7 Qualities of the Best Rotary Hammer for Tile Removal

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7 Qualities of the Best Rotary Hammer for Tile Removal

Introduction (Different Options for Tile Removal)

You have finally decided to start the remodeling and renovation process you’ve been considering for years. Well, it’s not going to be easy, especially the first step. You have to remove the tiles first!

There are a bunch of methods to remove your tiles. It all comes down to your level of skill and the amount of money, time, and energy you have at your disposal.

To accomplish this task, you can either choose hand tools or get yourself power tools to accelerate the process. If you are a DIYer or a homeowner, using a rotary hammer for tile removal is your best bet, as demolition hammers (jackhammers) usually take more skill to operate and should be reserved for skilled workers and tradespeople.

Before we begin talking about rotary hammers, it’s important to mention the arsenal of hand tools that can be used for tile removal: masonry chisels, hammers, sledgehammers, and floor scrapers.

Hammer and chisel is used to remove tiles

Important Notice: When doing tile removals with whatever tool, especially rotary hammers, make sure to follow safety guidelines and always wear safety goggles and gloves. Masks are also preferable if you are using rotary hammers or jackhammers to remove tiles, as removing tiles with these tools causes a lot of dust and particles to scatter in the environment.

Rotary hammer is used to remove bricks and tiles plus info about wearing PPE

Why Should You Use Rotary Hammers for Tile Removal?

Before we begin talking about different types and brands of rotary hammers, let’s talk about the reasons why rotary hammers are the best tools for doing tile removal for DIYers and homeowners with a budget. There are two main reasons for choosing rotary hammers for tile removal. One is that they are quick and efficient. The second reason is that, when compared to demolition hammers, they are easier to use.

As mentioned before, you can always use hand tools. But it takes a ton more energy and time to remove your tiles by hand. If you have the budget to spare, you can get yourself a rotary hammer to significantly improve your pace.

Rotary hammer is used to remove floor tiles

…Why Not Use Jackhammers (Demolition Hammers)?

Rotary hammers are easier to use than jackhammers, especially if you are not skilled enough to operate a jackhammer. In terms of functionality, rotary hammers have three functions. They can do hammering, drilling, and hammer drilling. Jackhammers can perform only one function: hammering. Jackhammers, though, are usually bigger, heavier, and more powerful. This is the reason why jackhammers require more skill to operate. Jackhammers, if used by someone who doesn’t possess enough skill to operate them, could destroy the underlayers of your tiles.

Demolition hammer is used to remove tiles

How to Use Rotary Hammers for Tile Removal

You can use a rotary hammer for tile removal by putting a flat chisel bit into the bit holder and setting your rotary hammer to the hammering function. And there you go! You can now easily remove the tiles and the mortar underneath.

Make sure to follow all the safety tips that were mentioned before! Get yourself safety goggles and safety gloves. When using rotary hammers, pieces of tile get shattered and thrown into your face and hands. You could get injured pretty easily if you are not careful! Also, remember to wear masks. Removing tiles with rotary hammers causes a lot of dust to blow out. Inhaling this dust can be harmful to your health.

Drill bit is being inserted into a rotary hammer

What Are the Features of The Best Rotary Hammer for Tile Removal?

Whether you were already thinking about getting a rotary hammer drill for tile removal or we have just convinced you to get one in the course of this article, the next section is for you. In the next section, we’ll be talking about features that rotary hammer drills should have. Ultimately, the best rotary hammer drill for tile removal is one that has most of these qualities.

Rotary hammer is used to remove tiles

Heat Transfer

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a rotary hammer for tile removal is the tool’s thermal properties. When doing tile removal work, it’s important to have a tool that doesn’t heat up because tile removal is a job that takes a long time. Ultimately, your tool and, consequently, your hands will get hot if your rotary hammer doesn’t possess good heat transfer qualities.

Ergonomic Features

One of the most important factors in choosing a rotary hammer for tile removal is its ease-of-use and ergonomic qualities. This is due to a couple of reasons. First of all, as mentioned before, tile removal takes a long time to finish. Secondly, it’s important to have a tool with proper maneuverability. A tool that is easily operable in both horizontal and vertical positions is necessary for tile removal. Depending on whether you’re trying to remove wall tiles or floor tiles, you might need to put your tool in any of these two positions. Sometimes you even need to change the angle of your rotary hammer to remove the tile and the mortar underneath.


It’s terribly important to get a rotary hammer with some kind of anti-vibration capability. Working with rotary hammers, especially during tile removal, causes a lot of vibration. Vibrations will eventually make the user tired. Having an anti-vibration rotary hammer can help reduce user fatigue. So, if you don’t want sore and fatigued muscles, the best rotary hammer for tile removal is one that has some sort of anti-vibration feature.

Features of a rotary hammer in a text


You don’t need a super-powerful rotary hammer to remove tiles. It all depends on the amount of time, energy, and money you are willing to spend. A more powerful tool will reduce the amount of time and energy you will have to spend on this task.


If you’re choosing a cordless rotary hammer, it’s important to choose a tool with batteries that can last a long time. As I’ve mentioned before, tile removal jobs take a long time to finish.

Dust Control

Usually, doing any kind of job with rotary hammers or jackhammers creates a lot of dust in the environment. You eventually need to vacuum up the dust that is created in the environment. You don’t want this dust to roam freely in your house. It is preferable to vacuum this dust during the job. Some brands make rotary hammers with a vacuum on the tool itself that sucks up the dust simultaneously during the operation. Alternatively, you can get a heavy-duty vacuum to perform this task.

Vacuum is used to clean dust

Buying Guide for the Best Hammer Drills for Tile Removal

There are plenty of brands that have amazing rotary hammers. Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, DeWalt, and Hilti are the top dogs in the industry. But if you want a more affordable alternative, you can consider Ronix.

Being one of the fastest-growing tool brands in the industry, Ronix makes exceptional rotary hammers, both corded and cordless. Our rotary hammers are ergonomic and powerful, and they come with a magnesium die-cast housing along with plenty of other features, all with a value-to-price ratio that is unmatched. If you want a rotary hammer drill for tile removal or any other task, check out what Ronix has to offer.

Rotary hammer is used to remove bricks


What is a rotary hammer drill, and why is it useful for tile removal?

A rotary hammer drill is a power tool used for drilling and chiseling hard materials. Rotary hammers are a lot faster and more efficient than hand tools for removing tiles, and in comparison, to jackhammers, they require a lot less skill to operate. This makes them exceptionally useful for amateurs, DIYers, and homeowners.

What are the best brands for rotary hammer drills for tile removal?

There are many brands that produce rotary hammer drills that are suitable for tile removal. Ronix produces rotary hammer drills for an exceptionally lower price than the big names in the industry.

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12 March 2024

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