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If you cannot choose the right hammer drill suitable for your tasks, we will help you

hammer drills, how to choose one?

hammer drill is a power tool mainly used for drilling in tough materials. A hammer drill can have bit rotation with hammering action that strongly defeats the concrete. As a result, you can bore masonry holes four times quicker than a standard drill. The tool can be applied like a conventional drill If the impact mechanism can be turned off. Generally using a hammer drill, you can bore holes through concrete, brick, stone and other masonry materials with incredible speed and comfort. It can also be used to drill pilot holes for masonry screws and that would specifically help electricians and plumbers. A hammer drill is the best and fastest way for the holes that must be accurately drilled. A hammer drill has the power and speed to go through the concrete and other aggregates and that is why so many people find a hammer drill a must-have item on and for their worksites. If you are doubtful to buy one, check out the functions that you need. If you want to drill into brick or the mortar joints between the brick, a hammer drill will come handy. Now that you have decided to choose a hammer drill, a question might pop up. How can I pick one? Here you will have a quick guide selecting a hammer drill.
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Different parts of a hammer drill

hammer drill has different parts due to its model but the main parts are:


The motor is actually the most important part of a power tool such as hammer drills. It can cause the tool to be multi-functional doing all sorts of drillinghammer drilling, releasing and chiseling. The power of each hammer drill is shown with Wat and as the number gets higher, the hammer drill gets stronger. The voltage used in the motor might be 110V or 220V and work with the frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. max no-load speed of the hammer drill shown by PRM (revolutions per minute) and max impact rate shown with BPM (bits per minute) are 2 other prominent features of a power tool’s motor for professional users. You might also consider its impact energy because that will show you the energy needed to fracture a material under standard conditions. The overload safety clutch system that can be found in some hammer drills including Ronix ones, will help the safety of users and armature. Hammer drills are increasingly powered by cordless technology using batteries but the corded ones are still popular among the operators.


The body is as important as the motor. The lightness and the housing of the hammer drill are 2 important features of the body. The housing can also cause superior heat dissipation. Despite the lightness, we will definitely need a strong tool against vibration. The double anti-vibration system implanted between the pistol handle and the gearbox in the hammer drills can minimize the operator’s fatigue and improve efficiency. While choosing a rotary hammer, you might also consider a power indicator light to alarm you in case of any cable damage. You need to seriously think about your comfort and safety specially if you might need to work with the hammer drill for long hours.

Bit holder and bits:

bit holder on a hammer drill is considered one of the most important parts to tightly hold the strong chisels and make better demolition on workpieces. The most common types are SDS Plus, SDS Max and Hex. The size of the bit holder might vary according to its different usages. While choosing a hammer drill, you must consider its max drilling capacity in wood, steel or concrete. Another impressive item is the unique chisel rotation system which allows the users to adjust the hammering positions to eradicate all the probable errors. The automatic bit locking feature of some of the hammer drills’ bit holder allows the operators to change the bits freely without any tool changing need. These are almost the most important features of bit drills while selecting a hammer drill.

Handle and trigger:

After plugging the hammer drill in, by using the mode selection knob, select one of the modes and push the On/Off trigger placed on the handle with your full power. In some hammer drills, pushing the trigger for choosing the right speed is necessary, however, the option of electronic constant speed function makes it very easy to use in various functions with a variety of speeds. Some handles are D-shaped ones so you can effortlessly work with then and avoid facing any hand fatigue. The 360° anti-shock auxiliary handle will also bring you so much comfort while working with the hammer tools. You might consider the grips placed on the handles because they will reduce the pressure entered into the hands. Your easiness is always important!

ronix hammer drill


With the mode selection knob, you can select one of the modes and finally, push the On/Off trigger with full power to start working with your power tool. The dimmer which is usually placed on the trigger helps you increase or decrease the rotation speed and while working with a steady speed at the continuous operations, the lock-on button can aid you to save some energy. Ronix and some other brands also offer some anti-dust switches to prevent the penetration of the dust. Switches are the doors to your comfort so never underestimate them while choosing a hammer drill.


Hammer drills are usually supplied in a BMC. The BMC quality might also matter for some people because they want to keep and transport their hammer drills using the BMCs; so it’s natural to care about is as well. The 360° anti-shock auxiliary handle might come with the BMC. In many brands such as Ronix, there is also a cable protecting ball joint to keep your cable safe while moving. In some hammer drills, you might also get more than one bit and that would be so exciting for some operators. You need to get some information about the bits coming with your drills to choose the suitable one for your construction site. The scale bar might be one of the included accessories in the box for precise cutting. Your hammer drill box might also be supported by a grease tube or rubber protect cap which can help you a lot. The impeccable accessories of Ronix might be the greatest motivation for our customers!

These were only some of the features to consider while shopping for a hammer drill. You need to make a list of the items that are relevant and required for your job and on your worksite. Then look at your list and choose your appropriate bi. If you do not need a feature and that would never come handy, don’t pay extra money for that but never forget the safety or the lifetime of the tool. Ronix with its great variation can always offer something to you! 

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