Cordless Screwdriver Buying Guide to Make Your Life Easier

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Cordless Screwdriver Buying Guide to Make Your Life Easier

You want to have you’re screwing tasks done in a heartbeat but you’re overwhelmed by the diverse brands and models of screwdrivers? It’s normal and you have the right to be overwhelmed. Choosing a tool like this can be tricky and confusing. We’re here to fix that! Read more to have access to a cordless screwdriver buying guide and make an informed decision.

Cordless or Corded Screwdriver? Which One Is Better for You?

It firstly depends on your specific needs and usage. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages including:

A Cordless Screwdriver Has:

  • Portability
  • Convenience
  • versatility
  • Ease of Use

But it also can have:

  • Short Battery Life
  • Higher Price

If you’re dealing with light to moderate tasks and portability matters to you, choose a cordless screwdriver. Also, a cordless screwdriver can be more versatile for different tasks and locations. As for the price, the long-term cost of replacing the battery can be costly and something that needs to be considered in your cordless screwdriver buying tips.

As for the corded screwdriver, they are more suitable for:

  • Workshop or Stationary Tasks
  • Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Users on a Budget
  • Longer Hours of Work
cordless screwdrivers buying tips

With a corded one, you won’t have to worry about your battery running out and the maintenance of this device is easier than the cordless one.

All in all, each of these fits different needs and you might need one or even both.

What Kind of a Screwdriver Fits Your Needs Better?

Now, if you’ve settled on buying a cordless screwdriver, let us see the factors that are important when doing so.

The type of cordless screwdriver you should buy is determined by the application you have in mind for them. Most people’s closest experience with serious DIY is putting together Swedish flat box furniture. If that’s the case, a large drill driver with a large battery and enough power to drill through solid steel isn’t required. A tiny, lightweight, and user-friendly cordless screwdriver is ideal for furniture assembly and other household tasks, or even as a backup to one of the big guys.

lightweight vs large screwdriver

The frequency at which you use the screwdriver matters as well. If you’re a professional and you’re going to be using the screwdriver for long periods of time every day, a corded one might be a better choice for you. However, if it will only be used for 2 or 3 hours a day, a cordless model may be preferable, with an extra battery and charger kept nearby. It’s critical to pay close attention to the screwdriver’s efficiency, particularly if it’s going to be used frequently.

Use Only on Rare OccasionsIf you only intend on putting together five pieces of furniture over the course of a year, a 3.6 V electric screwdriver with at least 1 Ah and 3 Nm would enough. For simplicity of usage and comfort, choose a tiny, lightweight model.
Continual UsageIf you intend on putting together many pieces of furniture each week, go with a well-known brand and a model with a high voltage and Ah rating. If you don’t need much tightening force, go for 3.6 to 4 V and a tightening torque of 5 Nm, or 7.2 V and at least 10-15 Nm if you do. Keep in mind, however, that a professional drill driver is usually more suited to your demands in the latter situation. The suggested battery capacity is 1.5 Ah (most common value). This will allow you to work for longer periods of time while also giving your screwdriver a bit more vigor!

Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Cordless Screwdriver

Now let’s go through some things you need to consider and give you the holistic cordless screwdriver buying guide that you were looking for.

Torque: Another crucial factor to consider before going on and buying a cordless screwdriver is the tightening torque. A strong screwing force is indicated by a high tightening torque. Even in hard material, the higher the tightening torque, the easier it is to screw. Having an adjustable clutch feature allows you to control the torque and not over-tighten the screws.

torque of a cordless screwdriver

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Power: The power of the screwdriver is related to the tightening torque. The power of mains-powered corded screwdrivers is directly proportional to the motor’s power. The power output varies between 450 and 705 watts. If it is powered by an external transformer, the higher the supply voltage, the more powerful the screwdriver will be. The voltage of the battery determines the power of cordless screwdrivers. For the most powerful, the voltage varies from 3.6 volts (V) to 18 volts (V). With a cordless electric screwdriver, a high voltage allows for longer battery life and reduces the need to recharge the batteries as frequently. Impact screwdrivers are designed for heavy-duty screwing and unscrewing. Screwdrivers built for heavy-duty screwing and unscrewing are known as impact screwdrivers.

