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Home Guide: How to Cut Glasses

Cutting glasses has always been an important part of our lives. In medieval era, heated iron rods were used to cut glass. Cutting glass in this way left the edges very sharp and could not cut in exact sizes. It was between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries that the use of glass-cutting tools became common. Dimond-tipped glass-cutters, first used in Italy, could cut glass much more precisely than other tools and it was the beginning of people’s interest in using this hand tool.


The advancement of technology in recent years has led to new types of glass cutters. Today, large glass plates can be cut semi-automatically using a CNC computer but many people still tend to do it at home using their own abilities. In this passage, we are helping home users with their glasscutting process.

Needed Tools

Glass cutters are the ones that can be used for home purposes. This tool is quite sharp, and can pull on the glass at a suitable speed and sufficient pressure, a narrow part of the glass will be crushed and hollowed, and as a result, a thin groove will appear in it.


Types of Glass Cutters

When you pull the diamond-tipped glass cutter, the diagonal side of the wheel acts like a wedge and puts pressure on both sides. As a result, the glass cracks and the two parts of the glass probably separate. If it does not come off, you should hit the back of the diamond tip with small blows. We recommend to first practice these on a piece of unused glass to learn the speed and pressure required to cut the glass better. You can use a razor to clean the incision.

There are two types of glass: thin and thick. Thinner glass is easier to cut. Flat glass up to 6 mm in diameter can be cut like regular glass, but special tools are needed to cut double or multi-layer safety glass, which is glued together with clear plastic.

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How to Work with Glass Cutters

To cut glass using diamond-tipped glass cutters like Ronix RH-3400, you first need to place the glass on a suitable surface. The desired surface should be perfectly smooth and the material should not be such as to scratch the glass. Note that choose a place to cut the glass that is easy to clean when done.

For example, cutting glass in places where carpets or rugs are on the floor is not recommended, because small pieces of glass cannot be easily collected in this situation, and this can lead to dangerous accidents. The safety tips will be discussed more in details in Cut All the Glass Sheets Safely essay.

The surface of the glass must be thoroughly cleaned of any contaminants, such as silica or soot. Contamination on the glass can damage your cut. To clean the glass, it is enough to use a towel and, if necessary, detergent. Now start making grooves on the glass using glass on diamonds. Note that you do not need to apply much pressure to the surface to line the glass. You can specify your exact cutting path using a ruler before cutting the glass.

We recommend using a small amount of glass oil or light oil to cut the glass using a glass cut diamond. This will make your cutting easier. When the incision on the glass is completed, the glass will probably crack and break in the same direction. If the glass does not come off the designated place, use a glass cutter to gently tap the cut to separate the pieces of glass.



After cutting, smooth the sharp edges of the glass with a razor or sandpaper. If this is your first-time cutting glass using diamonds, we recommend that you first practice all the steps on a few useless glasses and practice. In this way, you can get the right amount of pressure and speed for cutting glass.

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