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What Are Basic Glass Cutting Tools?

Glass is used as a material for different fields, from door and window glass to partitions, glass shelves, and decorative glass. Today, glass is considered to be one of the most essential building materials. Its use in the building’s interior and exterior design is inevitable. Glass can be cut into different patterns and designs. But cutting glass requires enough skill and experience, and not everyone can handle it. The tools used to cut glass have an enormous impact on its final quality. Special diamonds are used to cut glass.

Every novice glass cutter needs a series of tools to get started, including meters, glass cutting diamonds, rulers, diamond cutters, toolboxes that include other tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc. In addition to all these, safety equipment such as gloves suitable for glass cutting, a first aid kit in case of hand cuts, shoes, and appropriate safety clothes are a must for all glass cutters, whether amateur or professional.


Tools Needed to Cut Glass

Having a series of tools is necessary for a glass cutting workshop; these tools can cut glass in various designs and shapes. Equipment and tools required and usually used by glass-cutters are divided into glass-cutting tools and glass-cutting safety equipment. In this article, both categories of glass-cutting tools will be introduced in detail.

Glass-cutting Tools

  1. Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter

To score the glass safely and efficiently, a glass cutter is used. Diamond is used in the tip to cut the glass since it’s a stronger substance than glass. Once the glass is scored, it can be divided into two pieces with a small snap along the scored line. Ronix RH-3400 glass cutter with six wheels satisfies all glass workers. Check out the following link to read more about this product.

  • Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

It’s a cutter specialized in reducing wrist fatigue, and it generates enough finger tension to score the glass surface. It’s equipped with a self-lubricating pistol to facilitate the cutting process.

  • Circular Glass Cutter

As the name suggests, to perform circular cuts on the glass surface, a circular glass cutter is used. The strong circle suction cup sticks firmly to the surface and helps you make a clean circular score.

  • Glass Running Plier

A running plier is used to break the glass after being scored cleanly. Running pliers have rubber-coated jaws that apply pressure on the glass surface without damaging it and divide the glass in two.

  • Ruler

Rulers are commonly used for measuring tasks; They can be used for measuring different glass sizes. Place the ruler firmly on the glass surface and mark the scoring line size.

Glass-cutting Safety Equipment

  1. Gloves

You can protect your hands from possible cuts and injuries with cut-resistant gloves. If you are continually working with sharp materials, don’t forget to wear safety gloves to protect your hands.

  • Goggles

Remember to wear safety goggles or glasses while cutting and breaking the glass to minimize the risk of entering flying small glass pieces into your eyes.


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