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We know that the history of using tools by men goes back to almost 3million years ago and since then they have been improving, upgrading and becoming more and more efficient every day in order to meet the need of every single task. Tools of any kind are designed and invented to make tasks easier and that’s the nature of them. in the early ages, humans started to use primitive hand tools like sticks, sharpened stones and wheels to move, cut and hunt animals.

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These simple and primitive tools then began to develop and optimized and got more and more complex and useful. Humans have been using tools to do simplest tasks to the most complicated ones. We have been using a simple knife to cut and very sophisticated devices to travel to other planets.

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But the question is how fast these tools developed and what kinds of technologies and discoveries have helped developing them.

Well I believe the first discovery which made a huge difference in humans’ life was fire! Before discovering fire, early humans used to live very differently. Eating raw food and using sharpened stones to hunt animals and defend themselves. These primitive tools were used for a long time till fire were discovered.

With fire, the smelting and smithing skills were found and began the golden phase of tools and lifestyle development. Smelting iron and turn it into different shapes made early knives and daggers. These objects got more and more sophisticated by time and they became hammers, nails, screws and screw drivers which made life infinitely easier for men. Hand operated tools were used for generations and that was before the electricity was found.

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With electricity the story completely changed. Now there was a great power source which could operate tools with much less energy and effort. At 1895 the first power tool was made by C & E company. An electric drill. Many experts say that 1895 is a year to remember because of that invention. This electric drill opened a door too all inventors and mega minds of that time to push the technology forward. This drill was huge in size and it was very heavy and it wasn’t suitable for long time drilling. It was very slow and not efficient yet it was the first power tool ever made by humans.
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vintge drill

later in 1910 black & decker applied a revolutionary change in design and made a fantastic drill which was much lighter in weight and much more powerful. By time with the expansion of technology and finding new materials, designs got better and better everyday and todays you can find thousands of brands and model which are manufacturing power tools in a very professional way.

The drill was just an example of power tools history and it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many power tools which different functions to complete all kinds of tasks. power tools could be divided to many different categories like woodworking, Rotary and demolition hammersmiter and cut off sawsspray gunsglue gunsdrills and screw driversblower and vacuum cleanersangle grinders and air compressor. Almost all of these power tools are powered with universal motors which are believed to be the most efficient ones. Now you know how electricity changed the game of evolution in tools. But the electricity was not the end of the game. It was just the beginning.
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With this fast moving-froward technologies the new generation of cordless tools came to market. Tools which are powered by batteries. These tools were lighter, portable and powerful. Soon they found their place in every expert, professional and home user’s tools collection. The latest versions of these cordless tools are even water and shock proof which make them very special and important to certain jobs.

This time line of technology and development applies to everything and due to the acceleration of cutting-edge technologies soon there will be the new generation of tools, I guess.

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