BIG 5 Global Win: Ronix Nailing it in Construction’s Largest Event

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visitors inside Ronix booth at Dubai Big 5 Global exhibition

From December 4th to 7th, the heart of the construction community throbbed with excitement at the Big 5 Global exhibition, a cornerstone event in the industry. In the Dubai World Trade Centre, the air buzzed with anticipation and more than 2200 exhibitors eagerly awaited enthusiasts keen on exploring everything related to construction.

Crowd of people at Big 5 Global 2023

The event was a melting pot of different cultures and tastes all fell in an amazing order. From food, languages and even the visitors themselves, everything was representative of diversity and the vibrant tapestry of cultures woven together created a rich and harmonious atmosphere that celebrated the beauty of our shared humanity.

The halls and salons of the exhibition formed a captivating maze, revealing over 50,000 products and inviting attendees into the intricate world of construction innovations. Tool brands, including industry giants like DeWalt, Milwaukie, and Stanley, showcased their excellence and innovation. Amidst them, Ronix stood out, infusing vibrant energy into the event to create an unforgettable and immersive experience for visitors.

people watching newest technologies in the construction industry at Big 5 Global

A Booth Reflecting the Diversity of the Brand

Ronix’s booth mirrored the brand’s diversity, featuring a display of over 2000 types of tools, ranging from drills and impact drivers to generators and inverters, from screwdrivers and rotary tools to wrenches and laser levels.

Ronix booth at Big 5 Global exhibition

The Z3 E251 booth in Za’abeel Hall 3 emerged as a magnet for tool enthusiasts and industry professionals. Visitors were tempted by the opportunity to explore Ronix’s latest products, test the quality of its tools firsthand, and engage with the brand. Loyal customers visited, and new ones joined the Ronix family, creating a dynamic and international atmosphere with clients from:

  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • and beyond
A collage photo of the visitors at the Ronix booth in Big 5 Global 2023

The Report Card

At the exhibition, Ronix not only showcased its products but also achieved significant milestones. The booth, with its eye-catching colors and a massive video wall, became a hub where business networks flourished, connections were made, and deals were successfully struck. Distributors and importers delved into Ronix’s catalogues, price lists, and product descriptions, discussing the process of placing orders, shipment, and delivery.

people in the halls of Big 5 Global 2023 exhibition

The result was amazing! “The results were astounding! At the event, Ronix attracted over a hundred visitors to its booth, where more than 360 catalogs were showcased, leading to over 480 successful negotiations.

Visitors seized the chance to meet Ronix’s CEO and managers in person, fostering valuable discussions. Big 5 Global 2023 was the stage where Ronix’s cutting-edge innovations shone bright, underscoring a commitment to excellence and setting new industry standards.

Ronix’s booth view at Big 5 Global 2023 exhibition

As the curtain falls on this show, it marks only the beginning of Ronix’s international adventure. For those who missed Dubai, our next exhibit awaits at the international hardware fair, Eisenwarenmesse, from March 3rd to 6th, 2024, in Koln. Don’t miss the next chapter in Ronix’s journey.

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11 December 2023

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