Dig Success up with the Best Demolition Hammer (jackhammer) for Digging

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A man digging a hole with a demolition hammer

An Introduction to the best jackhammer for digging

To break up the soil, dig the ground, and pry into the layers below the asphalts and pavements, a high-power Demolition Hammer is what every professional must have.

They are massive power tools designed to demolish structures by the act of hammering. They tear down to help the birth of new construction. But they can also demolish to dig into the earth and make many jobs like construction and agriculture easier.

They can deliver different qualities for different functions they are to perform. But to be used specifically for excavating tasks, they need to have unique features that make this job easier and more efficient.

Here, we have provided some tips for you, if you deal with this field and are into finding the best demolition hammer for digging.

In this article, you will read about the key points you should seek in the demolishing machine you are going to buy for breaking surfaces down to reach deeper layers.

An infographic about the features of the best demolition hammer for digging

The Best Jackhammers (demolition hammers) for Digging

An impact mechanism, an ergonomic body, an anti-vibration system, and a proper greasing system are the necessary equipment for all the jackhammers that are used for excavation. So, for finding the best demolition hammer for digging:

Put the Impact Mechanism First

Digging holes are heavy operations that need a great deal of energy. So, if you want a perfect experience, you need to consider the Impact mechanism as a priority. It offers two factors including:

An infographic of impact mechanism in jackhammers
  • Impact Energy

It shows the amount of energy it delivers to penetrate different materials. So, for making an accurate choice, take a look at the impact force which is indicated with the Joule Unite. The more the number is, the more powerfully the demolition hammer will work.

  • Impact Rate

Which is shown by the BPM (Beats Per Minute) tells about the number of blows the impact mechanism delivers and the hammering speed it provides. This criterion is overly leading too. So, don’t overlook it when buying a jackhammer for digging. Considering this factor, among all the first-rank; king brands, Makita offers power demolition hammers with high beating rates.

Consider Weight and Ergonomics

Excavating is a heavy-duty job by nature, demanding an ergonomic, lightweight tool to assist. The best jackhammers for digging are the ones that are made of light materials such as die-cast aluminum alloy that along with easy use, dissipates heat and enhances body strength.

Here you can read more about best demolition hammer.

Also, as excavating is a time-consuming task, an extensive soft grip should be included to reduce fatigue during long working hours. If you seek a light one, to enjoy the mentioned advantages, Bosch can help you ideally.

A man is breaking a concrete wall with pointed-chisel jackhammer

Get Rid of Vibration

An anti-vibration system is a must-have for those who want to work efficiently. Digging with a shaking tool is an energy-taking job that can exhaust you and make your job less effective.

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The mentioned system can control the movements and prevents harmful shakes; delivering more comfort for the user and a longer lifetime for the tool itself. A side handle can also add to the user’s convenience and reduce fatigue.

Ronix demolition hammers are equipped with a high-tech anti-vibration system (AVS) that eliminates unwanted movements and provides a smooth experience of work.

Don’t Forget Maintenance Equipment

The best jackhammer for digging is the one that can accompany you for a long time. To be so, it should be equipped with a reliable grease system that efficiently cools mechanical parts and thereby extends their life span.

Lubricating jackhammer’s grease system for higher efficiency

The best demolition hammers for digging are, of course, available from a wide range of brands. You undoubtedly are familiar with some of them, like Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Hilti, Milwaukie, and Black&Deckers.

In addition to all of them, Ronix is a premium tool brand that firmly guarantees high-quality jackhammers in various sizes and versions. But what sets it apart is that even though Ronix tools have all the benefits listed above, they are still available at affordable prices and in a variety of versions and models.


Can you use a jackhammer to dig?

Definitely Yes! Jackhammers are specifically designed for doing heavy-duty jobs like breaking hard surfaces and digging the ground.

What pound of demolition hammer do I need for digging?

While jackhammers are offered at different weights, the best ones for digging are usually around 20-30 pounds.

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31 May 2023

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