History of Pliers: The Long Journey of Your Two-Tailed Friend!

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History of pliers hand tools

They’re probably one of the first things you see after opening a toolbox; just sitting there waiting for you to grab them and take care of your gripping, cutting, stripping, bending, and crimping needs: your beloved pliers. But they haven’t always been this diverse and of course, the needs they covered were way more limited. It’s always fun to know about the ancestors of an object and see what has happened to its heirs. So, let’s dive in!

The Evolution of Pliers Over Time

Although the vast diversity of pliers is specific to our time, the concept and technology are ancient: using two levers to grasp different objects and control them formed some very old pliers. They are considered to be among one of the first tools ever manhandled by humans. Back then the materials used for making a pliers-like tool were expected, wood and in some cases, bone.

Humans had been working with metals for thousands of years before Christ. They used them for holding hot and melted materials.

As time passed and man learned to work with metals, wooden ancient pliers shifted into bronze. Metal pliers were more durable and consistent than wooden pliers. That’s why they could cover more tasks and were more versatile. But let’s talk about the lovely people whose name is always mentioned when talking about ancient tools: the Romans.

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They contributed greatly to design tools such as pliers. The Romans even devised certain types of them based on the same technology namely forceps (for medical use) and tongs (for blacksmithing).

In the Medieval and Renaissance times, the design of pliers was developed and refined for metalworking. The handles on these tools were longer and the jaws more precise.

Next in the pliers’ history timeline is the Industrial Revolution which had a great impact on the advancement of manufacturing in general. They became more standard and accessible to more people due to mass production.

As time passes in the history of pliers, they turn into more durable tools that come in different sizes and shapes. They thrive to be more and more ergonomic with their plastic or rubber handles. Also, The variety of their applications now is magnificent.

Who Invented the Pliers?

As we said, the pliers’ history has a long tail. The concept has been around for a long time but it’s not clear who used/ made them for the first time. The thought of using two levers to grasp or hold something might have emerged in different societies independently. So, it can’t be credited to a specific civilization.

Pliers are not the only tools inventors of which is not clear. This is due to the fact that they have been used for so many years that there’s no way to pinpoint the exact date and time of their invention. 

When Were the First Pliers Invented?

It’s not easy to pinpoint the time when the first pliers were invented. The history of pliers goes way back. As we’ve mentioned, they did not necessarily belong to one civilization and were born independently in various parts of the world. We know that certain civilizations like the Egyptians used bronze pliers-like tools for making jewelry and metalworking in general.

Also, Romans used tools that resembled pliers in surgeries, blacksmithing, and construction.

So, it’s not clear when the ancient pliers were invented but we can say that they date back to at least thousands of years ago and have evolved with time.

What Were Pliers Invented for?

At first, they were tools mainly used for metalworking. Other purposes assigned to this tool in the pliers’ history were making jewelry, construction, and crafting.

Where Were the First Pliers Invented and Used?

As we talked about previously, ancient Egyptians and Romans were among the first civilizations that history shows have used this tool. But then again, since they have been used even before these civilizations, the exact place where they were invented is unknown. Also, we’ve said that pliers were probably devised simultaneously in different parts of the world and that’s why they can’t be assigned to a specific area.

History of hand tools

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Pliers are tools with two levers and an axis. Their handles are equipped with a plastic cover that operates as an insulator to support you against electrical hazards and make it easier to hold the tool without it slipping. Also, pipe grips are designed for these tools to help you hold an object firmly; all you have to do is to put the particular object between the jaws and hold it firmly with the help of pipe grips. In this way, the object won’t slip anymore. The middle parts of pliers, which are named cutters, are used to cut wires. So, these hand tools consist of three parts:

  1. Handles with plastic cover
  1. The main axis, the fulcrum, is located in the center of your tool and helps you with opening and closing Jaws.
  2. Jaws and pipe grips that are created to hold objects in place.

This simple and key tool has many uses and it is one of the first hand tools used in workshops, workplaces, carpentry stores, repair centers, industries, and many other places.

The pliers come in a variety of designs and for a variety of purposes, such as electronics, plumbing, wiring, repairing, and many more. In fact, the family of pliers makes up for a wide range of tools.

Pliers in a Nutshell

Pliers were perfect innovations in the world of hand tools. After their invention, thousands of years ago, they have changed a lot. There are pliers with different models, brands, qualities, etc.

In the market, each of them can finish a particular job for you. There are probably hundreds of different brands of pliers. Ronix company offers a wide range of heavy-duty and light-duty pliers with different features for complex tasks that require professional experts and easy tasks that every homeowner can do.

Ronix Company by using the latest technology and considering the needs of the market and customers, has introduced a wide range of pliers, including industrial pliers, Cr-Mo Locking Pliers, water pump pliers, Leo pliers series, combination pliers, slip joint pliers, etc. Our goal at Ronix company is to provide high-quality tools at reasonable prices.


Who invented the pliers?
The first people who came up with the idea of pliers are not specified but it’s explicitly proved that men have used pliers-like tools for a long time.

What were pliers invented for?
Metalworking, making jewelry, construction, and crafting.

When were the first pliers invented?
It’s not clear when the first pliers were invented but they have been around for thousands of years.

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4 November 2020

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