One Battery To Run All Tools

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Today I am going to present you the new generation of tools. It is about multi-purpose products that can meet all your grinding, sanding, polishing, cutting, etc. requirements. Now you may probably ask: why should we buy these tools? I ‘ll explain it to you. Tools with one to run all design are great for speeding up your tasks. Nowadays more and more people are looking for tools that can be easily carried everywhere. So, battery-powered and cordless tools are becoming more and more popular.
As these efficient and durable tools are invading the markets, I decided to fill the shelves of my tool shop with Ronix’s new products. Ronix 8900-8900K, 8901-8901K, 8902, 8905K, 8906, 8907, 8908, 8910-8910K, 8920, 8921, 8922 can function with the same cordless battery (one to run all batteries). All tools and batteries with the same volt class can be combined with each other. This kind of batteries offer the highest reliability.

It is a question that almost everyone who wants to buy these tools asks the seller or searches the sites to find the advantages of these kinds of tools. Remember these products that are equipped with this system, are rapidly replacing the other tools. Meet all your gardening, grinding, sanding, cleaning, advanced DIY tasks, and so more with the power of a battery with one to run all system. All of these tools are economical and help the environment; with their energy-efficient batteries instead of normal batteries; they will help you to save more money and they last longer.

These high-quality tools save up to 86% of electricity consumption. Their systems have up-to-date specifications and are also reasonably priced. Products and batteries with one to run all design are ergonomically designed.

 As all products with one to run all design are cordless, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cordless tools.

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Cordless tools advantages
Corded and cordless tools have their advantages and disadvantages. As these tools have no cord, they are lighter and you can easily move them from place to place. Cordless tools are powered by a battery or battery pack; the invention of a new perfect battery (one to run all) makes cordless tools more portable, durable, safe, effective, easy to use, etc.

Corded tools can deliver more power and your tool is not going to run out of charge when you use them for a long period of time. Cordless tools deliver less power than corded tools but these tools are more convenient to use.

Cordless tools disadvantages

As they are battery-powered, you have to always pay attention to the charge of the battery. If they run out of charge, they will be useless and functionless. Imagine that you are working with a cordless tool and your machine is out of charge; you have to wait for at least two hours for your tool recharges and that is annoying!
Corded tools are made for all activities that require long hours working, while cordless tools are designed for tasks that need to be done fast. If you want to do heavy-duty constructions, corded tools are the best option for you. Because you can use the same power for the entire job. But they are heavy and you may suffer your hands in long hours working.

Tools with one to run all design can be brushless or brushed. Ronix 8900-8900K, 8901-8901K, 8902, 8905K, 8906, 8907, 8908, 8910-8910K, 8920, 8921, 8922 are powered by a DC brushless motor. but what is the difference between brushless and brushed motors?

Brushless motors

In today’s world where electronic devices and machines dominate all industries, the presence of brushless electric motors in many RC systems such as quadcopters, control helicopters, control machines, etc. is essential. Brushless motors use magnets and an armature to produce the power while brushed motors are made of carbon and that’s why brushless motors produce a great performance.

Brushless DC (direct current electricity) motors are electric motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Tools with brushless motors are more expensive than tools with brushed motors; as long as you get a better torque it worth the money.

Brushed motors

Brushed motors are not as powerful as brushless motors but they will run as fast as they can. These traditional types of motors are made of magnets, carbon, commutator, and armature. The lives of tools with brushed motors are limited by the brush type but tools with brushless motors can have a longer life.

As there are no brushes for brushless motors, the energy won’t be lost and that makes these tools more powerful. Brushless motors need less maintenance and they have longer life. They are more expensive but if you purchase one of them you will keep it forever.

One battery for many tools. Manufacturers produce batteries and tools with the same volt class. The idea of using batteries and tools with the same volt is a spectacular discovery.

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1 November 2020

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