Speed: The next one on the list of cordless screwdriver buying tips is the rotation speed and its control. The rotation speed is critical, especially if you’ll be using the best cordless screwdriver you are buying, frequently: Note that the corded screwdrivers rotate at a faster rate than cordless ones. Electric screwdrivers typically have only one rotating speed. This is between 3,000 and 6,000 rpm (rotations per minute) for corded screwdrivers and 180 to 450 rpm for cordless ones. The speed of impact screwdrivers is measured in counts per minute, and it ranges from 3,000 to 50,000 cps/min.

Also, it’s important that your device has variable speed settings so you can adjust the settings based on specifically what you’re performing.

Chuck Size: it’s important that the chuck size of the screwdriver accommodates the type of bits you use. To give you another guide on the cordless screwdriver buying tip, you can choose a device with a 1/4-inch chuck that fits different bits.

screwdriver chuck size
Choosing the right cordless screwdriver will help us do things more easily and accurately

Comfort and Ergonomics: this one’s needless to mention. A comfortable handle and a light weight gives you the liberty to work with it for a long period of time.

Built-in LED Lights: this one is a bonus and doesn’t necessarily determine a good cordless screwdriver but can be a life-saver in certain circumstances.

built-in LED lights in a cordless screwdriver

Accessories and Bit Compatibility: the more various bits your screwdriver has, the more tasks you can perform with it. Also, compatibility with standard screwdriver bit sizes makes it more versatile.

Choosing the right cordless screwdriver will help us do things more easily and accurately.

Different Screwdriver Mechanisms

Some cordless screwdrivers come with a torque-adjustment mechanism. They can disengage after the pre-determined torque is attained, either because the screwing is finished or because the screw has jammed, preventing the torque from being sent to the operator. It is possible for this system to be mechanical or electrical.

adjustable torque screwdriver
Cordless Screwdriver, 210RPM, 3.6V

Electronic settings linked to external systems are included in the most modern electric screwdrivers, allowing for very delicate changes. On the other hand, the cheapest screwdrivers simply include mechanical tightening torque and speed settings. Some low-cost cordless screwdrivers lack adjusting capabilities.
In dimly lit work settings, some screwdrivers have an LED light that helps users to precisely put the tip on the screw head.

There are also different types of screwdrivers concerning the grip. Cordless screwdrivers are divided into three categories: pistol grip screwdrivers, which provide more stability and grip, straight handled screwdrivers, which can fit into the smallest areas, and hybrid screwdrivers, which combine the best of both worlds.

different types of screwdrivers
There are several brands of cordless screwdrivers, but before you buy them, you should consider the tips to make the best choice.

Is Buying a Cordless Screwdriver Worth It?

On the next part of giving, you a cordless buying guide, we’re going to talk about its worth. A cordless screwdriver is useful in a variety of situations. Screwdrivers with batteries are easy to use and may be utilized in regions where there is no power. They are constrained by the battery’s autonomy and power.

📌 Screwdrivers with cords are very useful for furniture construction since they allow you to move freely between the various components. They’re also commonly employed to fix plasterboard, as well as dismantle and reassemble vehicle body pieces. However, the battery power must be adequate to ensure the needed torque for screwing. To avoid being constrained in terms of autonomy, it is advised that you keep at least one extra battery.

furniture construction with a cordless screwdriver
Always use the correct bit to avoid stripping the screwheadnd

The weight of the cordless screwdriver, which may be approximately 2kg for a strong one, must be considered when buying one of them.

Lithium-ion batteries are used in the majority of cordless screwdrivers. These are the batteries that have the finest attributes to date: they are lighter and retain a charge longer than other types of batteries. The larger the battery’s capacity, the more self-sufficient it is. There are three varieties of cordless screwdriver batteries: those that are less than 1.5Ah (ampere hour), those that are between 1.5 and 2Ah, and those that are greater than 2Ah.

