of ronix screwdriver

As one of the best hand tools for electricians, screwdriversare incredibly versatile and can take care of many tasks including the installation of electrical components, fixing loose outlets and opening up devices like circuit breakers for repair purposes. 

infographic with a picture of screwdriver

An ideal screwdriver set for electrical work features screwdrivers in various sizes with insulated handles to protect the user from electrocution, magnetic tips for convenient use, anti-corrosion bodies for more durability, and an ergonomic design to be of use in tight and hard-to-reach spots. 

Measuring Tapes

Measuring tapes can ensure the accuracy and precision of the electrical work. In the process of electrification and the implementation of building electrical projects, these handy hand tools are used to determine the best spot for installing outlets or switches and cut the wires to the correct length to achieve the best results. 

picture of 2 persons using measuring tape

Measuring tapes are one of the best hand tools for electrical work as theyprevent making hazardous errors and wasting time on fixing computational mistakes.

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Electronic voltage tester

picture of voltage tester

To perform electrical work safely, electricity must be cut off where you are working (usually via circuit breakers). But even after turning off the circuit breaker, there may still be some electrical current left that might cause electrocution.  Manual voltage testers allow electricians to detect any electrical voltage that may be present and avoid fatal accidents.


picture of a flashlight

For a user that deals with electricity, working in the dark is unwise and dangerous. Without proper lighting, they can’t be accurate enough and might touch a live wire or loose wiring which leads to fatal electrocution. This makes flashlights one of the most essential hand tools for electrical work.

Cable finder

Cable founders have two main components: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends a signal through a target wire which is then detected and read by the receiver to locate its path.

picture of a cable finder

Technicians use cable finders to locate and trace wires and cables behind the walls or underground and detect any faults in them. So, they too fall under the category of the best hand tools for electricians.

Wire strippers

Wires are the foundation of electric work. That makes wire strippers the most important member of the basic electrician hand tools list.

picture of a wire stripper

if used correctly, these practical hand tools do not cause the slightest damage to the metal part inside the wire and only remove the insulated cover, which is an essential step for making safe connections with electric devices. Wire strippers are also essential to prevent accidents related to touching live wires. 

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Better Safe Than Sorry!

picture of a person with safety glove using a hand tool

Working with electricity is full of risk and the slightest negligence can be fatal. No matter how skilled the electricians are, they are always vulnerable to:

  • Electrocution
  • Burns

As a result, they should always protect themselves with the right safety equipment:


picture of a man using safety gloves

Working gloves provide a layer of protection against cuts and electrocution and are a must-have for electricians.

working gloves come in different sizes and materials. Rubber-insulating models that fit are the best choice for electric work.  

Safety glasses

picture of a person wearing safety glasses

Technicians should protect their eyes with safety goggles while inspecting electrical installations. Otherwise, potential exposure to sparks might cause corneal damage in their eyes.

Fireproof work clothes

picture of safety clothes

Skilled and trained technicians learn how to take precautions against sparks, electricity, and fires. Part of this training includes making sure to wear work clothes made of fire-resistant materials to prevent serious injuries.

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What Are the Most Useful Hand Tools for Electricians?

Voltage testers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, and cable finders are the most useful hand tools for electricians who value accuracy, efficiency, and safety. 

What Is in An Electrician’s Toolbox Generally?

Hand tools like pliers, voltage testers, wire strippers, cable finders, and power tools like drills and electric screwdrivers are among the general equipment that can be found in the toolbox of an electrician.

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15 November 2020

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