Basic Hand Tools Everyone Should Have

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What hand tools are absolutely essential to have in your house?

Some basic hand tools are really essential for every household. If you don’t have them, how are you going to take care of minor repairs in your house? You cannot just ask your neighbor every time you need a screwdriver! If you do not know your way around tools and want to assemble a simple toolbox for yourself, read this article thoroughly.

Why do you need hand tools in your house?

“Every house needs a proper toolbox.” You probably have heard this from your father when you were just preparing to move into your first new house and started living independently. And you probably did not take it too seriously. But now and after a few months living alone, you realize the importance of a basic toolbox in the house.

Every time you buy a new piece of furniture from IKEA, every picture of your loved ones you want to hang on the wall, you think about the day you refused to buy a toolbox filled with hand tools. Well, now that you realize the need for hand tools in your life, there is no need to worry. In this article, we will help you assemble the basic toolbox for your house. Stay with us!

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Nowadays, we can find screws in almost everything we buy, from electronic devices like our phones and televisions to our furniture like a sofa or a bed. Because they are widely used in different objects, having screwdrivers is a necessity for every house.

The two most popular screw heads are flat-head and cross-head. This is why the first two hand tools you have to have in your house is the flat-head screwdriver and the cross-head screwdriver. A good screwdriver fits perfectly in your hands and does not create fatigue during continuous operations. While we are at it, having some screws in different sizes and shapes has proved to be practical.

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Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is extremely useful in many projects. And not just construction or building projects. Imagine you want to buy a rug for your living room, how are you going to decide which size to buy if you do not know the measurements of the room?

A good measuring tape has a sharp and high-quality blade. A blade with a protective coat (like nylon) is even better because the numbers and signs printed on it cannot be erased easily. Ronix measuring tapes come in different lengths. So, we recommend that you get one which can cover the measurements of your house.

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A hammer is one of the most essential hand tools in every house. Besides pushing nails into a wall, you can use a hammer to do small demolition tasks. If you get a claw hammer, with one of its heads you can drive nails in different materials and with the opposite head, you can extract nails from various surfaces. A good hammer feels balanced in your hands and you can pick it up easily.

When shopping for a hammer, get one that doesn’t have a wooden handle because they tend to break sooner and also because they normally don’t have a soft rubber grip. Do not forget to pick up some nails while shopping for a hammer!

Combination Plier

Combination pliers are used when you need more gripping power. They are suitable hand tools for installation and repair projects that are used in bending, gripping, holding and turning different small objects. Most combination pliers come with a built-in wire cutter. They are not as effective as a real wire cutter, but they are good enough for quick wire cutting tasks around the house.

How to choose a combination plier? Well, the first thing you need to notice in a plier is the quality of the jaws because of their direct contact with the workpieces. The second most important thing is the handles, how easy it is to hold them in your hands and if they are covered with anti-slip material or not. Ronix one of the trusted hand tool suppliers, produces a wide range of pliers and their combination pliers are durable and more about history of pliers.

Locking Plier

Locking pliers are used for tightening and loosening different types of screws, nuts and bolts. They can also be used in gripping a workpiece. Having a locking plier in your toolbox makes repair projects a lot easier. They provide extra force and with their easy-to-use mechanism, every beginner has the ability to use them. What you need to pay attention in a locking plier is the quality of the jaws, and how smoothly the release mechanism works. The locking pliers that Ronix produces are made from high-quality alloys that are resistant to rust and have a long service life.


A cutter or a utility knife is a must-have hand tool. These knives are great for making straight cuts in various materials, from paper and cardboard to balsa sheets and even linoleum. Because of their versatility, they can even be used in curved cutting projects. Cutters are durable and you can change the blade easily whenever they become dull and worn-out. Cutter come in different sizes, so, before purchasing you should determine if you want to do more delicate tasks with it or need one that is designed for heavy-duty operations.

Safety Gears

Safety is one of the most essential points when working with tools (both power tools and hand tools). Many different damages can happen if you do not take into account safety precautions. This is why having safety gears is important.

The first safety gear for working with hand tools is safety gloves. Your hands need to be protected and comfortable when working. A pair of suitable safety gloves should perfectly fit in your hands. They need to be just right, not too tight and not too loose. These safety gears should also have anti-slip coating (rubber or suede) to provide a secure grip.

The second must-have safety gear is safety goggles. A pair of safety goggles protect your eyes from small pieces of material that might get into them. A good pair of safety goggles should be light-weight and cover a large portion of your face to minimize the chance of damages.

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4 November 2020

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