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Eric Cooper

Cordless tools introduction

In a wide range of activities like construction, gardening, DIY, carpentry, plumbing, and so on, tools are fundamental to get your job done. Hand tools

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Angle Grinders Complete Guide

Angle Grinders Complete Guide

This tool is a multifunctional tool used for cutting, shaping and sanding. If you are dealing with wood, metal or stone, an angle grinder greatly simplifies the task; it is also an essential tool for those who work with metal.

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Did you know that there is a history behind every single tool in your toolbox? On this page, Ronix has provided the users with articles about the history of the tools, from the most basic tools to the most innovative ones, as well as tools manufacturing companies.

There are also articles on this page about the background of some well-known tool manufacturers to help the business owners achieve their future goals and plans through reading the history of these famous companies, and set up plans for their professional success. The knowledge you gain about the history of tools and tools manufacturers enables you to understand what is currently happening and avoid repeating mistakes in this field.
Tools and tool companies didn’t develop in a vacuum; searching and reading about their background can help you make your path brighter. In order for you to increase your information level, Ronix has tried to provide the users with a comprehensive history of different hand tools and power tools. Besides, Ronix bloggers have developed articles about the background of well-known tool manufacturing companies. Just as it is essential to be up-to-date, it is also important to study tools history and the tools manufacturers’ background.
If you tend to start your own business or workshop, studying Ronix’s articles about the history of tools and tools companies builds a framework for you and leads you to base your business on more experience and knowledge.

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