A Complete Guide to Plumbing and Plumbing Tools

A Complete Guide to Plumbing and Plumbing Tools-01

In a simple definition, plumbing is a system of pipes used to transfer water from the source to the desired destination. Plumbing is highly beneficial since it provides comfort for the building occupants. Plumbing is as essential as oxygen to the body. There is no possibility of residence in a building without any plumbing system. The building’s piping system is designed and operated by specialized forces due to its high importance and various uses, so the plumbing shouldn’t be left out from any construction list. Plumbing Experts use professional calculation formulas to design a satisfying plumbing system.

A Complete Guide to Plumbing and Plumbing Tools

Various Plumbing Services

Plumbing services are accomplished in different types, and they range from minor to major fixing tasks. Broken water pipes repair, water or gas leaks repair, toilet and bathroom plumbing, and sewer line blockage are among the most common services accomplished by expert plumbers. Today, different types of plumbing pipes are used by plumbers for accomplishing plumbing or piping projects; PEX pipes, rigid copper pipes, ABS pipes, and finally, PVC pipes are used for almost all plumbing tasks; they are replacing galvanized steel and cast-iron pipes that were used in the past.

Various Plumbing Services

Must-Have Plumbing Tools

Amateur and professional plumbers need the right tools to do the right job. You can take a look at plumbing tools list which some of them are also here:

  • Basin wrench (Sink Wrench)
Must-Have Plumbing Tools

This tool is specialized to install (tighten) and remove (loosen) sink faucets; the long shaft enables the plumber to reach tight spaces under the sink.

Basin wrench (Sink Wrench)
  • Adjustable Wrench

Also known as a crescent or adjustable spanner; Nuts and bolts are loosened or tightened with an adjustable wrench. Ronix has a high-quality collection of plumbing tools, and Ronix adjustable wrenches are one of them; they are highly versatile with premium quality, ready to meet your needs. See the Ronix product page find more about it.

Adjustable Wrench
  • Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches are used to loosen and tighten nuts and fittings that are placed on the pipes. Plumbers use two pipe wrenches together, one for holding a pipe and another for rotating nuts.

Pipe Wrench
  • Pipe Cutter

Tubing cutters are in various cutting ranges. They cut plastic tubes faster and cleaner than hacksaws. Ronix pipe cutters cut out PVC pipes fast and clean. See the Ronix product page find more about it.

Pipe Cutter
  • Pipe Crimper

To get a safe and well-functioning pipe joint, you need to use a pipe crimper tool. This tool is used to connect pieces of metal or plastic tubes. One of the Ronix piping items and plumbing collection items is the Ronix pipe crimper.

Pipe Crimper
  • Socket Welding Machine

This machine is developed to weld pipe joints permanently using a thermal system. Ronix company has top-quality socket welding machines that facilitate the job for you.

Socket Welding Machine
  • Locking Plier

They are used in case more torque is needed. Locking pliers are used to hold pipes, loosen pipe-joints, nuts, washers, and remove broken nails. Ronix provides the plumbers with a highly durable locking plier.

Locking Plier
  • Hacksaw

Plumbers commonly use hack saws to cut various items, like pipes, nuts and bolts, etc.

  • Hole Saw

To cut round holes in different materials, a hole saw is used by most plumbers.

Hole Saw
  • Plunger

Have you ever faced blocked or clogged sinks and toilets? Plungers answer your need. They are designed specifically to clear blockages in pipes.

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23 February 2021

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