How To Use a Jackhammer Safely + Different Types

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Jackhammers, also known as demolition hammers or concrete breakers, are the primary tool in the breaking of old or non-standard structures and are a must-have for construction and renovation projects that often involve tearing down concrete slabs, tiles, or brick walls.

Be it breaking down an old building or starting the process of asphalt paving, you can’t go far without these destructive beasts.

By knowing how to use a jackhammer, you can take care of a wide variety of tasks that are the first puzzle piece of creation and improvement. 

Learn about the best demolition hammer in detail.

Considering their great practicality, they are one of the main tools that every construction worker needs and should have in their toolbox.

A collage photo of three jackhammers used for tile removal and asphalt demolition

Keep reading to find out how to use demolition hammers in small to heavy-duty demolition tasks and which models you should pick for each target material.

How To Use a Jackhammer?

If you are unfamiliar with how to use a jackhammer and still want to try your hand at it, chill out because you are about to figure out the ins and outs of it!

The tool in focus works based on a hammer mechanism. When the engine starts, this mechanism is activated and the device starts making holes with desired diameters by delivering blows to the target material.

a photo of workers digging ground using a jackhammer

To start your journey, the first step you need to take is to choose the right model, then you need to go through the manual and follow its instructions.

Please take note that since jackhammers are heavy-duty and dangerous power tools, you should always be careful while using them and never forget to put on an armor of safety equipment!

From choosing the right type of demolition hammer to mastering how to use a jackhammer safely, you are not alone in this because we will cover all the important points one at a time:

Different types of jackhammers

From electric and hydraulic to gas-powered and pneumatic, different types of jackhammers are available on the market. However, what matters most when choosing a model for different tasks is its weight and impact energy. Let’s dive deeper!


Demolition hammers vary in size and weight. They usually come in 6, 10, and 30kg and their power increases as the weight goes up. Therefore, heavier models are the best choice for crushing tougher surfaces and lighter ones are suitable for the easy mode!

Impact Energy

The impact energy is shown in Jules and indicates how hard the blows are that your tool delivers to a surface. The use of a jackhammer very much depends on this variable; the harder your target material is you should go for higher impact energy and vice versa.

How to use a jackhammer on concrete

Rotary hammers are usually the professionals’ choice for breaking concrete but in case the target slab is more than 3 inches thick, different types of jackhammers are your best bet. If you want to learn the basics about how to use a jackhammer on concrete, you are at the right place!

An infographic of tips and tricks for using jackhammers on concrete

Below, you can find all the tips and tricks you need to know on the matter:

Pick The Best Assistant

When it comes to crashing thick concrete slabs with a demolition hammer, you need to choose a model that best suits your needs.

As mentioned earlier, you should go for a tool with all the right weight, design, and impact energy but choosing the right bit is also of exceptional importance.

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If your destruction mission is limited to a horizontal one, you’d better equip your tool with a flat chisel but if you want to go deeper than the surface, pick a pointed bit. 

Watch Out for Cables

Before running the tool, you should check the spot for any water and gas pipes or electrical wires that might get damaged during the demolition process.

a photo of underground wires and cables under maintenance

Contain the Mess!

Cover the target slab with a polythene sheet to make sure the chunks of broken concrete would not fly around and make a mess that is proved too hard to clean!

photo of a covered concrete pieces with polythene sheet

The Position Matters…

While you should take an upright and firm position operating a demolition hammer, the best angle for using this tool on concrete is 30⁰.

Start From the Corners

To make the job easier, always start the process from the corners of the concrete slab and then make your way to the center.

Photo of a cracked stone from its corner

Don’t Get Stuck!

If you don’t want your tool to get stuck, don’t be greedy! Never push too hard and go too deep into the concrete you want to smash and always make cracks first and then follow them through.

How to use a jackhammer on rock

If you are fishing for a complete guide on how to use a jackhammer on a rock to get rid of the unwanted large stones in your garden or yard, look no further!

A man is cracking stones using demolition hammer

Bet on the Right Horse!

The first thing you need to know about how to use a jackhammer on a rock is that you should choose a tool with weight and impact energy that corresponds to the size of the rock you want to remove.

As crushing rocks is no easy job, it is wise to go for a demolition hammer that is equipped with an anti-vibration to ensure less hand fatigue and more convenience.

Safety Precedes All Else

Before pressing the button on your tool, always make sure you are protected against potential dangers by using all the essential safety equipment.

Get the Ball Rolling

Grip the tool firmly. Attach a pointed chisel to the tool holder and position it at a 30⁰-90⁰ angle. When the cracks appeared, change the chisel to flat and start crashing the rock into small pieces.

Use a jackhammer safely

No matter if you are using a demolition hammer to break concrete or rock, you should never forget about safety equipment because it is a highly dangerous tool that can cause serious injuries.

For those new to the field that are eager to know how to use a jackhammer safely, here’s all the information needed:

first and foremost, you should use all the personal protective equipment (PPE) including hammer safety boots that come with toecap reinforcement. Other safety equipment you should use while engaging in demolition tasks are hearing protection, face shields or safety glasses, and hard hats.

Alt: Muppet jackhammering wearing a safety helmet

Protecting yourself with all this safety equipment is an important step in using a jackhammer safely, but it is not enough! Before starting to work, you should make sure that there are no cables and electrical, water, or gas installations around to avoid serious damage to the infrastructure.

Finally, as the power cords of electrical models are long and can cause falling or other accidents, you need to be careful while working with them.

How long can you use a jackhammer?

There is no definite answer to the question of how long you can use a jackhammer. The durability of this tool very much depends on the quality of the material used in its making and the way you use and maintain it.

However, there are some tips and tricks that can extend the life of your machine. Turn off or stop using the device for 3 minutes after every 15 minutes of use and after every 100 to 120 hours of use, ask an expert to service it.

Patrick jackhammering in SpongeBob animation

There is a wide range of demolition hammer brands available on the tool market, the most famous of which are DeWalt, Bosch, Makita Ronix, and Milwaukie.

Ronix provides the market with jackhammers that run on powerful motors and deliver tremendous impact energy. These tools come with a high-quality special grease lubricating system, an extensive soft grip, and a double anti-vibration system for more convenience and efficiency and combine superior quality and affordability to build trust in customers.


1) Are jackhammers hard to use?

It takes sweat and strong muscles to operate a jackhammer but, if you follow the guidelines, breaking dense materials like stone and concrete will be a piece of cake.

2) How long can I use a jackhammer (demolition hammer)?

The durability of your jackhammer depends on the material used in its making and the way you use and maintain it. If you want it to last longer you should stop using the device for 3 minutes after every 15 minutes of use and service it on a regular basis.

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31 October 2020

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