Love Your Garden? Build a Fence for It

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Build a wooden fence for the garden

Building a wooden fence for the garden can be an exciting experience for gardeners and tool lovers. Among the advantages of wooden fences and railings are their low price, compatibility with the environment, easy design and construction, and creating a beautiful atmosphere in the garden and home.

There are different ways to build a fence; We want to introduce you to one of the simplest of these methods, so stay tuned.

  • The first step is to make a wooden frame in the shape of a square or rectangle. The shape and size of this frame can be based on the interest or dimensions of your garden. For example, we consider a rectangular frame, two meters in length and one meter in width. A wooden pallet is suitable to make this frame; First, we recommend you use a Ronix branded jigsaw or a circular saw  (jigsaw& circular) to separate the pallet pieces and cut two wood pieces that are 2 meters long and two pieces of wood which are 1 meter long, again using a saw.
Build a wooden fence for the garden
  • Now it’s time to connect these pieces, connect wooden pieces easily in this way; the end of one piece has to be attached to the end side of the other piece; wood glue, nails, and wood screws should be used in combination to join all wood pieces.

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Build a wooden fence for the garden
  • If you want a longer-lasting connection, you can use a Ronix air nailer (nailer) to connect the parts.

Now it’s time to make wood pieces with arrow-shaped tip and attach them to the frame you made. The number of these wood pieces, their dimensions, and their distance from each other is totally according to your personal interest. Using a Ronix jigsaw or a circular saw (jigsaw) (circular), cut the pallet tips into arrows in the desired dimensions. You can also use a Ronix miter saw (compound) to achieve a more precise cut.

Build a wooden fence for the garden
  • Now, using a Ronix cordless screwdriver drill (brusless screwdriver) and observing the desired distances (about 10 cm), connect the arrow-shaped tips of the wood pieces to the main frame using an electric screwdriver.

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  • There is one very important point; To install your wooden fence in the garden, you need to make a wooden base. To build this wooden base, consider four wooden boards with the length and width of the fence frame and screw them to the vertical bases (which you have cut in the shape of an arrow) using a Ronix cordless screwdriver(brusless screwdriver)
Build a wooden fence for the garden
  • You can use an orbital sander to clean the surface and make a smooth wooden fence. If your workpiece has damages and grooves, you can use wood putty to fill pores, cracks, etc. You can make wood putty at home or use ready-made putties available in the market. After accomplishing this task, it takes about 8 hours for the surface to dry.
  • Now it’s time to paint the wooden fence. You can use a Ronix spray gun to do this. But one important point to consider is to spray at least three coats of paint and wait for 6 to 8 hours between each coat of paint to dry.

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Nothing is more enjoyable than creating a product with your own hands. Creativity and the right choice of tools give us the pleasure of making tools.

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16 March 2021

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