The Benefits of Buying a Cordless Screwdriver

After using a cordless screwdriver to install or remove a few screws, you’ll most-likely never use a manual screwdriver again. Power screwdrivers are more powerful, lightweight, and easier to use than you may assume.

benefits of a cordless screwdriver

The Main Features of a Cordless Screwdriver:

Their output is measured in volt-amperes (VA). The more powerful a battery is, the greater its autonomy and tightening torque.

The voltage of the battery indicates the tightening torque: the higher the voltagethe greater the torque. The capacity of the battery indicates its autonomy: the bigger the capacitythe greater the autonomy of the battery.

Cordless Screwdriver, 210RPM, 3.6V

🔰 Our 3 Favorite Cordless Screwdrivers

  1. Ronix 8530 Cordless Screwdriver, 210RPM, 3.6V
The Main Features of a Cordless Screwdriver
  • High performance motor enables perfect functionality in fastening with different torques
  • Light-weight, ergonomic small body design for maximum efficiency and convenient use
  • Provides up to 210 RPM and 5NM of torque for effortless operation
  • High performance, long life and fast charging 1.5Ah, 3.6V Lithium battery
  • Special advanced tool holder with perfect functionality
  • 15+1 clutch settings enable efficient and accurate screwing and drilling and reduce fastener damage
  • Quick change chuck system for easy and fast bits replacement
  • Equipped with LED torch which makes this tool as a 2-function tool
  • Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
  • Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations
  • All-inclusive screwdriver set includes 39 applicable bits and sockets made from high quality S2 material plus charger
  • Dual angle handle

2- DeWalt DCF680N2 8V MAX Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit

DeWalt DCF680N2 8V MAX Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit
  • Two batteries included
  • Two LEDs
  • 15-position clutch
  • Speed range up to 430 RPM
  • Torque range up to 40 inch-pounds
  • 1/4 -inch chuck
  • 8 volts battery power

3- Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 ¼-Inch Hex Screwdriver Kit

3.	Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 ¼-Inch Hex Screwdriver Kit
  • More than 2 pounds with battery installed
  • Ergonomic design
  • 12-volt lithium-ion batteries
  • 175 inch-pounds
  • Speed range of up to 500 RPM
  • 1/4 -inch quick-changing keyless chuck
  • 15-postion clutch
  • Pistol grip

There are several brands of cordless screwdrivers, but before you buy them, you should consider the tips to make the best choice.

🔰 Using Your Cordless Screwdriver to Its Full Potential

Before buying a cordless screwdriver, you should know that they are just as simple to operate as manual screwdrivers, but there are a few things you can do to make things even simpler for yourself. When working with hard or brittle materials, drilling a pilot hole makes it simpler to drive screws and prevents the workpiece from breaking.

In this blog we explained exactly what you should think about, before buying a cordless screwdriver.  So, after reading it, we hope you’ve discovered an cordless power screwdriver that you like. If you’re still not convinced, there are some information provided here as key buyer considerations. These are important considerations to ponder when making a purchase.


What are the advantages of buying a cordless screwdriver?
Cordless screwdrivers will save you time and effort if you have a lot of screws to remove or install. They’re more convenient to operate, and they’re necessary if you have mobility problems.

What accessories should I look for when buying a cordless screwdriver?
If you intend on working in limited quarters, an integrated LED light is a must-have item. If your cordless screwdriver has a front LED light, you won’t need to carry a second torch, a right-angle adapter can be a lifesaver as well.

What’s the difference between mAh and Ah ratings in batteries?
mAh is for MilliAmp Hour, and it refers to the amount of electricity a battery can discharge in an hour. The greater this number is, the more storage capacity and battery runtime there is. One Amp Hour (Ah) is equivalent to 1,000 mAh.

Is a cordless screwdriver better for you or the corded one?
It depends on your specific applications but if you want more freedom and versatility, opt for a cordless one and if you want more consistency and power, a corded one is better for you.

How can you select the best cordless screwdriver?
Based on your type of usage and its frequency, you can choose which cordless screwdriver is best for you.

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17 November 2021

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