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Rotary tools and their uses

Think about a versatilepower tool. What comes to your mind? How many multi-functional power tools can you name? And now imagine having a multi-functional power tool on your shelf, which does plenty of tasks in the most professional way. One of the most popular multi-functional power tools among professional and home users are rotary tools. These are versatile devices that can tackle different tasks. These are very useful and multi-functional tools that are ideal for grinding, cutting, and polishing tasks on different scales. Experts say that these tools deserve a place in every tool collection. There are many brands which manufacture different types of rotary tools, and one the most popular one is Dremer.

All rotary tools come in similar shapes and designs, which is a fast-rotating motor connected to a spindle. The tool bits, which come in lots of shapes and functionality, will then be attached to the spindle. Speaking of tool bits and accessories, there is a wide range of them, such as cutting wheels, sanding bits, and polishing tools to use in different jobs and tasks.   

Although these rotary tools have different power levels and designs, but they all share a fundamental feature, which is spin at high speed to complete the tasks. Most of them can rotate with a speed of 20000 RPM while some others can spin faster up to 35000 RPM. The speed and the torque depend on the size, and it’s unbelievable to know they can rotate this fast without causing hand fatigue. The amount of torque they can deliver is what defines the difference between these power tools

Rotary tools have quite a simple design. The spindle at the tip of the tool is connected directly to the motor. This spindled is equipped with a tool-holding mechanism, which is collet and collet nut in most cases. The mechanism is as simple as fitting the collet on the spindle and screw the collet, not after that. These collets must be placed properly in order to provide efficient performance. Due to the rotary tools’ function, there is a speed control knob on the body, which can be a slider or a couple of buttons that you can use to customize the rotation speed to your project and material at hand. And of course, the power button, which is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to what it does. Many experts consider rotary tools a must-have in their toolbox due to the versatility, portability, and power they pack.

Uses of rotary tools: as mentioned above, these tools can be used in a wide range of jobs and applications, and using them for different purposes is as easy as changing the tool bit.

Here are some of the best uses for rotary tools:

There are some grinding attachments such as abrasive stones, which have different shapes and roughness, you are able to create sharps edges or eliminate them. This function comes handy when you want to grind metal edges into submission. You can also sharpen kitchen knives, shears, scissors, or clean old and rusty tools and objects.

ronix angle grinder
  • Cutting

One of the most important functions of these power tools is cutting because it can deal with both big and small projects. How, you might ask? The answer is simple:

  • To cut wood, drywall, plasterboard, or any kind of material you can use the straight bits.
  • To trim plastic od part metal, you can use the cutting wheels.  
  • To do fine cuts on tough metals like steel, you can use the carbide burrs.

Using cutting oil on the surface is highly recommended when you are working on small metal pieces. In this way you can reduce heat and increase the efficiency of the carbide metal-cutting wheel.

These rotary tools are used in some jobs you can hardly imagine. Plumbers use these power tools to cut through tough material in confined places. Who knows? Maybe its time for you to add this amazing power tool to your toolbox. 

ronix rotary tools
  • Carving

To do engraving and carving projects a small, comfortable and versatile tool in needed. Combining all these features and all the attachments such as carbide bits, make it a perfect companion for your wood and metal carving projects. By using a rotary tool, you can work on designs, frames, and any decorative projects.

  • Glass Working

Glass working is a beautiful and popular art which many people do as a profession or even a hobby. If you like making glass art pieces, you can simply attach the diamond point wheel (diamond bits) and start etching, carving, and engraving on glass. Should be mentioned these kinds of operations are hard and need special skills. In order to work on glass, you need special bits. So, remember to use diamond cutting bits which are made of steel with diamond grits impregnated on them. this way you can easily cut and remove the glass without breaking the glass and injure yourself.   

Keep the temperature of the tool in check. Carving and engraving on glass might heat the bits up.so, its really a good idea to have glass of water by your side to dip the bits in often to cool them down. If you are etching on a glass tumbler or jar, fill it with ice-cold water. This will prevent them cracking due to excessive heat.

  • Drilling Holes

Rotary tools can drill into soft material like drywall and gypsum board ceilings with using the proper bits and router bits. They are rotary tools and they can drill but they are not as strong as electric drilling machine. So, its highly recommended to use the proper drills to drill into hardwood and metals in order to prevent damage to the tool.

  •  Sanding

Rotary tools are designed for small and light tasks but you still can use them for sanding if you are working on moldings or little details. There are so many sanding attachments like band, flap wheel or abrasive buff which you can use to complete your tasks. the results can be impressive.

ronix rotary tools- angle grinder
  • Polishing and cleaning

These rotary tools are do-it-all kind of device and with tool bits like wire brush, polishing point or polishing wheel you can use them to clean lot of things including silverware, jewelry or old objects. If you are a pro, go ahead and start polishing. Otherwise, you might want to watch some tutorials and read some instruction about how to apply and wax to the bits in order to perfume an efficient polishing operation.

The functions mentioned above is tip of the ice berg and you can do many other operations with only one tool. You might ask what other tasks you can do and the answer is “the limit is the sky here!”. Sharpening your chainsaw’s chain, fixing an old kitchen rack, Cutting curves in the tiles of your bathroom and so many others.

Types of Rotary Tools

There are 3 different rotary tools which are basically same when It comes to function but slightly different size, shape and design.

Angle-grinders are the biggest ones in size and they are used for heavy-duty cutting and sanding operations. There are smaller ones which are known as die-grinders. Die-grinders are perfect for home users and medium duties in workshops. And the smallest are the pencil grinders. These tiny pencil-like rotary tools can be held like one and they allow you to control tiny movements in order to perform more precisely.

In short, there are 3 types of rotary tools.

  1. Angle grinders: The biggest rotary tool that is used for tough jobs
  2. Die-grinder: These are the most popular type.
  3. Pencil Grinders: smallest and the most precise ones.

Safety Precautions

Since the rotary tools have fast-spinning motors, they can be dangerous in case of being mishandled amateurs. And its not just about amateurs. Some professionals are also in danger in case of using heavy-duty angel grinders which spit off ultra-tiny particles while cutting and grinding. These particles can be hot, sharp or anything in between. That is why we are going to point out some safety measures you need to take into account when using these tools.

  • Put your goggle on before you start operating. The last thing you want is one of these sparks in your eyes.
  • Use earplugs or headphones while using rotary tools. the big ones can be pretty loud.
  • In case of working with fiberglass and other sharp materials, make sure you wear gloves or any kind of skin protection.
  • Many people complain about their long hair sticking in tools while its spinning. So, if you do not want to go through this painful process, make sure to put your hair in a ponytail or a bun.
  • If the material you are working with is going to produce a lot of dust, do the operation in a well-ventilated room and wear a face mask.
  • Before you get contact with the material make sure you turn on the tool. 

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