A Complete Guide to Different Types of Auto Mechanics and Mechanical Tools

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a person working on a car engine

Different Types of Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanics are in charge of repairing and maintaining different vehicles and automobiles. Depending on their training and experience, they follow various career paths. Some mechanics service and fix a car’s mechanical and electrical parts, and some others repair vehicles’ body components. Mechanics work independently, offering a mobile service and in workshops or repair centers. Here is a basic introduction to auto mechanic jobs and tools needed in this field.

person working on a car

Service Technicians

Service technicians check out and run routine services needed for cars, like checking oil or fluid levels and replacing them, examining important mechanical and electrical parts in a car, checking out fuel and ignition systems operation and efficiency, diagnosing poor starting and decreasing possibly heavy fuel consumption.

Diagnostic Technicians

Diagnostic technicians play a role similar to service technicians, with their duties often overlapping. They specialize in examining and identifying problems within the complicated electrical, ignition, and engine systems of vehicles. As automotive systems grow increasingly complex with each passing day, the expertise of diagnostic technicians becomes even more crucial. Their ability to pinpoint and solve issues within these advanced systems is paramount, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of modern vehicles.

person changing oil

Body Repair Technicians

Accidents often result in unpleasant dents and scratches on a car’s body parts such as fenders, panels, and headlights. Body repair technicians are skilled professionals responsible for repairing or replacing these damaged and worn parts. When the damage is extensive, these technicians carefully assess the situation and make informed decisions about whether to repair the component or replace it entirely. Their expertise ensures that vehicles are restored to their original condition, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Vehicle Refinishers

Vehicle refinishers play a significant role in enhancing a car’s appearance. Using specialized equipment like spray booths, they carefully refinish damaged parts, restoring them to their original shine. Moreover, these skilled professionals have the creative ability to personalize cars using various materials and finishing techniques. Whether it’s repairing damages or adding unique touches, vehicle refinishers contribute to making every vehicle look its best, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of car owners.

person looking at an open engine

10 Must-Have Mechanic Tools

If you find yourself planning a do-it-yourself (DIY) automobile maintenance, equipping yourself with the right tools is essential. Working on your car not only saves you money but also empowers you with a deeper understanding of your vehicle. Below, we’ve outlined ten essential tools that every DIY enthusiast should consider adding to their toolkit.


The use of hammers is an essential aspect of becoming a certified and approved mechanic. As you gain experience in the field, you’ll find that having a variety of specialty hammers becomes crucial. Tools such as ball-peen hammers are instrumental in metal fabrication, allowing for precise blow placement. Soft-blow or rubber mallets are perfect for delivering strong blows without harming the work surface. Dead blow mallets, on the other hand, prove invaluable for loosening and extracting stuck screws efficiently.

a tool board with Ronix tools

Additionally, Ronix claw hammers are highly recommended for fundamental mechanical tasks. If you’re interested in exploring these quality hammers further, you are encouraged to check out the following link to learn more about Ronix claw hammers and how they can enhance your mechanical toolkit.


Indeed, having a comprehensive set of screwdrivers is highly essential for mechanics. This toolkit, encompassing both flat and Philips head screwdrivers, is necessary for inserting and removing screws in various automotive parts. The reliability and durability of Ronix screwdriver sets have been proven, providing mechanics with long-lasting and highly satisfying tools. With the right tools at their disposal, mechanics can efficiently tackle a wide range of tasks, ensuring precision and quality in their workmanship.

person using a screwdriver on a car wheel


Wrenches hold massive value in any toolkit, much like hammers and screwdrivers. They come in a diverse range, each serving unique purposes. A collection of combination wrenches, featuring open-end and box-end designs, along with various sizes of adjustable wrenches, can address the majority of your mechanical requirements.


A simple set of slip-joint pliers, locking pliers, groove-lock pliers, and needle-nose pliers enable you to grip objects of varying shapes and sizes with ease. Ronix offers a diverse range of pliers tailored for different purposes. Discover the versatility and quality of Ronix pliers by exploring our selection today!

person using a plier to fix the wheel

Ratchets and Socket Sets

A socket set, including a variety of sockets, is necessary for loosening and tightening nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Ratchets and sockets come in various sizes, and for added leverage, consider investing in long-handled ratchets. The usage of Torx bits is becoming increasingly common, so getting an 8-piece set with commonly used sizes is recommended. For general engine work, a torque wrench is essential; these specialized wrenches limit the applied torque. Ronix offers a comprehensive selection of sockets to cater to all your needs.

Oil Filter Wrench

In performing oil change maintenance services, having an oil filter wrench is crucial. These wrenches are designed for specific vehicles and unique oil filter sizes. This specificity is essential because oil filters are not consistently located in all cars. Therefore, having the right oil filter wrench ensures a precise and efficient oil change process tailored to the vehicle’s requirements.

person changing a filter

Oil Drain Pan

If you’re planning to change your vehicle’s oil, you need an oil drain pan. Go for a plastic one that comes with a built-in holder, facilitating the convenient collection and disposal of used oil. This tool ensures a clean and hassle-free oil-changing process for your vehicle.

Jack and Jack Stands

Jacks are used to lift and hold a vehicle, and they enable the mechanic to work underneath a car. For every operation, even a simple oil change, you need to lift the car front. Remember to use jack stands with the jack to support it and increase your job safety.

person using a car jack to lift a car

Wheel Wrench

Invest in a 4-way wheel wrench that fits all types of lug nuts. This versatile tool ensures you can easily and efficiently handle the task, providing convenience and ease during the wheel removal process.

numerous Ronix tools on a table


Illuminating dark areas is crucial for any task. Invest in a flashlight with a magnetic base to free up your hands on the job site. Choose a compact design that fits into tight spaces and features a rechargeable battery for a long-lasting life. Ronix flashlights not only offer plenty of brightness but also come with extended battery life.

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3 March 2021

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