A Complete Guide to Different Types of Auto Mechanics and Mechanical Tools

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Different Types of Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanics are in charge of repairing and maintaining different vehicles and automobiles. Depending on their training and experience, they follow various career paths. Some mechanics service and fix a car’s mechanical and electrical parts, and some others repair vehicles’ body components. Mechanics work independently, offering a mobile service and in workshops or repair centers. Here is a basic introduction to auto mechanic jobs and tools needed in this field.

Service Technicians


Service technicians check out and run routine services needed for cars, like checking oil or fluid levels and replacing them, examining important mechanical and electrical parts in a car, checking out fuel and ignition systems operation and efficiency, diagnosing poor starting and decreasing possibly heavy fuel consumption.

Diagnostic Technicians


Diagnostic technicians are similar to service technicians, and their duties almost overlap. They examine and find problems in electrical, ignition, and engine systems. Since the complexity of automotive systems increases daily, diagnostic technicians find more importance.

Body Repair Technicians


Accidents cause dents and scratches in a car’s body components like fenders, panels, and headlights. Body repair technicians repair or replace these damaged and worn parts. In case the damage is extensive, the technician decides to repair or replace a component.

Vehicle Refinishers


To improve car appearance, vehicle refinishers may spray booths or refinish the damaged parts. They can also personalize a car using different materials and finishing techniques.

10 Must-Have Mechanic Tools


If you are considering DIY automobile maintenance and you want to work on your car, ten essential and needed tools are mentioned here.

  1. Hammers

Hammers make you a certified and approved mechanic. As you gain experience, you might need some specialty hammers like ball-peen hammers, rubber, soft-blow or dead blow mallets, etc.

Ball-peen hammers are used in the fabrication of metal and precise blow placement.

A soft-blow or a rubber mallet is used to deliver a strong blow without damaging the work surface.

Dead blow mallets loosen and pull out stuck screws with a few strokes. Ronix claw hammers are also suitable for basic mechanical tasks. Check out the following link to read more about Ronix claw hammers.

  • Screwdrivers

A set of different screwdrivers, including flat and Philips head screwdrivers, is highly essential. Mechanics regularly need this set to insert or remove screws with this set of screwdrivers. Ronix screwdriver sets are proved to be long-lasting and highly satisfying.

  • Wrenches

Wrenches are as valuable as hammers and screwdrivers; wrenches have a wide variety with different purposes. A set of combination wrenches, including open-end and box-end wrenches, adjustable wrenches in different sizes answer most of your mechanical needs. If you are currently looking for a high-quality wrench set, tap on the link below and check out the Ronix wrench set.

  • Pliers

A simple set of slip-joint pliers, locking pliers, groove-lock pliers, and needle-nose pliers serve you very well and help you grip whatever you need in every shape and size. Ronix has multiple pliers for different purposes, check them out.

  • Ratchets and Socket Sets

A socket set is a combination of sockets used to loosen and tighten nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Ratchets and sockets are available in various sizes; to provide more leverage, buy long-handled ratchets. The use of Torx bits is growing every day; buy an 8-piece set that includes the most commonly used sizes. If you have a lot of engine work to do, a torque wrench is an appropriate tool; torque wrenches are specialty wrenches that limit the torque amount applied. Ronix has a complete set of your needed sockets; check the following link to find more about it.

  • Oil Filter Wrench

To carry out oil change maintaining services, you need an oil filter wrench. Oil filter wrenches are made for specific vehicles with a special oil filter size since oil filters are not placed in the same location in all cars.

  • Oil Drain Pan

If you want to change your vehicle oil, an oil drain pan is a must. Buy a plastic one that includes a holder to drain the used oil.

  • Jack and Jack Stands

Jacks are used to lift and hold a vehicle, and they enable the mechanic to work underneath a car. For every operation, even a simple oil changing, you need to lift the car front. Remember to use jack stands with the jack to support it and increase your job safety. Ronix hydraulic jacks ease your work flow, check out this Ronix product by tapping on the link below.



  • Wheel Wrench

To remove all wheels from light-duty vehicles, you need wheel wrenches. Buy a 4-way wheel wrench that fits all types of lug nuts.

  1. Flashlight

To light up dark areas, you need a flashlight. Buy a flashlight with a magnetic base to prevent tying up your hands on the job site. Choose a compact one to fit in tight areas, with a rechargeable battery for living a long life. Ronix flashlights provide you with enough light and battery life. Please tap on the link below to read more about it.


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3 March 2021

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