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Use of hand tools in digging

Hand tools that you cannot dig without!

Today, with the increasing Use of hand tools in digging, it has caused the diversity of this type of tool to increase.There are different types of digging tools and machinery used in construction to make perfect holes in the ground and dig everywhere. Ground digging is necessary when it comes to construction and should be done with hand or machine tools based on the land area and the depth of drilling and excavation. It is obvious that for digging as easily as possible and knowing the right tool to buy is a key factor; gardeners may need these hand tools but other construction workers may need it as well. Today, there are various tools for digging the soil and in this article, you will see some top hand tools needed for a simple, clean digging.

Use of hand tools in digging

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In general, these tools are used for shallow drilling depths and small areas. Manpower is required to use this tool. The tools for this are described below.


A spade is a tool that consists of a metal plate with sharp edges, the plate is attached to a long handle, usually made of wood or sometimes plastic. Due to its sharp edge, the soil can be easily dug up and a hole can be simply made. If the metal plate has a low curvature, we cannot lift the soil with it, so while choosing spade be careful about it. Ronix has also introduced its high-quality spade for all gardeners and constructing workers; with its ergonomic design and soft gripping, you will never get tired of digging.

Use of hand tools in digging

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A shovel is used as a tool for lifting and digging soil. It also looks like a spade. The difference between a shovel and a spade is in the sharp edge of the shovel. The curvature of the metal plate of the spade is usually greater than the shovel so that we can easily lift and hold the soil. The shovel can also be used to dig soil if it is soft like sand. So, shovels are a great choice for small tasks!


A hoe is a digging tool that consists of a metal plate attached to a handle at an adjustable angle. The plate has a sharp edge that is used to dig soil. It is a very suitable tool for small drilling works. Sometimes the metal plate can be replaced with a fork plate.


A trowel is a hand tool used to dig small soil furrows, remove surface roots of plants, apply and smooth, or moving small amounts of material. There are a variety of masonry trowels, garden trowels, and float trowels ready in the market for all the operators. A power trowel is much larger gasoline or electrically powered walk-behind device with rotating paddles which are used to finish concrete floors.

Use of hand tools in digging

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Digging fork

The digging fork, which has horizontal wires and metal teeth, is used to loosen the surface layers of the soil.


The ax consists of a large nail and blade perpendicular to a handle. Used for digging small grooves in the soil. An ax can cut it even if the soil is hard. There is a sharp metal blade on one side of the handle and a sword blade on the other side.


It looks like an ax. But serious digging is not possible with a mattock. In general, it is a tool for lifting because it has a curved metal that has a handle at the bottom.

Digging knife

A knife would not probably be the tool that you expect digging from. Knives can actually be practical and useful for digging purposes and you will enjoy having a good digging knife around in your garden.  A digging knife can cut into hard soil and create holes. These digging knives are flat and can remove some rocks from the surface and it makes digging much easier.

Digging knife
Use of hand tools in digging

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